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  1. @RXP oops, my bad, when i was looking for the log files, i just discovered that i did not updated the rxp correctly, it downloaded the new file, but i thought that it will install automacticaly, now it´s solved! Tested and the problem is gone! Thank you for the support !!
  2. Just to inform that after updating the problem was NOT solved here, it continues to crash to desktop after open GTN settings, and yes i updated to FlyWithLua Info: Searching for Lua quarantined script files FlyWithLua Info: The folder /Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts (Quarantine)/ does not exist or it is empty. 0:05:35.148 I/OVR: User is entering the holodeck. 0:05:35.148 I/WIN: Opened window Settings 0:05:43.700 I/OVR: User is leaving the holodeck. --=={This application has crashed!}==--
  3. Yes, exactly same problem here!! Waiting for the solution!
  4. Oh yeah, i have the EXACTLY same problem, even downloading the provided installers on that topic as dylan33 said, please help us
  5. I Know this is a kind old topic, i own this plane, i liked it so much, but there something that annoys me, i think this is quite simple to solute, and i already sent an email to Lionheart but they do not solve it. The RMI is not aligned with HSI, and i don´t find any way to align it (pressing D or finding some knob to rotate it as a fixed adf) I´m pasting raymar 2D Cockpit image from page 5 that show this problem, look the difference between RMI (bellow Airspeed Indicator) and the HSI and i reinstalled it last week.
  6. Looking very forward to this!! Keep 'em comming!
  7. And that´s not the end. The operation of turbo arrow is a little different, for example Throttle Settings on takeoff, you cannot just hit F4 or pull everything forward. She have´s a limit of 41MP and when you put the throttle above this number the OVER BOOST light turns on and this is not good for the engine. The engine is not the same of the Aspirated one...
  8. Here in Brazil, we currently have 245 P28T reg, if it´s not asking too much maybe a Brazilian Reg will not be bad (if possible) , in annex the one that i´m flying in real world
  9. Hoooooly... this is my dream comming true
  10. Looking very very VERY forward!! Will cross the world with it!! Thanks JF!
  11. So, do you confirm that we will have a T-Tail ? If yes, please, do not forget the electrical prime button I´ll buy in first day, i fly the Brazilian variant in real life, the Embraer Corisco Turbo
  12. And how about when you have problems with AH2, try to log onto their offical forums (with order number as password as instructed) the forums says that your user name does not exist. And when you try to contact them to inform about the problem: Our apologies, an error has occurred while processing your request. Please contact our technical support using the following identifier: C'mon Just Flight... Since Friday trying to join the forums!!!
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