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  1. forestguy

    FTX Central will not open in win 10

    I had the same issue which was caused by MSI Aferburner being active. Try disabling that temporarily. It worked for me.
  2. forestguy

    Aerofly 2 really bad, refunded.

    Froogle seems to like Aerofly 2 and rates it better than Dovetails offering so far. Check out his video review. So maybe not as bad as people make out, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  3. forestguy

    Anyone able to get 60FPS over London?

    True, and also it feels more realistic at 60fps. Games at 60fps be it FPS, Racing etc. feel more 'real' and games at 30fps feels like a 'game'. That is why games like COD, Forza all place emphasis on achieving that 60fps holy grail, I would rather dial things down to achieve close to 60fps IMHO.
  4. forestguy

    Dovetail - Anyone biting?

  5. I received the Geko Motion Simulator system a few weeks back and tried it with both FSX (Steam) and Prepar3D as well as DCS. In one word...OUTSTANDING :o This IS a game changer. It works so brilliantly. This adds so much to the immersion, it has got to be tried to be believed. I am very very happy with my purchase. I also use it with driving sims e.g. Assetto Corsa and the rollercoaster No Limits 2 which is excellent in both these simulations as well. I will give this product 10/10 which includes, motion simulator in action, ease of use, support, price :Applause: As an aside, I have also purchased the EDTracker to avoid using my flightstick/wheel to look around. This will be coming this week (I hope), and will give feedback on this as well. This is a cheap alternative to trackir which maps the joystick so no need to rely on infra red/web cam which can be hit and miss at times in free track, facetracknoir, less so in trackir but at a premium.
  6. forestguy

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    I also have simvibe and you are correct, it is excellent and works exactly for car simulations as OpusFSI does for P3D/FSX flight simulations. If Simvibe had supported P3D/FSX, my options for weather engines would have increased. It maybe just me, but I can live with an average (not to say OpusFSI is average) weather engine and buttkicker support. in fact even if it was the best weather engine the world has ever seen, for me, it is no substitute for the immersion you get with the buttkicker (runways, flying, landing, engine etc... you can physically feel everything).
  7. forestguy

    Help with OpusFSI and P3Dv2.4

    That is why I will never get rid of OpusFSI, buttkicker immersion. That is what separates it from ASN etc.
  8. forestguy

    Best weather engine for FSX

    OpusFSI for Buttkicker Support, cannot play without it :wink:
  9. forestguy

    Active Sky Next vs OpusFSX

    Definitely Opus, because I cannot fly without the Buttkicker. Maybe other Weather engine producers should take note.
  10. I just bought it yesterday, and it uses the same engine as Prepar3D according to Julien (the developer), so I will let you know how I get on next month when it arrives. It seems that everyone who has bought it is using it in conjunction with the Buttkicker gamer 2. The Buttkicker 2 as you know is best utilised if you have purchased OpusFSX/FSI which has the excellent integration with the Buttkicker 2.
  11. Just got an email from Julien from Geko regarding the GS-105. He made a statement that:- "We are currently adding support for DCS world (it will be ready very soon), and we intend to add support for Star Citizen as soon as the developpers add the telemetry output (they confirmed it will be added later in development). We plan to add support for Prepar3d too. For Elite Dangerous we are not sure yet how it will be implemented" He also gave me a quote including postage to UK came to £1500 which I think is reasonable compared to what is out there at the moment and software supported. No problem Johnny, thanks for your information as well...
  12. I love OpusFSX because of the buttkicker 2 support, you can't beat this for immersion :Applause: Good post, if you try Buttkicker support you will never look back, it is implemented extremely well. We all want that immersion and OpusFSX combined with Buttkicker takes FSX/Prepar3D to another level.
  13. Yes the buttkicker 2 is fantastic for the price I use it for Prepar3D via OpusFSX who have implemented this well. I'm now seriously looking to add the GS-105 to my setup to make it complete. Btw I use the wheelstandpro with the Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas. I think I would rather invest in the GS-105 than the GS-4 for 3 reasons:- 1) It supports FSX/Prepar3D and GS-4 doesn't 2) You can bolt the Buttkicker 2 to it (like many users have) 3) It is much more compact and "living room friendly" than have a contraption such as the GS-4 Hope that helps...