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  1. Because they are proven to improve performance and visuals. If that’s not for you perhaps keep your fingers away from the keyboard and fly the sim the way you like. Meanwhile we’ll tweak away and enjoy our sims the way we want.
  2. I haven't enjoyed "vfr" flying in FSX or Prepar3D for years, ever since I went with x-Plane 10/11 with Ortho. Now that is the only way I enjoy VFR flying until MFS is released.
  3. I haven't flown a 32-bit sim for sometime now, so obviously won't be purchasing this. I also will not be purchasing any 64-bit version either, if it is ever released, if it doesn't support Navigraph data. The price seems too high as well, but that's always relative to the purchaser.
  4. Thanks for the info Parrafin - - yes doesn't sound too bad. I will purchase from the Carenado store. Thanks again.
  5. Me too... I'm sure a solution will present itself eventually. I'm not too worried about it at the moment since it's working with the GTN. Thank you again for your help.
  6. Hey Paraffin... I was just at the Carenado store ready to purchase the PC12 as an alternative to the TBM900 as I'm in the boat of not liking some of the items mentioned along with loathing the G1000. The aircraft is listed as XP11 so can I ask what the issues are?
  7. Hi Alex - - sorry for the late reply. I gave up and haven't had much of a chance to continue to troubleshoot. I'll see if the traffic is appearing on the x-plane map. I did manage to get it to work on my GTN750 somehow (no idea what button I pushed) but still not on LNM.
  8. Well... this is becoming comical now... Has to be an X-Plane 11 setting I'm missing. I can not for the life of me get any online traffic to appear on any moving map on either PilotEdge or VATSIM, even though the aircraft are clearly visible outside my window. P3D works just fine. How Frustrating...
  9. Thank you for your help Alex - - this is very strange. Let's take PilotEdge for a moment though. The PilotEdge pilot client is injecting the AI traffic. I see it in the sim, outside my window, flying patterns, yet they do not show on LMN. So if the AI traffic is clearly there why is LMN not displaying it on the map? In looking into it further it sounds like there may be a setting in PilotEdge I need to adjust so that it allows traffic to appear on moving maps. I'll have a go at that and see if I succeed. I definitely look forward to using LNM either way as it's a great program. Thanks again.
  10. Wait what? I have to use VATSPY to "Inject" traffic into the sim? That doesn't make any sense. If I'm on the VATSIM the sim itself should be seeing the AI traffic which it clearly does because I can see it out my window. VATSPY does not inject any traffic at all, it simply displays it on the VATSPY map. Yes, I can check the VATSIM option and I see that traffic updated every few minutes like you said, but I'm not seeing any LIVE traffic injected to the map from the Sim. Maybe I misinterpreted what you are saying though.
  11. Where is that in the settings? I can't seem to find the option then. Thank you. I found the AI Traffic under aircraft customization, but that just adds a bunch of random X-Plane AI traffic.
  12. Hello All, I've searched this forum and google to find a solution, but so far NO JOY! I recently tried using LittleNavMap for my X-Plane 11 online flying (PilotEdge & Vatsim) and love the program, however I have yet to figure out how in the world to get online traffic in my vicinity to appear on the map. That being said, it doesn't matter what program I use NO online traffic appears so It's not just a LittleNavMap issue. It doesn't work with Plan-G and no traffic appears on my Reality XP GTN 750 either. Is there a setting in X-Plane 11 I need to change for AI or Online traffic to appear in LittleNavMap? So far I've tried the following: Run LittleNavMap on same PC as X-Plane - No traffic, but my aircraft DOES appear. Run LittleNavMap on 2nd, "Client" PC using LittleNavConnect on X-Plane, "Server" pc. LittleNavConnect connects to x-plane just fine and my plane, again appears just fine on LittleNavMap on the Client pc, however NO online traffic is displayed even though I can see that traffic out my aircraft window. the port as listed in LittleNavMap is open in my router and the firewall doesn't appear to be blocking anything, so I'm at a loss. Same setup works just fine with P3D. Should LittleNavMap, or for that matter, any moving map be capable of displaying online traffic? Thank you for your help.
  13. Nice plane but the soft cockpit is a big issue. Doesn't make a difference if I select HDR or not, 2018 vs 4096 all the same. Just not a very clear cockpit. It's like I have FXAA enabled which certainly isn't the case.
  14. Not sure it could be any easier the simply running the installer and selecting reinstall... Not sure why the heck anyone would purchase from F1 and not make an account...
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