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  1. Robert Edwards

    There is too much fanboyism in this community

  2. Robert Edwards

    Anyone Using PilotEdge?

    Why are you afraid of Mike. What did he ever do to you? :wink: I'm guessing if Keith is a friend of yours you could/would already have your answer.
  3. Working great hear. No more blue screens after the update (knock on wood).
  4. Robert Edwards

    P3D V2 and V3 Do Not Co-exist

    Sounds like user error to me.
  5. Robert Edwards

    Flickering, dancing cloud shadows

    I have distance maxed and quality maxed. It doesn't make a difference.
  6. Robert Edwards

    Flickering, dancing cloud shadows

    I don't recall having this issue in v2.5. Is anyone else seeing this? Take a look at the cloud shadows just below my plane here:
  7. EZDOCK working without doing a thing for me.
  8. Robert Edwards

    Flight1 GTN series Update tool

    Thanks for the link sir. I registered many moons ago methinks. Will have to try and find that info. Thanks again.
  9. Robert Edwards

    Flight1 GTN series Update tool

    Thanks Bob... Where would their support forum be? The Flight1Tech sight only has a ticket center.
  10. Robert Edwards

    Flight1 GTN series Update tool

    Where do you get this and how do you become aware of an update to these? I've never been notified that there's an update and finding a link at the flight1tech sight has been anything but easy (granted, I didn't spend long).
  11. What the hell's with all the ">'s"?
  12. Robert Edwards

    Royal Duke departing Jackson Hole, WY

    I've been flying this scenery in 2.5 since P3D 2.5 was released. Glad there's an installer though that does what I've already done manually.
  13. Robert Edwards

    GarminGNS-530 for PMDG-737

    He be trollen!
  14. Late to the party - - however in my opinion Carenado has become the Captain Sim of GA.
  15. Robert Edwards

    TFFJ St Barts is Broken

    That is only is an option if he has Vector. He mentions that he uses FTX Global, not vector. Do you also have FTX Global Vector? If so, do what Donald says above.