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  1. I also am having the same issue. I was able to get the Skymaster to load by first loading a default aircraft and then switching to the 337. It seems to be an issue on the initial loading of the sim and the 337 being the default plane in your hanger. I guess until there is an update I will just have to make the 172 my hanger plane when quitting the sim.
  2. And before anyone says it, I did submit a support ticket to Carenado like others have done on this same issue.
  3. After 2 updates now it would appear that Carenado isn't going to fix the miscolored fuel pump switch colors that got transposed in the v2 update anytime soon. I was wondering if any of you with knowledge of the deep inner workings of FSX/P3D know if it's possible to edit a file to change the switch colors back to the way they should be?
  4. Don, If you already bought the V1 of the 337 for FSX/P3D from Carenado you can download the updated v2 version for no charge.
  5. Just took v2.1 for a spin using P3D v3.4 and the night lighting looks great both in and out of the cockpit. I can't comment on the GTN fixes because I don't have that add on. I'm sad to report that the fuel pump switch colors are still mixed up though.
  6. Carenado has posted v2.1: Changelog: - Internal and external lights corrected - Now reads LDG instead of LOG - Tooltips adjusted - Now lights illuminates the ground - Fixes a problem that causes trim indication to disappear on GTN version - ADF issue (GTN version only) fixed - Door texture (GTN version) corrected.
  7. FWIW I found the 500s uninstaller towards the bottom of my P3D folder.
  8. NEW VERSION RELEASED (1.1) CARENADO 500S SHRIKE AERO COMMANDER FSX/P3D Fixes: - Problem that causes airspeed indicator 2 not to work with instrument lights on. - Problem with FRQ button on the ADF with Instrument lights on solved. - VOR 2 is working fine now. - Floating antennas issue solved. - Fixes a problem that the cowl flap tooltip showed the same percentage on both engines. - Elevator text misspelling solved. - Autopilot improvements. - Minor bug fixes. Customers should download the package again from the link provided. Downloads and installations were increased. You should uninstall the aircraft before installing this new version.
  9. Anybody else see these things? I don't want to submit a ticket if I'm wrong about these 2... 1: Take a closeup shot of the airspeed indicator and then compare the indicated markings for single engine climb, stall speeds for both flaps down/up compared to the white and green arc to the speeds listed in the documentation. Am I missing something or are they not even close? 2: What exactly are pages 6-9 in the emergency procedures guide about? They seem like something from the normal autopilot operation to me.
  10. After a short shake down flight I've seen a few things that have not been mentioned in other threads yet. 1. Hideous interior engine sound glitch that repeats when engines are at idle. 2. Sim starts with engines running with both overhead fuel shutoff switches in the off position. Even after selecting ready to taxi. 3. Lettering on overhead panel that says "Elevador Trim"
  11. Here's the one that I use. (link) He has two checklists, one for the 600/700 series and one for the 800/900 series.
  12. Ken, Thanks for taking the time to sort that out, much appreciated. I will try it the way you described and hope I have some success with the approach.
  13. Hey Ken, Since you seem to understand how the GTX works vs how it's supposed to work maybe you could help me understand something. If I'm flying along on a Programmed FMC/VNAV flight with an ILS approach programmed how do I actually lock onto the localizer and glide slope? In my attempts the GTX won't let me activate the approach button and just flys the programmed route w/o grabbing the actual glide slope.
  14. Anybody else discovering that the approach button doesn't work after this update or is it just me?
  15. I'm pretty sure that a Tacpac add on for the P-8 wouldn't change much for the 2 crew members in the front seats. The 7 crew members in the back get to handle all that other fun stuff!
  16. Press the soft key in the bottom right of the MFD to silence the alerts. And yes I'm missing the 1000's digit on the pop up display after service pack 2.
  17. FYI service pack 2 fixed the persistent alert issue.
  18. Hey! That somebody was me! Anybody else notice those issues after installing the update?
  19. Log in to your Carenado account and get it.
  20. And yes I get the irony that in my post ranting about spelling errors I made several spelling errors... Bert I have to give credit to Carenado on how quick they got the service pack out, it doesn't fix everything but it took care of the big stuff. I really enjoy this Seneca V and flying it is fun, it seems like a poor mans 737 NG. It's too early to say it will ever replace the 337H as my favorite cross country/IFR plane due to those wings and engines blocking all the ORBX scenery I paid for... But if I had to bet my life on a plane getting me through nasty weather the avionics on this Seneca really tip the scale in it's favor. Lastly, and I know I'm going to be tarred and feathered for this, I actually like the muffled headphone effect on the engine sounds. However, I did kind of enjoy the missing gear warning sound during my screwed up descents whin I had to cut power and dive for the deck! Don't put to much faith in gear warning horns, these guys somehow missed theirs:
  21. Yes, I have applied the SP and can say that it fixes all the issues it lists in the description. However... The dash warning about leaning to 1650 is fixed in some liveries but stil says 1450 in others. Also the spelling errors on the left side of the panel Yaw Dumper" and "teh" are still present, but seeing as how my 337H panel still has a landing light switch that says "LOG" I don't expect those error will ever get fixed.
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