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  1. hey @sd_flyer , thanks for the more details , One of the bigger changes in the new AAU1 is that now there are apporaches with "Vectors" legs if you didn't chose a transition for approach , this manifestes itself as a MANSEQ (manual sequence leg) or a big discontinuity , on reaching the last point before the MANSEQ the sequenceing will stop and the aircraft will expect to use heading mode for vectors , VNAV calculation in this state doesn't work as well.. possible this is what you've experienced? with regards to deceleration , haven't really changed anything with the dynamics of that part, let me probe out the test team if they noticed similar behaviours.
  2. @vonmar thank you for the detailed explanation , so this happens when transitioning from off=>ON=>Off from a cold and start scenario? if you are able to share a video that would be much appreciated.
  3. hey @sd_flyer thank you for your feedback , would you mind sharing a bit more details if you have the chance? collecting feedback on the update, haven't had one yet with non calculating TOD. For overspeeding , it happens that it might overshoot to 275 kts intermittently while transitioning from cruise to descent when cruise is riding the barber pole, may I suggest altering the cruise profile from 270/0.72 to 265/0.7 when nearing TOD to avoid this? if the issue is deeper than this please let me know more details.
  4. hello @vonmar , I haven't seen this flashing before, possible hardware trying to override the lights? can you check that you have no external hardware controlling the lights?
  5. Hello gents, Excited to announce that HJET V2.0 free update is now out on the MS market place , ORBX ,contrails and flightsim.to. This is a pretty exciting update for me as this adds a new layer of confidence and sophistication in the way the HJET navigates the vertical world , Working title have done a banging job with the underlying flight planning/path plotting capabilities, no more will you see sharp 120 degree turns or noodles inspired transitions.. instead you are greeted with very aesthetically pleasing smooth correctly curved turn anticipations, holds, missed approaches .. and most importantly you will know what the HJET is doing at all times, no more turn back bugs, specific sequences of entering flight plans to avoid breaking the fickle planner .. we can now actually delete (SIDS/STARS/APP) points, add user points and "direct-to" without being worried about breaking the LNAV . You are also able to edit constraints manually with AT/Above/Below , and even speed constraints that the HJET will respect. your favorite features from the original HJET are now seamlessly and natively integrated : system synoptics pages ,Vertical situation display and checklists can now be displayed on any of the available panes on either PFD/MFD , and features such as lighting pages, system controls, load manager, initialization pages on the GTCs are drawn and operated using native codes , so no more need of having two separate GTCs (garmin touch screens), both GTCs can now do the same exact thing and are level on functionality and most importantly looks. HJET's custom FADEC and autothrottle system have been heavily refined, the autothrottle is much smarter now about power application and is very mindful of the g-forces imposed on your virtual passengers. I strongly suggest to have a look at the v2.0 tutorial flight to have a feel of the new capabilities v2.0 brings to the table.
  6. @fppilot to further elaborate on why sometimes when you enter altitude constraints the vnav indication turns to amber and vnav becomes no longer active; as you enter new constraints a new vnav path is calculate based on the specified FPAs and restrictions , it is possible that with the new vertical path the aircraft finds itself above the calculated path outside of the allowed limitations of what it can do on its own ,, so it will toggle out of vnav to the default mode of pitch while still remembering that you had Vnav active so it keeps it armed, and expects the pilot to guide the aircraft via any of the available vertical modes like V/S , FLC or pitch to be within a predetermined tolerance below the active vnav path (in the hjet this will be easily visible on the VSD) , and once the aircraft is at or slightly below the path the LED will turn green and the aircraft will continue descent in "V PATH" mode .. think of it the same way as how you'd arm and the capture a glide slope. Additionally, big horizontal deviation from the FMS path would cause Vnav to disengage and change from green to amber (from active to armed) until the aircraft is back within the X-track tolerance.
  7. Hey frank , On the Hjet : Amber= vnav is armed , green = Vnav is active
  8. Hello peter , Can you check if you have any external hardware assignments controlling fuel cuttoff or mixture or prop pitch? while it doesn't make any sense that they would have effect on a jet engine, however a cutoff of mixture on a hardware axis will cause the Hjet no not start.
  9. Edited:was too excited and send the message too soon Hello @jyw I grossly under estimated the amount of users that would be bothered by having custom autopilot controls, needed to do it as I introduced new modes not present in the default AP , so had to rewrite a big part of the logic. I have it as a top priority item to relink default bindings for next patch. Meanwhile, for autopilot , these are the L:Vars controlling it : L:FLC_Pushed,bool L:VS_Pushed,bool L:Alt_Pushed,bool L:NAV_Pushed,bool L:HJET_APPROACH_MODE_ARMED L:CSC Pushed,bool
  10. Hello @Bad_T and thank you for your feedback! I see the altitude mismatch,Actually spent a ton of time to ensure it doesn't happen .. are you seeing this consistently of does it fail sporadically? will definitely have a deep look at the code to see what might have broken. Now with regards to the VNAV page on the left GTC indeed it does not match the information on the VSD, the calculations here are done by the Working title algorithm which is different than the one you see on the VSD and the "current vnav profile" window. the autopilot will follow the VSD and "current vnav profile" I've only been able to add the full working title suite natively very shortly before release which allowed being able to modify the WT code without affecting any other aircraft..so I did synchronize the "current VNAV profile" screen to the right of the VSD, and to be honest.. missed the one in the GTC .. long story short, I have this item on my todo list as a top priority item , will synchronize the GTC vnav display with the upcoming patch and will ensure it displays the calculated information by the HJET's own vnav logic. Thanks again for the detailed report.
