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  1. What I was trying to explain is that any waypoints included in a Flight Plan created in FSX, and then imported into VFRFlight, are visible and can be added to the data base. All other waypoints that exist in the FSX data base are not visible, as you have explained, since they are not yet supported. THANK YOU for a GREAT Flight Planner! RodeoGeorge
  2. I loaded and ran, updating the data base, but do not see any intersections, waypoints, orairspace. If I import a flight plan from FSX, the waypoints are also imported, but all other waypoints are not visible. What am I doing wrong? RodeoGeorge
  3. I'm running Windows 8.0 Pro, but use the "StartIsBack" addon that provides a Windows 7 Desktop (I recommend this addon for Windows 8). I have my Task Bar set to Auto Hide, but when Panel Builder is running (and I have a black screen) when i move my cursor to the bottom of the screen the Task Bar pops up, and I can access the START button with the items I've added to the Start Menu. I hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try to explain better. RodeoGeorge
  4. I also made a batch file to shut down Panel Builder, and then added the batch file to the Start Menu. That way I can access it when Panel builder is open. RodeoGeorge
  5. On my wish list is the ability to use VoxATC over a network. RodeoGeorge
  6. Been waiting for FSX to go on sale. Just picked it up, but I'm not going to load Steam and FSX until the new version is released. RodeoGeorge
  7. Buried somewhere in one of the forum there is a post regarding lighting for photo scenery. It was related to the UTX Night Lighting, and UTX stated that they were working on lighting for photo scenery in the USA. I've seen no further posts since the original statement. I just dug up the link. It's worth reading as it's not a long thread. http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic50803.html RodeoGeorge
  8. No it does not look better than the Megascenery Arizona, which I disabled when I looked at the VFR scenery. But as I mentioned, I also have some local Prescott scenery, and I don't know if that was affecting the view. I'll report back after doing a clean install, which is going to take a few days. OBTW, I have Megascenery AZ, NV, South and Central CA, and I still notice a big hole in the scenery southeast of Las Vegas in the area of Boulder Dam. RodeoGeorge
  9. I purchased the Arizona item. I'm holding off on my satisfaction, as my system is so convoluted with scenery (UTX, FTX, Megascenery, etc.) that at present I cannot give it a fair evaluation. I'm starting from scratch with a complete new Windows and FSX installation. I will then load one type (UTX, ORBX, Megascenery, VFR) at a time, reverting to a basic Windows/FSX configuration (using Acronis Image) before each installation. It will be time consuming, but I feel it's the only way to see what I have with each of the options. RodeoGeorge
  10. I certainly hope you finish and release the OpenLC North America before heading back to Germany. No word on that lately, unless I missed it. RodeoGeorge
  11. Any information on when the Xtreme Cities X SouthWest will be released? I bet this topic title catches a lot of interest! RodeoGeorge
  12. I just picked up the C-130 and WX Radar packages, just because they were there, and I love to go broke saving money. LOL The C-130 is now added to my "list of things to play with". RodeoGeorge
  13. Thanks to all that responded. I do not normally make long distance flights (500 miles is a long flight for me) and enjoy exploring Arizona from my home base in Chino Valley. I'm looking forward to installing the demo and getting up to speed on VOXATC use. RodeoGeorge
  14. I also use REX4 Textures, and that is not an issue. Since VOXATC interfaces with the weather in determining various actions, my question was does VOXATC utilize the REX Essentials OD weather? I am aware of the destination WX issue that is supposed to be corrected in the new version that is coming out. RodeoGeorge
  15. I have REX Essentials with OD installed, and have been using that for about a week. My next upgrade will be to VOXATC. My question is, does VOXATC play well with REX? RodeoGeorge
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