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  1. Novawing24

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Just going to leave this here..... Safe Skies
  2. Great news, the almost throw away line about the J41 is what interests me however. The J41 is the only product that I am actually interested in and I have been waiting patiently for this to be updated to work fully with FSX:SE and / or P3D. Is it possible to have something more definitive about it's journey to the Prepar3D platform or its update to be functional and compliant with FSX:SE? Safe skies Novawing24
  3. Novawing24

    screenshot request

    Will get some and video and post for you in the next few hours
  4. Novawing24

    Pro Mission Editor?

    It is available in Tools - Flight Sim World: Pro Mission Tool 1. Open Steam 2. Click Library along the top bar then Select Tools 3. Scroll or Seach Flight Sim World 4. Right click and select Install Game 5. Enjoy Safe Skies Novawing24
  5. Novawing24

    List of issues that need work

    Hi Griphos, Please post your bugs to the Bug report list - For the RV-7 though I've had no issues. Check you Mixture settings perhaps? Safe Skies Novwing24
  6. This is an exciting event to be part of, I'm really looking forward to being part of it and I hope to see many of my fellow Virtual Aviators throughout the event! Safe Skies Novawing24
  7. Hello everyone, Novawing24 here from, I will answer this as best I can. 1. SimLink allows pilots to use what scenery they wish, and there will invariably be slight differences. Pilots are welcome to use what scenery they see fit and operate accordingly. In the example provided it simply means that some pilots will land on a runway that others may see as closed so we do not foresee an issue. 2. Due to the nature of the flight it was agreed during the planning stages of this flight by Trucker17 and by consensus of all users that ATC services would not be engaged due to the casual nature of the flight. This means that the flight would be more accessible to more virtual pilots, who may not be comfortable working with ATC, that still wish to pay tribute to Tom Allensworth. 3. The plan has been to visit each airport en-route and conduct a full stop landing and departure. This allows for short breaks at each airport and to allow people time to join the event and / or if they have to leave do so on the ground. 4. Our SimLink service runs 24/7. We encourage all pilots to install and test SimLink prior to the flight. To allow you to test our service we have a map running that refreshes every 30-60 seconds to show your aircraft. The map can be found at 5. With all model matching your specific aircraft may not be present so the recommendation is to use the model that most closely resembles your aircraft and/or its capabilities (eg: A2A T-6 use SimLink P51, RJR Cessna 310Q use SimLink BE58, Default EH101 use SimLink AS32, etc) I hope this assists everyone and we are looking forward to this event. Safe Skies Novawing24
  8. Hi there folks, Novawing24 here from A friendly reminder that the current plan for this flight is to be hosted on our cross-platform solution known as SimLink. For all details on setting it up and joining this flight please head over to the Quick start guide we prepared here. For existing vPilot users please take special note of the version requirement. Additionally there was a discussion around a repaint tribute to the work Tom did in the Navy, so a repaint of the default Super King Air 350 has been created and released and is available on the AVSIM library. Looking forward to the flight! Safe Skies Novawing24
  9. Hi William, try this. This only works if you and signed in and linked you Flight to your Microsoft ID. If you had this program will allow you to download and reinstall all your Flight Content. Hope it helps Novawing24 ​
  10. Greetings Pilots. I come to you today to let you know about an occasional series of group flights I run for our beloved MS Flight. You may know me from some of my Repaint work with Flight. I have an upcoming flight which is quite special. Recently I was saddened to hear that a fellow Flight enthusiast TheOldCoot passed away, so in memoriam we are flying Cubs in Alaska. I hope that many of you would be able to join us in this flight. For more details please head over to the Calendar information here: Safe Skies Novawing24 ​