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  1. Hi all, Apparently I had an installation issue since sometimes the Left CDU screen would go blank upon pressing the 2D panel popup. So I did a fresh install and now both the CDU screen issue and Memo are gone. Now when I press the CLR key on the CDU scratchpad message, the Memo Message disappears on the EICAS as it should. I knew there was something wrong. Thanks for the help anyways. As I said above, the issue I had is now gone since I done a fresh install. I would address all data uplink messages (FMC Comm page) and the message would persist anyway, even after pressing CLR on the CDU scratchpad. Now it's gone.
  2. Hi Not sure if you have a wrong measure setting (Lbs or Kgs) or if you have an airline related rule on the CDU. You can actually determine if you can input the ZFW or the GW on the PERF page. Both weight and input option can be selected on the CDU Simulation and Options menu.
  3. Before I even request the route I copy the ZFW and Fuel calculated on PFPX directly to the FS Actions menu (Payload/Fuel) pages. If you do this, the Altitudes will coincide with PFPX even the Step Climb phases.
  4. I just made a 5 hour flight using auto flight time compression up to 8X and I had no issues whatsoever. It reached 8x whenever the aircraft was stable climbing, cruizing or descending, and reduced to normal rate on each turn, altitude reach or speed/alt MCP input, just as intended. I don't mean there isn't a problem, I'm just here to let you know.
  5. I will have to trust the folks at PMDG that this update made the FBW dynamics more realistic, as I never took the wheel on the real deal. But as a simmer, I have to say the response is much closer to other non-FBW Boeing aircraft, as I think Boeing intended when producing the real FBW for the 777. I takes some trimming (unlike the Airbus logic) and it handles smoothly responding to pilot inputs. I also noticed the awesome improvements over turbulence, really quite different now.
  6. If you take a good look at the original post I am not asking what the message is about. I actually read the FCOM. My questions are, and I quote for your reading: The issue isn't the message, I know what it means. The issue is that message persists even after I checked what the FMC is alerting me, therefore my question is what procedure is to be done in order to make it go away. That's it. In Boeing's CDU (or other CDUs I simulated) the deletion of the message is enough to turn off the prompt on EICAS or ECAM. This case, however, the resolution eludes me. As token of my good will, I added my name in the signature now that you informed me of that. I didn't like, however how you replied to my post. I don't wish to be mistreated for pointing out an issue I have. If thought the reply I would get was "read the manual" I wouldn't have come here. And I DID read the manual, I think I read it more than what I needed since both the 737 and 777 FCOMs have been my bed time read lately.
  7. I use the template for the Boeing 777-300ER both on PFPX and TOPCAT. Sooner or later Aerosoft will update the profiles, but honestly this one works fine.
  8. Hi all. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS PMDG, yet another flawless creation with B777-300ER. Awesome to the slightest detail. I have an issue that's ocurring since the new patch (datalink update). I have a constant message on the Memo Messages area in the Upper EICAS. *FMC According to the FCOM on Chapter 5 Section 50: Message *ATC Level Medium Message Logic An ATC data link message has been received or an armed report has been sent. Crew Action Respond to message displayed on EICAS or select the MFD Communications display. The point is, this message continuously shows up. I pressed the DEL key to delete the information on the scratchpad on the CDU and still the EICAS memo message persists. What must be done to delete this entry from the EICAS? Isn't this a temporary instance that should go away once the datalink is complete?
  9. That is the Ground Air Start unit. You don't need that unit plugged unless you require it due to APU issues. This is actually placed according to Boeing procedures, that's not by chance. If this unit is used 1L Door cannot be used by airstairs. This is not an error. What you want is the GPU to operate the plane on the ground (the one on the right) and that's correctly placed.
  10. I can´t understand why people come to forums and bash, insult and talk trash. What's the point? Ranting? Anonymity behind a keyboard doesn't grant you superpowers, dude. Try to go to a physical manufacturer or shop and do this type of flaming. You'll win a nice trip on a black and white car with people wearing uniforms.
  11. Sorry to ask, but why would you want an older shorter range aircraft? Is there significant differences on the model other than the shorter range and lower MTOW?
  12. Minus one flamer. Win/Win situation on my book.
  13. I have a nice app on my iPad for the EFB. It even connects to FSX to have positioning for moving map, winds aloft and many other features. It leaves FSX to do what it's supposed to do and it even allows adding PDF files like the FCOM, QRH and other documents. If you don't have an iPad but another PC like a laptop or similar, there's also other EFB programs (like Aivlasoft) or even FS Commander that can work as an EFB(ish) device. Don't load FSX even more. It's already so hard to squeeze juice out of it.
  14. Deleted, AVSIM glitch repeated my post, sorry.
  15. I'll stretch that Extended Range: EHAM - KSAN
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