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  1. Hello every one, I'd like to present a better showcase for the project : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/upcoming-hondajet-for-msfs/418226/40?u=marwangh7929 Please let me know your thoughts and looking forward to hearing your feedback!
  2. Using PTA? I had a dimilar problem with one lf the presets, IRC it had something to do with cloud color tuning. If using PTA just disable cloud teaks and check again.
  3. Hi , I got the newly released flight1G600 to test out an integration concept to emulate the G3000 , Have a look at the picture. The Idea is as such : 1-F1G600 on the left & right screens (the selection keys on the left screen you see in the picture are actually functional and communicates with the G600) 2-Eicas and 1st F1GTN 750 unit on the central screen 3-2nd F1GTN 750 unit on the lower left touch screen , With the CDU knobs controlling the G600 knobs 4-the lower right touch screen (Currently blank) will carry a gauge to control system status pages and control lighting of the aircraft. The system status pages to be popups overlaid on the central display when called. I think this would provide a good approximation of the G3000 , All with the synthetic vision provided by the G600 and the vast capabilities of the GTN750 on the other hand,I started the system coding (Finished the EICAS you see in the picture) Got the flight dynamics within a ball park of the actual numbers and am starting the work on the systems interactions. Let me know if you have other ideas for the avionics.. I will eventually work on coding a custom avionics suite for the G3000 but as you said it is a massive undertaking to come close to half the functionality of the flight1 offering. Thanks!
  4. Yes indeed! I am in the middle of the thought process on what to do with it. I do have some ideas.. meanwhile, I'm brushing up my C++ to take a stab at it.
  5. PS: As English is a second language for me, I've always found it confusing what to call a plane ... TIL that "aeroplane" is a correct term despite having the red swiggly line underneath the word every time I type it ! Thanks for the sanity check!
  6. Thank you symbol for your generous offer to help and extremely valuable feedback.. I will take you up on that offer! great work of FsReborn, Amazing stuff! My plan for this project is to climb the steep learning curve of ESP specific development, while alleviating the pressure that a payware offering imposes. Thus why I'm going freeware.. keeping it a fun test bed for the things I want to do with it. But I will also take you up on your offer on the next project if planned to go payware. I also thank you for your valuable advice, I was actually working on the window details the other day and reading through the SDK about the implementation of the new precipitation features of 4.1 , I'm certainly interested in TFDI's venture as it would cut down considerably on the amount of frustrated hair pulling for weeks of trial and error! I'll get in touch with them! and I'll also certainly get in touch with Dave once I have something worth his time, Thanks for the heads up. Again thank you for your interest ,encouragement and suggestions.. Much much appreciated.
  7. Hi All , I wholeheartedly thank you for your feedback and gestures of encouragement. I've long been a silent member of this community, but finally I have the chance to give back while having fun combining the 2 things I enjoy most ; simming and modeling. While I do modeling for a living, this is my most engaging and passion filled project by far. I appreciate your valuable inputs. Marwan,
  8. Oh hi Chock. I actually worked on this yesterday! 2017-12-10_19-45-56-424 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr
  9. Hello gentlemen. Wanted to share with you progress on the modeling front for this project. It's been 7 month now of ongoing passionate labor, Real life diversions resulting in a project freeze then reignited passion and countless hours of needless obsession about small details. a 4th redo for the exterior model was in order ! The Honda is now textured and exported in P3D! Please have a look at these screen grabs and let me know your feedback. Keeping in mind that this is a WIP and will be improved upon religiously.. 2017-12-10_1-11-6-15 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-10_1-5-43-268 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-10_1-12-47-982 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-10_1-17-13-299 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-6_1-40-12-316 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-10_1-17-23-521 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr 2017-12-10_1-17-56-986 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr Marwan Gharib
  10. Hi Scott , I have some experience coding in C# (I've developed a game before with thousands of lines of code for interface and physics, See: https://youtu.be/7g3TN0NLp0Y) so I have an idea on how general coding goes. I've been reading through the SDK documentation and getting my head around coding specifically for ESP. I've gone through the examples for both C++ and XML and I think I'll go with XML and learn the specifics along the way. I kind of learn by doing. Once I start it will be clear for me if I could practically add advance/customized functionality or instead should settle for the available default approximations (This should be easily doable). in any case I am intending to release the source files as well, So it would be accessible for any one to modify the model and add functionality to it. I'll know my actual capacity to do gauges once I start. Best regards.
  11. Hello gentlemen. I had to put this project on hold for the past 8 month for unseen workloads. I was finally able to pick it up again 2 weeks back with re-ingnited love! redid the exterior from scratch , modeled a cabin and finally got around to doing the moving parts as the gear bay door, flaps and ailerons. Things get really tough when fitting the different parts back together as there are no actual engineering references for the design I was able to find. So eye balling things from pictures when doing 3d modelling will always call for many redos of a lot of stuff to make them fit right. so this was a very challenging model for me to make. I am now satisfied with the silhouette that I'm ready to do the texture baking and start importing to the sim. I've spent a lot of time meanwhile reading through the SDK and have a somewhat good idea on how to go about things from here. Have a look at these latest pics and let me know what you think:
  12. Hello gents, Wanted to show you some updates on further modeling and texturing for the cockpit. Notably gauge texts and buttons of the pedestal... This is a render in the 3D package .. not yet in engine R28 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr
  13. Thanks! it has a G3000 , which I don't think has been recreated for the sim yet? the GTN750 I believe will fit perfectly for the lower touch screens, Perhaps I can approach this by imbedding the default G1000 PDF and ND and complementing with the GTN750 on the lower units. are you aware of any developer who approached modeling a plane with a G3000 system? perhaps I can take a que from their approach. I use 3dsmax for modeling.
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