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  1. In an attempt to update, thought i had uninstalled correctly the necessary files. Apparently not. Now after 3 failures, I get what is indicated as a good install but the initial Prepar3d blue page on startup after minutes goes no where. When I open task manager it doesn't show up there as active. Is there a file I can run that does a complete scrub of all previous prepar3d folders so I can get a clean install? Would rather not strip the drive and start over from scratch Thanks Rich
  2. rrich


    What is the best way to do a short video of flight?
  3. rrich

    Question regarding Prepar3d 2.5 behavior

    As long as you are in question mode may I ask one? Thanks Newbie I7 w7-64b N660ti 2g
  4. rrich

    FSX Steam — What Is It?

    All of those addons don't mean much if se doesn't recognise the flight controllers, I find the same problem with pr3d 2.5cnts
  5. rrich

    FSX Steam — What Is It?

    I had installed fsx se about a month ago and then went off line. Yesterday turned on online and it started downloading the entire package again. Even thiugh my drive showed that I already have the 10.6g in place. Shut it down wasn't going through that 6hour process again.
  6. Problem solved was a Ezdoc setting
  7. I7 3.7, 660ti 2g, 32g @1600, os wds7 pro on C: ssd, fsx on D: ssd, Trker ir5, Ezdoc, matrox with wideaspect fov three screens & 1 for panel, ffb joystick, satiek yoke/switch panel,throttle,ch pedals, A2A C 172 &P J-3 with accu sim VC works fine with fixed wing but not with default helicoptersListed my setup hope that helpsI can view outside when I'm using heli. but when I switch to vc what i get is a ghostly view off to my left of the outside of the starboard side of the heli 206 or 22
  8. rrich

    Track Ir 5 questions

    I understand the location of the keys what I need help with is where do I assign the keys at? Thank you in advance for your help Rich
  9. rrich

    Track Ir 5 questions

    Could you share how or where you map on/off or pause to your yoke switches would be appreciatedThanks Rich
  10. rrich

    why "se"

    I do have it installed as well as box, have flown briefly once as I was experiencing some control hardware issues. Need to go back and re-ck settings, plans are at this point is not to incorporate any add-ons for awhile. My personal expectations is to attain as realistic a flight sim as my spending limits will allow. My focus has been mostly single engine small GA aircraft, practising crosscountry steamgauge navigation.
  11. rrich

    why "se"

    Thanks to all who shared
  12. rrich

    why "se"

    Other than reported frame rate increases and multi-player option what are the distinct advantages of "se" over the box. Is it something new to tweek or actual flight handling/ scenery improvements? Thanks Rich
  13. Just finished my 5hour install, so far only problem is controller issues. Plane having problems responding to controller inputs. Will reset assignments and try again tomorrow
  14. rrich

    bush plane recommendation

    I have the 185 also so how did you turbo charge yours?Thanks Rich