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  1. Boeing or Im not going

    Can't Land Properly Post SP1-SP1b

    777simmer is a snake oil salesman who just repeats some new claim he thinks, it changes each day. You don't have to delete your fsuipc.ini file. You can change the calibration settings just for the PMDG 777, remove all the programmed axis for it and keep them for your other airplanes.
  2. Boeing or Im not going

    FSX - 64bit Conversion Tool - BETA

    I read a topic few weeks ago from a new poster in Europe who was claiming to work on a new simulator, and Tom commented before banning him that this same poster always comes up and makes claims. I have a feeling this is the same person. Beware.
  3. Boeing or Im not going

    Can't Land Properly Post SP1-SP1b

    Do you have the A2A Accufeel running?
  4. Boeing or Im not going

    13 FPS in PMDG 777 VC on a modern PC, normal?

    Did you remove the mytraffic afcad file for EGLL? EGLL is one of the heaviest sceneries around, and London is a heavy framerate area. Don't expect more than 20 fps here. You should use some fsx.cfg tweaks, like highmemfix and affinitymask.
  5. Boeing or Im not going

    Clean virtual cockpit option?

    Can we get a clean virtual cockpit option? The small white marks on the yoke, below the standby lcd, and a few other place is bothering me. Can we have a clean virtual cockpit option, straight from the factory?
  6. Boeing or Im not going

    777L/w With Sp1 - Sudden Abnormal Behaviour

    I have never had a problem with Asus motherboards. Have you contacted Asus support? Sounds like a bad cmos battery. Do you have the latest bios update?
  7. Boeing or Im not going

    ImagineSim VHHH Aircraft Parking Not Aligned Download that file in the library and remove the old afcad first. Alpha India Group has a better afcad than Imaginesim for VHHH. I wish they did more addon airport afacds.
  8. Boeing or Im not going

    OOM's after SP1?....Report your results after SP1b here.

    A big cause of sudden increased vas is duplicate afcad files. A big problem with FTX Global Vector since they have their own afcad files. You have to go through every addon airport you have and disable it in the Vector tool, or make sure if you run the auto config that it disables all the airports, it misses many. And if you have a traffic program that adds their own afcads or old afcad files they will conflict too. I use Flight1 AFX and go down the list after selecting duplicate afcads, disabling them in the AEC config window of FTX and removing old afcads from add scenery folders. Second is to only enable the scenery you are going to fly to, and remove all the FTX airport dll files from the dll.xml file if you aren't flying or enabling them.
  9. Boeing or Im not going

    Is this view realistic?

    The camera drifting is not fixed by ezdok, but it is easier to adjust when the camera moves based on the direction you are facing. I wish there was a way to get rid of it!
  10. Boeing or Im not going

    Avoid uninstalling!

    So you never fly PMDG planes?
  11. Boeing or Im not going

    Best Dash 8-300 and Dash 8-200 for FSX? Payware or freeware

    It is an older model, but very realistic Majestic, the same company who makes the great Q400 I could only find a training edition on Simmarket. I know they had a cheaper version somewhere
  12. Boeing or Im not going

    Carenado H850XP will have navigraph

    The PMDG MD-11X virtual cockpit textures are such low quality, I was disappointed when they forced the person working on an HD update to stop. Id still be flying it now if they allowed him to continue.
  13. Boeing or Im not going

    Please Help Me

    Read the Word Not Allowed guide, you can find it by a google search, and setup Nvidia settings based on that. Use Anistrophic not Bilinear or Trilinear in FSX too. What is your screen resolution set to? 32bit not 16?
  14. Boeing or Im not going

    ntdll.dll error after new sp1b update

    delete all the lines in [Trusted] Load fsx and let then rebuild, accepting all prompts. There are so many lines, what is this? SeasonFileSwitcherV2.exe Why is an exe prompted to run when fsx runs? Post the contents of your dll.xml file too
  15. Boeing or Im not going

    I lost the coastline off LAX extending to SAN

    I had no problems uninstalling, I went into the UTX setup program and set the "prepare for patch or uninstall" option. Then ran the uninstaller.