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  1. rampa

    New to FSW

    The shadows and some lights have to be implemented because they are completely absent now, but the plane modeling, and its lights and shadows are at the top. Also I'm impressed by the flight dynamics, you can feel the slighter turbulence now and not a flight is without at least a little chop, in my opinion these dynamics are better than ASP4, the famous dedicated to P3D meteo engine.
  2. rampa

    New to FSW

    Thank you for your reply. The scenery slider is already fully on the right, but no scenery shadows. I'l try to change the time/date following your advice to see if it will change anything in the shadows.
  3. rampa

    New to FSW

    Hi all, I can't find the way to change the daytime hour for my twilight and night flights. Also I see beautiful lights and shadows on the planes, but the scenery is rather "flat", no trees, buildings, clouds and mountains shadows. I'm enjoying the new dynamic weather.
  4. I find those "baby thunderstoms" absolutely ridiculous, but probably it is not a SF fault, I think that at the moment it doesn't exist a flight sim with a believable sky, light and clouds above 30.000ft.
  5. be sure that "game mode" is not activated, on my pc the game mode makes P3D4 unplayable.
  6. rampa

    rob ainscough vr settings for 4.1

    Yours is not a related problem with P3d, anyway you have to see if Aerofly needs of Steam VR, look at Steam site and app for mor info.
  7. rampa

    rob ainscough vr settings for 4.1

    I use this version https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/5okoju/oculus_tray_tool/
  8. rampa

    rob ainscough vr settings for 4.1

    I found a good compromise with my VR settings, since the resolution is a common problem I'm using supersampling at 2 (Oculus Tray Tool), and ASW off, in this way I can distinguish more things in the world I'm flying. I use a photoreal scenery and few airports by aerosoft, I have just reduced the LOD and the autogen draw distance at "High", buildings and vegetation at normal and very dense respectively. ASP4 with ASCA are working without paying a special caution, with clouds at 4096 32bit, the cloud draw distance is at max and I don't have many problems in overcast weather as the main problem with fps is with the autogen (but I found a good compromise), and large paid airports. Usually in daylight I have a 4x SSAA for best visual, and 4x MSAA at night or when close to large airports and cities. Regarding the problem of motion sickness, all is good for me now, I just needed a good training with my Me109 F4 in Battle of Stalingrad, and now in prepar3d I can fly normally, never had a headache. Anyway, resolution problem apart, for me is very tiring to stay in VR for more than 2 hours, so I alternate the normal view at the monitor and the VR, when I'm in longer flights. My hardware: Oculus Rift, GTX 1080, I7 4790.
  9. rampa


    Linee Aeree Italiane Alitalia http://www.fotolibra.com/gallery/1171318/douglas-dc-6-i-dimc/ Aeronautica Militare Italiana:
  10. 2 weeks with the Oculus Rift, I'm very disappointed about the low resolution, it is almost impossible to fly in a normal VFR. Also you are "isolated" in a dark world without knowing what's happening for real around you. Also while in VR I can't smoke my pipe. I cannot think to fly in VR for more than 1 hour, at this moment only VFR flights, no PMDG 737 yet. Generally P3d4.1 works good in VR, but sometimes it stutters heavily, or other glitches and flashes, then I deactivate and reactivate the VR and it seems to work better. Anyway I found that IL2 Battle of Stalingrad and DCS, that have a very good implementation of the VR, are really stunning and absolutely smooth, and you are stunned by checking your fire through the "real" tracers (and you can forget temporay that ridicolous low resolution problem). Also a normal combat session lasts normally in about half an hour, so you are not closed in the darkroom for a long time. The low resolution is the main problem of the VR headset, but you have to consider the lens aberrations (purple and blu fringing), the lens flares, also my Oculs view is tilting on the left. Anyway the VR is a new beautiful toy that makes you shortsighted when in a flight sim world.
  11. I'm using ASP4+ASCA, no PTA at all. I'll try to exclude the sky color in the ASCA settings
  12. I tried both, the Discus and the free ASW27 (see the video by Bruno Vassel on you tube), I don't know why, but the Discus is like a brick and the efficiency is respectively 42 and 48, not so different, but with the ASW27 usually I can fly covering great distances. Using ASP4 and ASCA.
  13. Thank you very much OzWithey, so now I know that I can fly without textures problems until the sunset! Generally the Oculus Rift gives a more bright image, when flying at night you can see your instrument panel without problems, not the same on the monitor where you can hardly distinguish anything without the help of a dome light. Also the Oculus Rift could be limited in the color range, but I'm just trying to find something in this strange Oculus darkness.
  14. Thank you for your reply, so the default sky night textures in Oculus Rift look just ugly. Yours look good anyway? have you looked at the "rasterized" milky way and high horizon?
  15. Up, no reply from Oculus Rift users?