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  1. Hi Nickbe. version3, it didn't show up at the beginning. i think it started after i installed AIG traffic but im not sure..
  2. Hi, i have really bad black flickers when panning around with EZCA middle mouse hold. anyone had it or know how to fix? thanks!
  3. I actually got the ORBX and airport lights to turn on earlier now with DAY_THRESHOLD=55000 and it works good, but the runway lights are not coming up until late dusk when its almost really dark, i checked with LIRN and LGAV, do you think SODE is the reason why with no IFR conditions?
  4. thanks guys but i did tried lots of combinations with DAY_THRESHOLD=NIGHT_THRESHOLD= even tried the highest number which is 65535 and nothing changed, i used the time view option and the light turned on at 19:06, no matter what value i put in there. im just thinking about it now and i did made it while the sim is on. so maybe i will try DAY_THRESHOLD=55000 while sim is shut. BTW what is the time related with DAY_THRESHOLD=55000? Thanks !
  5. Hi i was looking over and i think i found something old DAY_THRESHOLD=42768NIGHT_THRESHOLD=8096 it seems like its not working anymore no matter what number i put, the runway and ORBX lights turned on late dusk, when its almost really dark. you guys have another trick to make them light earlier? Thanks.
  6. it is sounds like a really great add on and thank you for that! if i have BVAI installed, how i delete it ? it will work while im going on VATSIM? im affraid i cant recognize what is real traffic. i can use the AIM as Aircraft Pack and Liveries for Vpilot? Thanks.
  7. so i guess from the answers the 4K is the way for me to go with big birds for now, at least until VR will be way more accurate and light on frames.
  8. Hello, i am really into replacing my 1080 24" LG as it so small, and thinking about going VR (rift s, HP)? really confused which one is better. 🙄 mostly flying PMDG birds, the gauge reading/FMC is really important for me. i know you can get best immersion with VR, but what about the small details? how about a nice 55" 4k TV? i know some people here tried and never looked back. i really want to go with VR but really worried about all the side effects ( SDE, fog, controllers, Navigraph) my rig is 8700 and 1080 runs really good with my sim now. i would like to hear your opinions, Thanks .
  9. this is what make the Vpilot and Discord go really low on volume? i need to do this every time i start P3D? thanks
  10. Do i have to own V2 in order to enjoy the update?
  11. how is the gauge reading/configuring fmc? or the 200 doesn't has fmc lol?
  12. can i ask why you guys went with Rift S rather then the reverb?
  13. I am right before getting into VR, i dont know if to choose HP reverb or the Rift S, what you guys think? my main use is P3D, airliners jets like pmdg, need acceptable gauge reading .. Thanks.
  14. Hi Andi An NDB or Non-Directional Beacon is a ground-based, low frequency radio transmitter used as an instrument approach for airports and offshore platforms. The NDB transmits an omni-directional signal that is received by the ADF or Automatic Direction Finder, a standard instrument onboard aircraft. The pilot uses the ADF to determine the direction to the NDB relative to the aircraft. To navigate using the ADF, the pilot enters the frequency of the NDB and the compass card (or arrow) on the ADF will indicate the heading to the station. The signal is transmitted on an uninterrupted 24/7 basis. An audible Morse Code call sign of one or more letters or numbers is used to identify the NDB being received. its basically just give you the direction to the NDB station, not to the runway. VOR is different thing and can give you radial to the runway. hope i explained it good..
  15. I'm talking about sitting at LAX or any other airport.. where the light pollution is very high, and even when dusk you can see them.
  16. I have the autostarx but I dont know how to generate a new file with less stars, can you please send me your stars.dat ?
  17. Hi, this issue is bothering for long time, sitting at KATL at 8:30 PM and look at all those stars, its really annoying, im not even talking about dark time, you sit at LAX and you have a million stars just above your head, there is anything to do? BTW the upper half of the picture is a picture before that one.. its just shoved in there lol
  18. i think that is my problem. im flying most of the time during the same hour.. 13:00 PM.. dusk make my sim stutter to death. do you know what can cause it?
  19. check if the router is giving the same subnet to both WIFI and cabled network.. lets say cable is 10.x.x.x and cabled is 192.168.x.x mean they are not on same network. try to turn off the firewall on the router
  20. in order to get the dynamic sky of ENVTEX with ASCA, do i need to set ASCA to full dynamics or global auto ? i feel like the sky is always the same colors.. 🙄
  21. cant wait to hear that you can actually will be able to read instruments / configure the FMS with the glasses!
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