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  1. @RXP oops, my bad, when i was looking for the log files, i just discovered that i did not updated the rxp correctly, it downloaded the new file, but i thought that it will install automacticaly, now it´s solved! Tested and the problem is gone! Thank you for the support !!
  2. Just to inform that after updating the problem was NOT solved here, it continues to crash to desktop after open GTN settings, and yes i updated to FlyWithLua Info: Searching for Lua quarantined script files FlyWithLua Info: The folder /Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts (Quarantine)/ does not exist or it is empty. 0:05:35.148 I/OVR: User is entering the holodeck. 0:05:35.148 I/WIN: Opened window Settings 0:05:43.700 I/OVR: User is leaving the holodeck. --=={This application has crashed!}==--
  3. Yes, exactly same problem here!! Waiting for the solution!
  4. Oh yeah, i have the EXACTLY same problem, even downloading the provided installers on that topic as dylan33 said, please help us
  5. Looking very forward to this!! Keep 'em comming!
  6. Yes, Alpha Floor, try the following link: http://br.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?board=292.0 A LOT of fantastic´s flight reports!! I like a lot that kind of post!! And, Mathias have his own signature for making awesome flight reports!!
  7. I´d really appreciate the RXP GNS 530 on MU-2, Bert can you help us?
  8. Good day dear community. I read the "help page" on flysimware website that the GTN and RXP weather radar is already integrated. But, how can we, users of the RXP GNS 530 can put it on the virtual cockpit instead of the gns "default" that comes with the Product? Kind Regards
  9. Can we have the hope to finally RXP gets alive on fsx-se?
  10. Wowww!! Looking forward to have it in my virtual hangar, Thanks for your work.
  11. Well, a statement from Pete Dowson about the fsuipc direct from their forums: Unfortunately my development PC finally died this afternoon. There's been an intermittent mobo fault on it for a while and Ihave a replacement PC on the way, but it isn't due till next Tuesday, and by then I will be tied up with family for Christmas. Then I'm away till 4th Jan. I'll get on to FSXSE as soon as I can after that, but it'll take me a day or two to get the new PC into shape -- and re-download FSXSE. So, sorry , it could be around 9th Jan by the time I have something. Sent from my iPhone! Pete 0 http://forum.simflight.com/topic/78250-new-fsxsteam-edition-does-not-work-with-fsuipc4/
  12. Well Kermit. Currently, when i fly with a friend i connect with hamachi the shared cockpit and ONE OF US connect at ivan network (ivao), so, i don´t know if your friend "tunes the ATIS" both of you will hear it, in ivao for example i ask my friend to connect on Teamspeak manuallly (he doesn´t connected on IVAO) and i tune the atc frequencie at ivap. But yes this scenario is very possible and fun. Remember, that you "have the controls and comm, and systems your "copilot" will have JUST the communications and systems, not the primary controls, but you can pass the controls to him pressing SHIFT + T, and he have to accept, pressing SHIFT + T too
  13. Kermit, good day sir, well, i use Hamachi to make my flights with a friend, and works fine, just download it (and ask your friend to do the same),create a "new room" at hamachi, then you open FSX, (if you are hosting) Host a Session at multiplayer (LAN, the IP number that you will give for your friend, is the "HAMACHI ONE) And configure your flight (a/c, weather, location, etc), DO NOT forget to mark "Share My Cockpit" and to say to your friend that he couldn´t mark it, JUST YOU (AS HOST) after this, you should be at "Briefing Room" tell your friend to connect it and, he doesn´t need to choose an aircraft or nothing els, just "JOIN AIRCRAFT" and you should be ok to fly together. About Carenado ones, i could tell that works fine, i didn´t test it on Bonanza, but Arrow, Baron, Seneca (including the HD generation, phenom, tbm, etc) works fine here!! Good luck and sorry about my english, regards from Brazil!
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