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  1. can we get the preset? 🙂 its also fit for tomato?
  2. take a look at this link it will make your life easier : 🙂
  3. what was the screen resolution fot the test monitor? the picture looks clear and sharp with that monitor with only MSAA?
  4. Setup_Prepar3D.exe is the complete install of the program. you want to upgrade from 4.2 or clean install?
  5. i saw this solution somewhere but i cant do it on my TV 😞
  6. Hi guys, i have really wired problem with my pc connected to my TV screen, the screen is 32" and probably 1080p (i will tell you now why i know) i couldn't find anything online about this TV, its a fuji japan brand. while the TV connected to my PS4 it works like a charm and really crisp picture, and i can see the TV shows 1080p on the side. when it connected to the PC (1080 GPU) it looks horrible, the picture so blurry i cant even read, i tried on NCP to change to FULL at the colors, also no-scaling. also tried to change the setting in the TV (4:3,16:9. etc...). nothing make it better.. maybe someone knows? thank you .
  7. thank you! very helpful information and guide. do you know if PMDG files also kept in place while updating the content?
  8. so i guess now i know better why im using 8xSGSS on my 1366X768 screen 😂 btw, my screen works perfectly with my PlayStation4 and it shows 1080..i dont know why when im connecting it with HDMI to the PC it all looks fuzzy and blurry to hell, so im using DP(GPU side) to VGA (TV side) and the image much better, but lower resolution it support.. can someone know what can be the issue? i thought if i get 4K screen i will say goodbye to the SGSS but now you guys confused me totally 😶
  9. Hi Jason, from the Poppets i cant understand if ORBX is deleted or not, he also says that those folders are replaced when you updating content Install_ Content.msi is including Scripts, redist, SimObjects, Weather, Scenarios, Ecosystem, Fonts, Autogen, Effects, gauges, Sound, Texture ORBX use this folders (texture) isn't it? and PMDG and other aircraft using the gauges folder.. so that mean they also going to be deleted?
  10. Hi Mike, sounds like you have a one of the sliders or few, way too much to the right. (your 1080TI is very strong but still, those are really things you cant go maxed) there is few of them that are FPS killers, send me your settings i will try to see if its there. hopefully in the 4.3 we can use them, i still need to check 🙂
  11. sounds like a dream!! i have orbx global and openlc EU, if i update the content and scenery i need to install them again? its enough to update just the client? thanks
  12. ok so what i learned so far: 1. higher resolution mean less AA needed. 2. Bills511 get really nice smooth picture without Inspector. 3. i really need to fix my resolution Lodestar, you have to use DSR? what you get by just using the default AA in P3D with you 1920X1080 res? i also see that my card is under 80-90% load with 4XSGSS, it is really bad for the card? Hi Mike, yes it is FlyTampa KBOS, im actually get 30-40 FPS in this scenery, somtimes 26.. depends on light and angles. what GPU you have?
  13. so some news.. i did clean install of the driver and installed the newest one for my 1080. i did it like Mike recomended with the DDU. resulution of 1360X768 which is my recomended for some reason. this is 1080p screen, and it worked really good with FSX the thing is still here. some photos so you can see, please enlarge the pictures. sorry its not it the order, i first tried only 8XSGSS, later i added NCP configurations like Mike said, after that i cleaned the NCP and added the inspector configurations (only 4XSGSS ) and did 4XMSAA in P3D. as you can see its much better with the SGSS but still not clear at all. another thing to notice is that the GPU is working around 80-90% on 4XSGSS the pictures are from KBOS Gate A4 4 XMSAA 4 XSGSS 4 XMSAA 4 XSGSS VC 8 MSAA+NCP OUT 8XMSAA-OUT 8MSAA VC 4XSGSS on runway delete my
  14. the FXAA is off, the only inspector settings is 8XSGSS and enhanced the application settings. Mike, with just 8XMSAA in the sim it looks so horrible like i cant even explain . it looks like a game from the 80'. thats why i went with Inspector. later today i wiil send a picture.
  15. Hi guys, trying my luck again. my rig: i7 8700, GTX1080 , DDR4 16GB at 3000, WIN10 although i set 8XSGSS with Nvidia Inspector and 8XMSAA in the sim, the AA is still not sharp, from 2000 feet in the pmdg 737 the runway looks really really jagged and has stairs look, as well as high buildings and other autogen. also the VC looks not sharp, the gauges and the text not clear, but when i zoom really close its really clean. what can cause that? thank you.
  16. the monitor has HDMI or VGA , with HDMI everything looks really bad, including the desktop.
  17. lodestar, thank you for the detailed answers. i did reset the inspector, without SGSS things looks horrible it has to be between 4 to 8 to get sort of nice picture (still not clear and sharp, but most of the shimmer is out) i bought DP to VGA, my maximum resolution with this type is 1360X768 for some reason. any higher than that make the screen lose signal,both desktop and P3D . i remember when i was on FSX i think it was the same resolution but the picture was much more sharp, it was with 660 GTX with VGA to VGA cable to the screen . can you please explain what you mean by rebuild shaders and how to do that? i think of buying the ENVSHADE and ENVTEX but i dont really know much about it . the thing that drive me crazy is that my PS4 run so good on this monitor with HDMI!
  18. the thing is that this monitor was connected to my PS4 console with HDMI the graphics was so sharp and clear! i just dont know what im missing here with the PC
  19. lodestar, thank you for your kind help. i did select it to the "full" mode. it changed the colors a bit but the blurry picture still there. it looks like the picture is blurry and you need glasses, i also tried to turn of the SGSS and it looks horrible, im more worried about the image quality now, and after i fix that i can fix the frames.
  20. ok so some news, the monitor is not 1080 as i thought, i thought its 1080 because win 10 allows you to choose resolution up to 1920X1080. so what i did, i took my old monitor that is also 32" i know for sure its 1080, but it have to connect via VGA, HDMI looks horrbile on this monitor while it works with PC. so i connected HDMI to VGA converter to the GPU, 1920X1080 desktop res looks good, but the clearest resolution in the sim is almost the lowest one..1280X768, but frames seem to get really low , 17 fps at night on the 777 at KBOS while taxi to the runway. i think i need to buy a new monitor.
  21. the sim resolution is 1920X1080, the desktop resolution support the same but im using 1366X768 , the 1920X1080 make evetything look really small and blurry on desktop im not using PTA or Envshade, i may give it a try and see if it change anything. what monitor settings you advice to change?
  22. i tried the mipmap already .. look how everything so sharp in this video: i gave it also a try but its nothing to compare for what i got..
  23. HI J van E, Black-out and Auto-fill are both on, try to take a look at the over head picture, you can see that the text is very readable on the side that close to us, the middle and the farther side is barley readable, same with the cockpit picture. the main gauges screen is not clear and very hard to read, this pictures are already zoomed in a bit, without zoom its worse. in general it looks not clean, there is shimmering all-over. in FSX its much more clear.
  24. without inspector its much worse, where is the Full-screen settings in P3D ?
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