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  1. Hi guys, I am also interested in the new Intel CPUs, currently I am running 2700K @ 5GHZ stable almost three months with temps below 75 at load. How could I meaningfully compare the new Intel CPUs to mine, or event better how could I compare a potentially OCed new Intel CPU to mine? Regards, ayarov
  2. Bingo! I tried with "High" instead of "Ultra" and Memory Clock is back to 6000 Mhz. Power was already set to max. Thank you for the help guys!
  3. Hey fellow simmers, I am have recently got my hands on a EVGA 1080 SC GPU and have been testing it for a couple of days. I did a clean uninstall of the old drivers using the ddu tool and deleted my shaders before starting P3D. My GPU Memory clock is currently set to 6000 Mhz. I monitor it using the MSI Afterburner tool, and have also stressed it using the Heaven benchmark and other DX11 Heavy games, it stays frimly at 6000 Mhz under stress. What surprised me is that just after P3D loads a scenario, the GPU Memory Frequency drops to 5500 Mhz, at the loading screen it shows 6000 Mhz. This puzzles me, and is the reason I turn to the community for useful hints. Looking forward to your suggestions. P3D4.3
  4. I have PALIT GTX670 2GB and had multiple driver crashes, rolled back to 398.36
  5. Didn’t you say in a twitch stream that you are not allowed to own any stock in any country due to your job? I am confused.
  6. Hi Steve, does IFPro support recording and replaying flights. My understanding is that you do your flight once manually, for example a 5 min approach into a heavy scenery with some static weather. Then you use IFPro to repeat this whole exact scenario as you flew it without you touching any controls under different graphics or tweak settings. I know of no utility that can do that in p3d yet.
  7. Cold War Tactics even in the Flight Sim Community, how sad...
  8. I apologise for the wrong information and stand corrected regarding v1.5! Thanks!
  9. bear in mind it will be a paid update for XP11!
  10. i turned of threaded optimization and went from 5-10 fps to over 20. thanks!
  11. eject the x-plane 10 dvd before x-plane 11 beta to get the demo option!
  12. I do not own orbx products, but have pretty descent payware sceneries like Münich, Kopenhagen and Wienna. I also fly the 777 between them regularly and have every slider in the scenery tab maxed. I also use AS2016 and fly on vatsim. HDR is on, shadows are off and all traffic is off. Screen Resolution is 1920x1200 and texture 2048x2048. What I did in the beginning when I started flying the 777 is I turned off the external 3d model. I know it is a no go for a lot of simmers out there, but it is ok for me not to see the 3d model when simming. This apparently saves a couple of hundreds of VAS. Try turning off the ext 3d for the 777 and test your usual flight, hope that helps.
  13. Thanks for your feedback, sound like you are having fun with the DC6 Might I ask, do you also have the IXEG737 in x-plane? I do not yet own the DC6 but so far my experience with the IXEG737 has been amazing. The immersion is way better than the FF 777/757/A350 and the JAR A320. Regards, Atanas Ayarov
  14. i have more than doubled the speed of starting p3d by not running the sim as admin... as in (run as administrator option)
  15. Do not forget to try the x-plane Demo, its free and the default scenery looks much better than fsx: http://www.x-plane.com/downloads/landing/
  16. Just a wild guess: Spacebar :wink:
  17. whats does SimpleCam more than this freeware plugin?: http://www.avsim.com/topic/478204-x-plane-like-easy-to-use-camera-plugin/
  18. Make sure you use safari browser. Add the CDU pages to the homescreen so you can start the FMS like you start an app. And it will be full screen. The go to settings and disable the automatic lock timer and the lock/unlock. That should do it!
  19. [Root Simulator Folder] > PMDG > PMDG 777X > 777x_Shortcuts.ini [Root Simulator Folder] > PMDG > PMDG 737 NGX > 737NGX_Shortcuts.ini
  20. ayarov

    NGX P3D VC

    To get sharp textures in the 777 in P3D 2.5 I first turn off AA in P3D then open up Nvidia Inspector and set Antialiasing Transparency Supersampling to 2x Sparse Grid Supersampling
  21. go to P3D\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib and install SimConnect.msi then start the sim and choose the T7, activate and fly!
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