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  1. To make it better try setting wave height to "0.0" and implement reflections they look great,anything other than "0.0" makes the reflections terrible its a known bug
  2. Go into Windows device and printers in the control panel and calibrate the Yoke. Every time windows updates I lose my calibration settings
  3. Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication you will be missed
  4. The problem was Process Lasso had the UTLive.exe file priority "below normal"works now.
  5. I Just bought it and it seems to lock my computer up every five minutes or so.
  6. Maybe its just me does anyone else have problems with laminar's Cessna window reflections it, in my opinion, is a little too much.
  7. Any thing that is subscription based I would stop using. who wants to rent a flight sim "not me" I stopped using Navigraph Charts just for that reason.
  8. Just out of curiosity how are you guys monitoring VAS, What program are you using ?
  9. 5 responses and 123 Views that's a little disappointing it should have been the other way around come on people X-PLANE has the potential to be the best flight simulator period. Any developer looking at this thread would think twice about committing any time or energy as it appears that not may people are interested. "what a shame"
  10. I don't know if its possible and how much work is involved but who would like to see Opus for X-Plane? Maybe if we get enough people to respond we might be able to convince the developer that X-Plane is a viable market. If any moderators object please feel free to delete the post.
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