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  1. Thanks for your thoughts all here, I got this many because I am a news poster and got benefits from that. I like Orbx so buy those myself. Since p3d is in my windows drive I do not want to do a format. Also I intend to keep my p3d a bit smaller then currently, hoping a fps gain. Although I did already turned many off using scenery config editor. Owh what a hobby. Thanks for thinking with me. I probable delete folders, and install p3d in a non standard folder name so that older add-on installations do not point at the new p3d installation. Maikel.
  2. Hi, I have a very big P3D. I think that because of this it is getting slow and want to restart / install. But how can I uninstall / cleanup all there is now the best / handy / quick way? Using uninstall from all the programs or windows control panel would be a big challenge. (Currently have 90 airports and a couple of Orbx Ftx product installed. And about 6 airplanes big and small.) Thanks, Maikel Rozemeijer Netherlands.
  3. Thanks again. I do not have problems when changing airplane but I can give SimStarter a try. Have read nothing but good about it, wouldn't heart trying it.
  4. I can give that program a try, I understand it can help me. But as far is I know only at 1st startup and sim flight.
  5. Hi, I use the graphic profile option with specific airplanes. When flying a smaller A2A airplane I use an 'vfr' setting with high autogen etc. When flying the Pmdg Ngx I have an Ngx profile with view autogen, just because the airplane is heavy on my pc. I also have an PBR profile for the Maddog and a sort of in between for the Majestic q400. I think it would be handy if I could couple the graphic profiles with a certain airplanes, just so that I have 1 less action to do. Being lazy as I am. :-) Maybe this could be added in P3D? I know there are separate sim starter programs, but what if I would use this at my first startup. But would like another kind of 2nd flight. Thanks, Maikel Rozemeijer NL
  6. Stupid, but why would you suspend? What if you just do a reinstall, or am I missing something? Ty, Maikel Rozemeijer NL
  7. Thanks for thinking with me so far. My point is that in win10 taskmanager you can see how mutch (low) data is getting through at that (live) moment. When copying files between a normal and a nvme ssd I see the 500mb/sec number what is normal. When starting p3d I get only a view mb/sec whyle nvme can go up to 1500. I have only fs at this drive, but maybe it is whise to install other software there and test that also. Maikel.
  8. Hello, I hope I do not start an old subject. Did a search but did not get far with it. I use win10 64b and p3d v3.2 on my new pc system with a samsung 950 pro NVME ssd. I expacted that p3d would start up fast but can not find any diverance with my former normal type ssd. I come from win7 and noticed that in win10 you can find a live feed of the through put of any drive. It stays low. But when I copy a lot of random data between my ssd's it uses it maximum speed. So the hardware is working. Is there anyway I can let p3d use my ssd better? Thanks, Maikel Rozemeijer The Netherlands.
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