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    I'm an expat (from NY originally) active Gulfstream Captain based in Bangkok Thailand. Still love simming even though I fly for a living, still enjoy the GA and turbo prop stuff cause I seldom get to mess with that here. I don't fly a ton of hours per year so its actually nice to keep up to date a bit with the SIDS/STARS and approaches of the airports here in SE Asia

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  1. I messaged Whamil77 but I'll post it here as well - if its possible that he or someone else who has it send me the 690B mods? I'm no programmer so I hope they're not too difficult to install but from the rave reviews, sounds like it would be nice to have. Thanks so much!
  2. Hey all. In my never-ending quest to find a long-range biz jet for P3D sim world (since none exist) I was wondering: There is the IRIS Global which was 1st released as an Easter Egg for FSX. Some clever folks have updated it, pretty sure got it working in P3D (I'm running V3.4 currently, planning to move to 4.4 here at some point). The IRIS Global has a default CRJ cockpit which is ok, but VERY limited. So I was wondering- would it be possible to use the Aerosoft CRX700X cockpit with the IRIS Global exterior? Would need the EICAS to read different fuel values & engine parameters (Air.file?) but could this be done? I'd be more than happy to purchase the CRJ just for my own entertainment if such a swap would be possible. No Global interior sadly, but one step at a time. Thoughts? Steve Real World G200 Captain P3DV3.4 user
  3. So typical of Carenado - gorgeous model, God-awful avionics & autopilot. Database has no approaches or runways in it, even AFTER the update to 1811. Entering a flight plan is entertaining (some of this panel, knobs from that panel) but do NOT attempt to to use Direct-To to a waypoint in it, it'll go to that waypoint & vanish everything else - old FSX behavior! All enroute info on the dedicated page for it is just plain wrong, manually tuning the ILS will work, but leveling off prior to FAF, plane will then begin an uncommanded climb (to the GS I guess?) well before GS is even active. Bush-league, any way you slice it. Anyone know a way to install the Mindstar G1000 into this thing? In VC as well? Too nice a model to be crippled by lazy programming, the Carenado puppy mill approach is alive and well!
  4. When you open the CAB file in question with notepad, you get symbology/code that isn't plain text. The fix as generously posted by Whamil77 is in plain text. How does one integrate the two?
  5. Question - I'm no programmer so I am wondering how Whamil77's revised coding to fix the pitot heat issue is installed? I found the CAB file in question in P3DV3's GAUGE folder, but when I click to open it it opens with windows explorer (I'm using 7.1), not notepad. There are colored lines in there and it doesnt seem to let me click on it to insert the revised coding (I can highlight the coding thats there to copy it) Before I go messing with this, is there a process to it thats a bit more involved than say modifying an aircraft.cfg file? It's a nice plane, would really love to be flying it but the pitot issue makes it so annoying. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. Hey all Shortly after installing Majestic Q400, I got this message (first about VTBD scenery, then about scenery in general) that "Default.fxml failed to load. This could be due to a malformed XML file." I'm no computer expert, and P3DV3.4 was running great up until now. I have numerous add-ons including ORBX Global, Base, 3rd party airports, GSX etc. I run Active Sky Next with Rex4 textures .... I have no idea what this message means but the scenario now starts at 0/0 lat & long with no aircraft defaulted ...and changing to any airport does nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  7. Any hope that some of our talented subscribers can work a little magic and fix this thing? I remember the response to Carenado's Citation 550 - turned in a plane that was essentially unflyable into a favorite for many. I know it's no ones job but Wilco's but with so few corporate planes out there ... I'm still holding out hope for an 11th hour miracle lol Steve D Gulfstream G200 Captain & many year sim enthusiast
  8. Ahh, well there ya go - problem solved lol My observation was based on a few posted pics, I don't have the Hawker 850XP to play with just yet.
