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  1. With the issue of being completely unable to obtain new hardware this Xmas in both the console and PC markets (the blight of scalpers and their bots), all I could do was to purchase add-ons for flight sims. Orbx benefitted quite well out of that. I wasn't that bothered when the Balearics were released back in the summer but the sale price during Xmas was well worth adding to my XP11 library. As for the Canary Islands, I must have been one of the first people to snap it up on Boxing Day morning. Absolutely can't stop flying around the Islands especially ever since as I would normally be in Lanzarote right now if it weren't for the global pandemic. To conclude, they are both great additions to the X-Plane 11 scenery library and it seems the only way to enjoy the Islands this winter.
  2. I'm set to high (see signature for PC spec) on a 1.1 Gbps broadband connection. I haven't suffered a stutter so far and its really fluid. I did decide that I wasn't happy with London so I purchased the Orbx City Pack and City Airport. Really pleased as London looks far better so worth it but it does need some further work which Orbx have responded positively to. Ive also checked out Ibiza, Lanzarote, Las Vegas, LA, NYC & Cuba. I've never seen anything look and perform so well out of the box figuratively speaking. Stunned by Manhattan (absolutely no hit on performance) and Las Vegas.
  3. I've since learned that the download is 90GB in size. I checked out https://downloadtimecalculator.com/ Over a 1 Gbps broadband connection, it estimates 90GB will take 12 min 53 sec. TBH, i'll be happy if it is less than an hour. When i plugged in the figures for a 2 Mbps connection which I had once and know some people in more remote locations still have, it works out at 4 days 11 hours 22 min 27 sec.
  4. I was wondering if it was going to be deployed before Tuesday to preload like new Steam games tend to? It would then just need to unpack on Tuesday. I've checked out my HDDs and can't see that has occurred yet.
  5. The city of Havana is now available for X-Plane 11 with the intention of bringing José Martí International Airport and other cities should the interest demand. https://store.x-plane.org/La-Havana-City-_p_1167.html
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