  11. Wanted to share this video , Episode 3 - Maintenance flight RPVD - RPVD - Full video - YouTube you can see takeoff around the 26 minutes mark, Then you'll see how much forward trim he is compensating with immediately after gear up , I counted 24 clicks untill 500 ft. she is a bit feisty.
  12. Hello , that is deffinately wrong. Actually correct fuel burn is one of the strong suites of the Hjet as of now .. so interested to know what went on here. This is taken from the fuel synoptics screen , correct? wanted to note that changing the fuel from the load manager resets the fuel used to zero and starts from scratch
  13. Thanks alot for the wonderful feedback , The pitch sensitivity is a top priority item that i'm working on right now.. Will review the cause of the shimmering in the cabin.. I am aware of it and frankly took it as an engine limitation.
  14. Agreed, That was bad planning on my part, Thought I had much more time to do the documentation than what turned out to be … Will make it up!
  15. Hello! Hoping that you've resolved this issue by now, but if not.. 100% of this occurrence of this issue was solved by setting the flight model to "Modern" followed by a restart.. If that doesn't work, please reach out to me on Discord if you can , you can share your screen and we can try and troubleshoot this together.
  16. Hello Every one! Marwan Here Dev of the Hjet.. I want to thank you for this thread , and apologizing for not dropping by earlier as the first few days after launch were quite interractive on the discord support channel .. Things have finally cooled down as the community is growing more accustomed to the HJET ways, and can finally go back to working on the first post launch patch. The first patch released was actually sent off before launch the actual lauch, which just shortly after sending the launch package to MS I decided I want to redo VNAV again , glad people are noticing the improvement. Most issues reported here have been acknowledged , I have a prioritized todo list that I'll be sharing shortly showing the roadmap of updates , the goal is to release an update every two weeks or so until all point in the list are tackled. I will be monitoring this thread religiously now as I understand that Discord is not every one's cup of tea . Let me know your feedback and would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Thank you all for being a part of this!
  17. Congratulations Raul! Wishing you and the S4 utmost success! she look amazing, truly amazing work.
  18. Hello every one, I'd like to present a better showcase for the project : https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/upcoming-hondajet-for-msfs/418226/40?u=marwangh7929 Please let me know your thoughts and looking forward to hearing your feedback!
  19. Using PTA? I had a dimilar problem with one lf the presets, IRC it had something to do with cloud color tuning. If using PTA just disable cloud teaks and check again.
  20. Hi , I got the newly released flight1G600 to test out an integration concept to emulate the G3000 , Have a look at the picture. The Idea is as such : 1-F1G600 on the left & right screens (the selection keys on the left screen you see in the picture are actually functional and communicates with the G600) 2-Eicas and 1st F1GTN 750 unit on the central screen 3-2nd F1GTN 750 unit on the lower left touch screen , With the CDU knobs controlling the G600 knobs 4-the lower right touch screen (Currently blank) will carry a gauge to control system status pages and control lighting of the aircraft. The system status pages to be popups overlaid on the central display when called. I think this would provide a good approximation of the G3000 , All with the synthetic vision provided by the G600 and the vast capabilities of the GTN750 on the other hand,I started the system coding (Finished the EICAS you see in the picture) Got the flight dynamics within a ball park of the actual numbers and am starting the work on the systems interactions. Let me know if you have other ideas for the avionics.. I will eventually work on coding a custom avionics suite for the G3000 but as you said it is a massive undertaking to come close to half the functionality of the flight1 offering. Thanks!
  21. Yes indeed! I am in the middle of the thought process on what to do with it. I do have some ideas.. meanwhile, I'm brushing up my C++ to take a stab at it.
  22. PS: As English is a second language for me, I've always found it confusing what to call a plane ... TIL that "aeroplane" is a correct term despite having the red swiggly line underneath the word every time I type it ! Thanks for the sanity check!
  23. Thank you symbol for your generous offer to help and extremely valuable feedback.. I will take you up on that offer! great work of FsReborn, Amazing stuff! My plan for this project is to climb the steep learning curve of ESP specific development, while alleviating the pressure that a payware offering imposes. Thus why I'm going freeware.. keeping it a fun test bed for the things I want to do with it. But I will also take you up on your offer on the next project if planned to go payware. I also thank you for your valuable advice, I was actually working on the window details the other day and reading through the SDK about the implementation of the new precipitation features of 4.1 , I'm certainly interested in TFDI's venture as it would cut down considerably on the amount of frustrated hair pulling for weeks of trial and error! I'll get in touch with them! and I'll also certainly get in touch with Dave once I have something worth his time, Thanks for the heads up. Again thank you for your interest ,encouragement and suggestions.. Much much appreciated.
  24. Hi All , I wholeheartedly thank you for your feedback and gestures of encouragement. I've long been a silent member of this community, but finally I have the chance to give back while having fun combining the 2 things I enjoy most ; simming and modeling. While I do modeling for a living, this is my most engaging and passion filled project by far. I appreciate your valuable inputs. Marwan,
  25. Oh hi Chock. I actually worked on this yesterday! 2017-12-10_19-45-56-424 by marwangharib3 gharib, on Flickr
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