  9. Hi Richard, Thanks! Actually I don't as of this moment have the 850XP so I can't speak to your ALTS CAP issue (the real mode sequence is kind of interesting actually, it'd be cool if someone ever models it realistically) - I'm not a critical as some on Carenado products overall but I have learned to wait until a SP's been issued or Bert's had a crack at it lol I'm sure I'll get it soon, right now I'm still enjoying the suitably 750 moded C550 too much :Big Grin:
  10. I don't have the 850XP (least not yet) because I was disappointed at the "PL21" lite ... I have a Hawker type rating, a few hundred hours in the plane, taught it as a classroom/sim instructor (5 years ago, been on a Gulfstream since) and was a PL21 instructor so I can't tell you how sad I was to learn that this sim bird has a ways to go. That said, I've come to know Bert a bit (he's saved my butt on more than a few occasions simworld-wise) and I'll say this - anything this guy touches makes whatever he worked on better - this 750 mod is but one example of this. It's also worth noting that he's one of the nicest guys on any forum anywhere, damn near selfless IMHO. Just a good egg all around, and I'm glad I've come to know him. Damn - now I may have to go and get this ensemble just out of tribute lol Oh - one thing I noticed just in passing .... On the copilots MFD the engine info block is great, but in the real bird that's in part where the animated flap indicator resides and for good reason - it's the only actual indication of flap position anywhere in the cockpit. The mechanical indicator needle next to the flap position switch on the console? It actually is only indicating the selected flap position, not the flaps actual position believe it or not. Dunno if that's a biggie in sim world BUT that's why the left/right MFD upper bars show things a bit differently. Still ... from what I can see, a SWEET mod nonetheless. 750 is just a great unit and a must-have in sim ... and Bert's mods of this are works of art. For those on the fence I'd say go for it ..... you won't be disappointed. B)
  11. update - just for giggles I reinstalled the 750 (made sure anti-virus & firewalls were off) and then went through the installer a bit more carefully. There's options on one of the pages saying "heading" and "nav" and nav was not selected. So, I brought my 25 years of flying experience to bear .....and selected it. Now it all works just fine, no issues at all. Reinstall or operator install error? I'd go with choice B lol Do have a follow-up question about fuel. There are tanks Left, Center, Right, Left Tip & Right Tip. I go on a flight and only the Center tanks supply fuel, to the point where I get a "Fuel Level Low" caution ... all other tanks stay at 100%. I see some test toggle switches on the center console but where are the fuel selectors? I kind of assumed with tanks on the tips and elsewhere that this would work like a 310 does for example .... but this doesn't seem to manage it that way. Been looking for some PDF manuals in the download but damn if I can find them. Thoughts? I'll say this.... noted texture issues not withstanding, the more I fly this thing the more I like it. So stable, ext model looks sweet & lands like a dream....it's a nice plane & I'm really enjoying it. And now that its working well, the 750 is icing on the cake. Would love a 2D of the lower pitch control since its what's used to set VS ... and having a setup on the condition levers & throttles like the Duke V2 where left click (for those of us without dedicated 3rd party throttles) moves the lever in question and right click moves them both together would really be nice. Other than that, it's a job well done I think .... really enjoying it.
  12. Thanks guys, I'll try there. The 750 is on the VC panel, fully functional but I usually bring up the 2D because its larger and easier to see. Both operate the same way in my case.
  13. Hi hangar Follow-up ... pretty sure its the Flight1 GTN 750. Just for giggles I went back and tried the MU2 with the stock GPS -- same dep and arrival, and the AP worked fine. ILS too. Dang 750 was a $50 buy ... should I uninstall/reinstall it? In and of itself it seems to be working fine, its just not interfacing with the AP for some reason. As for version the Shift-1 plane config menu says 1.7 ... my money's on the GTN unit. Question now is how to fix it?
  14. Hi hangar, thanks for the reply. I should be more specific as I think this is likely a coding issue - should also mention that I'm a corporate pilot in real life, I fly a G200 ... also have Sperry autopilot experience (I used to fly Piaggio's, I believe the 1's had Sperry units in them while 2's came with PL21) - anyway, I am within 2 NM in the MU2, actually I'm on the course line - doesn't matter, the instant I hit NAV the turn begins. I tried a practice flight from Bangkok to Phuket (I'm an expat based in BKK so figured why not) and heading roughly south I went DIRECT to HOTEL (roughly 190 degree heading, put myself on the course and then hit NAV .... the turn began and didnt stop until i was heading due north, 360 on the HSI. No waypoint or nav point in sight. NAV button went green when selected, and stayed green until the turn north was completed, then it went amber. Used HDG mode to turn the plane again and went DIRECT Phuket (VTSP), which was roughly 210 degrees from present position. Hit NAV again and right on cue the plane turned, again rolling out due north, 360 degrees. Something is clearly wrongt. Tried turning AP off and then on again, deselect HDG before selecting NAV ....nothing matters. Why on earth does it always turn due north with nav selected????? HSI needle reads correctly, GPS page shows proper course, 750 is in GPS mode ...and yet it does this. Also, tried tuning in a VOR and see what the DME/MIN gauge reads. BKK was VOR selected (117.7) and GPS showed 10.4 NM. DME gauge read 1184 .... 8 min to arrive. Odd number read, no decimal point on that number. ILS is another problem, HSI shows no signal, DME shows nothing either. I think I lead the sim world in quirky issues lol
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