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  1. FTX Central will not open in win 10

    I had the same issue which was caused by MSI Aferburner being active. Try disabling that temporarily. It worked for me.
  2. Aerofly 2 really bad, refunded.

    Froogle seems to like Aerofly 2 and rates it better than Dovetails offering so far. Check out his video review. So maybe not as bad as people make out, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  3. True, and also it feels more realistic at 60fps. Games at 60fps be it FPS, Racing etc. feel more 'real' and games at 30fps feels like a 'game'. That is why games like COD, Forza all place emphasis on achieving that 60fps holy grail, I would rather dial things down to achieve close to 60fps IMHO.