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  1. Sorry Jim, that was completely and utterly wrong... The simconnect modules used to be installed together with FSX, but that ceased to be the case with P3D, and YES, they are absolutely needed when you install the PMDG planes. Anyway, to the original poster, try installing the other version of Simconnect, that can be found inside the P3D folder (mainly SP1 and RTM), See if that fixes it. Cheers!
  2. Was it really necessary to revive a 4 years old thread?
  3. No problem Richard, glad to be of help. Hope you enjoy the awesome effects 777 immersion brings. Cheers!
  4. When you installed 777 Immersion, the installation must have put an icon on your desktop. Click twice on it, put in your login credentials and run the program. It will update the necessary files on your P3D installation. Then just fly normally. I think you are expecting to have something running while P3D is running (the way, for example, Active Sky Works) but this is different. You run it once, let it do it's thing, and just fly normally, all the effects were installed and will appear if the conditions are right . Cheers!
  5. No, set it to the level you want. If I'm not mistaken, the developer recommends something around 30%. UT2 is considerably older, and you'll have a lot of work to bring the airlines and liveries up to date.
  6. Would you like some cookies too? Maybe a cup of coffee? Just kidding Paul. I think your best bet is really MyTraffic 6. Yes, the setup is not simple or straight-forward, but it's not difficult either. Just read the manual that all is explained there. And together with that, you can use a freeware, Air Traffic manager, available here at Avsim that limits the number of AI planes around you to a number you choose. Cheers!
  7. That being said, the developers of the Estonia Migration Tool have a forum on their website, and they are really helpful
  8. I think it may be not exactly what you are looking for, but FlyUK has a Flying Club, with a bunch of awesome GA Tours around the world... I like it because I can take a break from the jets now and then.... Cheers!
  9. This is the Unofficial Active Sky forums, as it says in the title. You'll have better like posting this on the actual forums: http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/forum.php
  10. The HDR settings are completely subjetive, there's no point in using other person settings. They will depend on your monitor, your preferences, your colour calibration, etc. Just mess with them until you find something you like
  11. I have the same problem Bert. From one day to another my performance tanked in P3D 3.1. the curious thing is that I didn't change anything, didn't install anything. The only thing I did was change regions on FTX central, so maybe your theory that ORBX stuff is the culprit has some merit. Now I'm reinstalling 3.1 from scratch, let's see what happens. Cheers!
  12. It beats me why do you feel the need to go around any topic that mentions 3.1 just to say you are not updating. We know man, and you are entitled to your opinion, but let people have their fun. You did the same thing when 3.0 came out, and it is rather bothersome.
  13. You can argue semantics all you want, but I have never set this schedule. I really don't care if it is the OS itself doing it or another program, all I know is that the drives are always defragmented with no input of the user whatsoever.
  14. Well, I never defrag my drives, and always when I analyze them they are at 0% defragmentation, using both windows and third party tools. So I guess the magic faeries are doing it when I'm not looking.
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