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  1. Tayyareci

    Running P3Dv3 at 30Hz. - any damage?

    It's a 22" TV Monitor. Not very well known brand worldwide. I will try it by HDMI to DVI cable today. Hope to improve..
  2. Tayyareci

    Running P3Dv3 at 30Hz. - any damage?

    While panning with mouse (EZDOK) it stutters a lot. Image stutter I should say ın more clear way. It just looks like panning on 60 Hz screen with 30 FPS .. Are you having an issue like that ? I gues some other people has mentioned it in the previous posts ? By the way I'am on HDMI port, maybe related to port technıcal specs ? I'am gonna try by DVI to HDMI and also VGA to DVI cable tonight. GPU has HDMI and DVI ports, monitor has only HDMI and VGA ports. If I can get over it I'am likley to buy a new monitor. 30 hz 30 fps smoothnes hit me from heart.. But with this panning stutter no way !
  3. Tayyareci

    Running P3Dv3 at 30Hz. - any damage?

    Can anyone find a solution for the extremely laggy panning issue ? Smoothnes and flow of the frames perfect even with high settings but while panning in the cockpit it's a huge pain for me.
  4. Thanks for the great job. With this preset do you advice any HDR settings for us ?
  5. Tayyareci

    Blurry when Panning

    Exactly. You have described the problem better than us. I will read the link content tonight but wondering any possible solution ? Is this a technical performance limitation of our monıtors ? Thanks.
  6. Tayyareci

    Blurry when Panning

    I guess it's related driver issue here ? But are we onlly who suffers this ? It's weird, I changed and treid lots of things yesterday but no way.. I'm sure it's not related to FXAA - MSAA or SGSS. Keep trying
  7. Tayyareci

    Blurry when Panning

    No, blurries just happen when panning even with FXAA selected to OFF with 4xSGSS + 4xMSAA.
  8. Tayyareci

    Blurry when Panning

    I have same issue here. While panning there is kind of blurry/ghost view. VCockpit textures are not clear and sharp while panning. Anyone can solve this ?
  9. I have just tried again with 4x SGSS and 4x MSAA at UK2000 Gatwick. Crashed !!! But what is weird that during preflight and taxi load is aroundGPU % 80 85 stable. When I entered runway,e light up the exterior lights and hit thrust, visual light effect on runway surface and runway lights hit the GPU load and crashed. Some time ago it was also happened during landing flare at LTBA (T2Gate). I think landing lights and payware runways put huge amount of load on the system when 4x SGSS on the job. Briefly no way for 4x SGSS, I have tried everything but unfortunately no success. Stuck on 2x SGSS with blurries and shimmering !
  10. Sorry, I couldn't understand what you mean by the last sentence ? I have tried some benchmarks but not recorded the results. Generally they were fine. Today I'am gonna post some benchmark results. Than we could analyze if sth worng with the GPU. Card is fine with high load but when reaches peak load % P3D stops working. P3D doesnt work stable with card load around 95-100 %. By the way I have tried to lower refresh rate of the monitor to 40 HZ but I wasn't able to do it. My aim was to lower required FPS for smooth flying. As you might know if Hz equals to FPS it's smooth like oil. Sadly my supported minumum hz is 50 by monitor. So I have to keep 50 FPS everytime. Some poeple says they run their system with 35-40 FPS with 60 Hz screens smooth like oil. On my setup 40 FPS doesn't give an smooth feeling ? If I cut the FPS from 50 to 40 >>> loads on GPU steps in acceptable limits but anything lower than 50 FPS means some visual lags on the screen. For reference I'am sharing some info about the issue: 2x SGSS via Nvidia Inspector 4x MSAA via P3D 16x Anisotropic Texture 2K Texture Resolution With lots of resized cloud textures (341Kb per file) (512 Pixels ~ REX) With PMDG 737 NGX on ground T2Gate LTBA Runway 05 looking through departure end. FPS Unlimited + Vsync + Tripple Buffer ON via P3D I have 50 FPS stable with GPU load aorund %90-95. I'am not addicted to numbers, if it stays %100 with no crashing P3D it's not a problem for me but after some flying around it generally crash. If I lock FPS internally or externally (40 FPS) load stays %75-80 but as I mentioned it looks terrible with 50 HZ and 40 FPS. Any idea about that ? Or it's just a trade between visual and FPS and I have to decide one side ?! Any guys with GTX1070 running same settigs with no problems ? I mean with the FPS around 50 and same other settings I have mentioned above ? Thank you very much for your advices and support ..
  11. Thanks for all suggests. I will try after getting homa bakc. I wonder how can a simulator with 30 35 FPS be smooth like you have mentioned ? My monitor has 50 hz refresh rate minumum and below 50 FPS it starts to make me unhappy in terms of flow of the frames ? Is there any hint about that. I run the system with 2K resolution option but tried 1080p .. Unfortunately no change..
  12. Temps are normal (Between 40 55 C ) but loads are generally full (%98-100). (With 4x SGSS and 8x or 4x MSAA) I have tried DSR but it doesnt give decent look with no blurries or jaggies. Are the anybody running GTX1070 with 4x-8x SGSS here with PMDG NGX?
  13. Hi, First of all my rig is mainly based on i7 6700K (OC 4.7) + MSI GTX 1070 and 16 GB 3200 Mhz RAM. On P3D 3.3.5 with PMDG 737 I can't keep acceptable level of loads on GPU (with 4x SGSS or even with 2x SGSS). It always crashes the P3D ! Even before entering clouds. (Cloud texture quality is the lowest possible right now. Size of cumulus01 file is 341 kbs) I'am just about to get crazy about this issue here ! I have tried nearly all options of AA via P3D and Nvidia Ins. No chance. FS9 had an option to set AA externally. I gues P3D does't allow this ? As you might know the best looking option is 4x or 8x MSAA (P3D) with 4x SGSS via Nvdia Ins. Without SGSS runway edges and all other stuff looks like fresh setup of FS9. Is there any way to keep GPU load with stable numbers with SGSS on ? I'am really surprised that GTX1070 can't handle such level of work. Am I wrong with that ? Or the reality is GTX 1070 is just a poor guy? Do you know any way to get rid of blurries and bad looking textures (edges) on P3D except SGSS ? I'am just stuck there, please help me. Thanks.