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  1. pe1123

    How to suspend my license?

    Stupid, but why would you suspend? What if you just do a reinstall, or am I missing something? Ty, Maikel Rozemeijer NL
  2. pe1123

    Looking for copilot!

    I just send you an email.
  3. pe1123

    P3D not so fast NVME startup

    Thanks for thinking with me so far. My point is that in win10 taskmanager you can see how mutch (low) data is getting through at that (live) moment. When copying files between a normal and a nvme ssd I see the 500mb/sec number what is normal. When starting p3d I get only a view mb/sec whyle nvme can go up to 1500. I have only fs at this drive, but maybe it is whise to install other software there and test that also. Maikel.
  4. Hello, I hope I do not start an old subject. Did a search but did not get far with it. I use win10 64b and p3d v3.2 on my new pc system with a samsung 950 pro NVME ssd. I expacted that p3d would start up fast but can not find any diverance with my former normal type ssd. I come from win7 and noticed that in win10 you can find a live feed of the through put of any drive. It stays low. But when I copy a lot of random data between my ssd's it uses it maximum speed. So the hardware is working. Is there anyway I can let p3d use my ssd better? Thanks, Maikel Rozemeijer The Netherlands.
  5. pe1123

    Prepar3d v2.5 too bright at night

    What you mention about a enb file for Fsx is new for me and i am going too have a look at it. Think you are correct about the Fsx has a bright night. MAikel, PE1123. NL
  6. Hello, Maybe I am wrong, but at the ending of step 4 we are told to save as "airport.txt". Shouldn't that be "airports.txt" since that file is made by / exists in the \fsx\mytraffic\ folder? I did try both ways (without the sdk option for now) and didn't get it working though, but just trying too help here. Greetings, Maikel Rozemeijer The Netherlands.
  7. pe1123

    Shared cockpit again...

    Makes me wander. If most of the code runs outside Fsx. How much of the power of a modern pc is used. And with that, how much advance will a new pc after 3 years do when using let's say the 777? Greetings, Maikel Rozemeijer - PE1123 NL
  8. pe1123

    PMDG 737NGX/777 and FSInn

    Hello, What is 'the problem'? I today had a general problem that a friend of mine did see my ac on the fsinn radar, but not in the game. I had no problems. (no pmdg airplanes) Maikel Rozemeijer NL.
  9. pe1123

    PMDG - helicopter

    Maybe if you post your question 10 times? Please stop making a mess of the forum. Maikel Rozemeijer.
  10. pe1123

    Livery Manager

    I hope you didn't do it on purpose, but why is it a new trend too make double posts? Think how nice the forum will be if we all do that!
  11. pe1123

    PMDG's involvment with P3D V2 development.

    I hope you didn't do it on purpose, but why is it a new trend too make double posts? Think how nice the forum will be if we all do that!
  12. Adjusted the mentioned wind setting(s) in Rex and in Fsx itself. Went ok with the 1st try, but not 100% sure still...
  13. Thanks for your reply. Did a test yesterday but Fsx kept on crashing when I checked that option.
  14. Hello, Let me start noting that I did a 'rex' search and not anything came up. When I let Rex start-up Fsx and fly with the Ngx, or now also with the 777, pretty often it starts making extremely sharp turns when on lnav and vnav. When I close rex. Use real world weather and manually put the plane back on its track all goes ok. Does anybody have a solution for this. Is it something with a fsuipc setting maybe? Thanks for your time. I hope this is not a thing mentioned 1000x before. Maikel Rozemeijer The Netherlands.
  15. pe1123

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    I try not too use 'not possible' noting that we put a man on the moon etc. Probably using external real world weather data en Fsx position data an developer could make on pretty easy. As mention, pmdg my decide what they make and we of we buy it or not. And as mention, no need to inform pmdg about this kind of possible function. The know after a 1000 requests. Maikel Rozemeijer pe1123 The Netherlands.