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  1. Yes that is about it, you have to look at this in the next way, the speed of the GPU or CPU is how fast the water of a river is running, the bandwidth is how big or small the river is from one bank to another and the memory interface width you could compare with the depth of the river and the river has a cover over it so it can't flood, if both these last ones ( the both width values ) are to small then the speed will not prevent the data from being choked in the GPU even if it is a much newer card, FSX feeds a lot more data to the GPU then any game out there.The least you want for FSX is a 254 bit, 180 plus card to have some good results. Herman
  2. This is an easy one, FSX needs memory band width and memory interface width and for the 950 this is way to low for FSX ( 105 and 128 bit ) where as the 580 has 192 and 384 bit, a NVidia GTX...50 card is to low end for FSX unless it is a TI. Herman
  3. Default mesh for USA is 10m, try reducing the mesh to 38m or even 76m but reduce first the texture resolution to 1m, if this is set below 1m then it will reset the mesh resolution back to 19m. If this doesn't help then maybe you have FTX vector installed and may have airport backgrounds that cause this effect. Herman
  4. indeed, which package? if it is traffic 360 then you do an airport dump inside FSX and then import all new airports into traffic 360 and there will be traffic, another reason can be that the addon airports have to much parking spots predestined to some airline company which isn't in the AI package, in that case you have to rework the afcad with ADE and change every spot into all trafffic Herman
  5. I don't know what Krazyk means with pushback service but GSX has pushback and lets you choose weather left strait or right and has pushback trucks and marshaller talking to you and giving instructions and the plane follows the yellow taxilines perfectly. The only thing AES has and GSX not is the cleaning trucks for toillets and cleaning crew van. I love GSX and as for Aerosofts airports; you buy an expensive product and expect it to work fully, not to buy credits to get it working, in my eyes it 's just an Aerosoft rip off.
  6. The problem with GSX is that on aerosoft airports and AES the pushback and handlers and stuff are being doubled which doesn't look natural and with AES disabled the jetways don't work but if you are a bit handy with ADE you can replace the Aerosoft jetways with default jetways and extensions jfk01 and jfk02 to match the real jetways as much as possible, did this for Aerosofts mega Brussels X airport and no more need for the way to expensive AES credits Herman
  7. did you go to the right .cfg? the one that is used is in C;/program data ( which is a hidden folder so set it to show ) Microsoft/FSX-SE, it is not the one in the main FSX-SE folder. Herman
  8. you can also follow this and be sure to have a good working system for the sim; http://www.simforums.com/forums/the-fsx-computer-system-the-bible-by-nickn_topic46211.html although written for W7 much applies also to W10
  9. if only looking for routes and skyways and not an actual flight planner then try this site; https://skyvector.com/ Herman
  10. here are some tips; TEXTUR_MAX_LOAD=1024 aircraft reflections= off what are those multisample lines doing there? out with that Texture bandwith maximum 80 upper frame rate limit 30 and set 1/2 vsync in Nvidia inspector fiber frame time fraction=0.15 LOD radius 4.5 swap wait time out?? get rid of that, it doesn't do anything wide view has to be TRUE Bufferpools ? get rid of that, it won't help you. Try all this and then see how it goes, on modern machines less tweaks is better and you've got way to much of them. Herman
  11. You can not run 2 weather engines at the same time but REX4 is as far as I know only textures right? for the cloud and sky textures it is entirely up to you which you like, in ASCA you can choose what it will load and I guess it is the same with REX. AS16 is only a weather engine and doesn't load any textures. Herman
  12. Hi Spilok, road vehicles to 25?? why? you like to see traffic jams or do you like to fly? I have the road traffic completely off for high flying because you don't take notice off the traffic any way, you are to occupied to control the aircraft and ATC, make different profiles for low and slow and high flying and then you load the profile for whatever type of flying you want to do, car traffic causes OOM's and causes stutters as well . ORBX recommends no more then about 10%, ships and ferries can be at 100%, that doesn't take an impact and lets you see some ocean traffic around the globe flying over them. Herman
  13. I have FSX with FTX global base, vector and OL Europe , aerosoft mega Brussels x airport and a couple of freeware airports, AS16 and ASCA for the weather and traffic 360 at 50% for AI traffic. I fly the iFly737 all the time and even can perform flights from 5 to 6 hours and never had an OOM. Most OOM problems come from people wanting to much and settings and tweaks that are just to high like textures 4096 and lod radius 6.5 and so on. I found out that with a modern machine the less tweaks the better FSX performs and realistic slider settings help to, let's get realistic; autogen maxed out if you do long haul flights and don't see the trees and buildings anyway? Herman
  14. Flight 1 is gonna bring out or has already released ( don't know ) a new program for AI called UTLive or Ultimate Traffic live and that seems to load real world shedules and planes directly with info from airports around the globe, kind off like AS weather engine does so always up to date. Herman
  15. EHAM stock airport elevation is -10.997 ft. I have EBBR from aerosoft and tried changing the altitude from that to with no luck, I even lost most of the aerosoft's scenery ( airport buildings, jetways etc ) so I gave up on it and learned to live with the fact that it is on a small plateau. Best to record again with the Fly Tampa software. Herman
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