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  1. What I was trying to explain is that any waypoints included in a Flight Plan created in FSX, and then imported into VFRFlight, are visible and can be added to the data base. All other waypoints that exist in the FSX data base are not visible, as you have explained, since they are not yet supported. THANK YOU for a GREAT Flight Planner! RodeoGeorge
  2. I loaded and ran, updating the data base, but do not see any intersections, waypoints, orairspace. If I import a flight plan from FSX, the waypoints are also imported, but all other waypoints are not visible. What am I doing wrong? RodeoGeorge
  3. I've googled it, and searched here in AVSIM, but have not found a definitive answer regarding the ability to run VOXATC over a network. I'm at the point in my Sim building where I'm going to begin the VOXATC Demo. It will save me a lot of trial and error time if I can find out whether network operation is possible. I've also read the VOXATC manual, and could not find any reference to networking in the manual. Any hep/answer appreciated. RodeoGeorge
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