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  1. I'm still using FSX since 2001-2002. But I most likely will upgrade to MSFS
  2. Go into your main FSX folder and under Sim Objects/Airplanes and look for your PMDG MD11. Then go to the Aircraft.cfg file and under the line for panel write: WIDESCREEN
  3. I do have FSX starting up in Admin mode. I have deleted off the computer and re-downloading it to re instal Still no gauges showing up. Nothin on my FMC as well.
  4. I have printed every manual for the MD-11. If you still need them I can send them to you. I have them in a three ring binder.
  5. It has been awhile since I last had a problem and now it seems I have a new one. The gauges for my MD11's are not showing when I start up FSX and go to use the MD11. Thank you in advance for any and all answers.
  6. Thank you. I forgot about the support page and thought I needed to go here.
  7. It is telling me "unable to validate please contact Tech Support."
  8. I need to re activate my PMDG MD11. Can someone help me please? Thank you Robert P Armstrong
  9. I have tried this but for whatever reason, the engines are still running. It use to stop the engines before but for some reason it has stopped doing this.
  10. Can someone help me with this? I go to start FS2Crew with a cold and dark flight deck but the engines are still running.
  11. I looked and I am set up for a 2nd monitor but the cord I have does not match. It's OK though. The monitor I got was given to me.
  12. This may have been asked before but I want to add a second monitor to my computer to use for the upper panel of my MD11. How do I go about getting it setup and everything?
  13. "Unable to validate your license. Please contact Technical support".
  14. I know people have mentioned that they cannot install their MD11 onto their computer with MS10, but my problem is that it is telling me to contact Tech support. Do I still need to go to the website and login to do this or can it be taken care here. Thank you Robert P Armstrong
  15. I am hoping maybe you guys can help me as well. I am trying to reload my MD11 (FSX) onto my computer. My problem is that I cannot get the MD11 Load manager to work. It tells me that the Application failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. It then tells me to see the application log or use the command line "sxstrace.exe" for more details. Where would I go to use this sxstrace.exe and what do I do after? Robert Armstrong
  16. I recently was able tyo get the MD11 reloaded with everything showing, now I just have a problem with the "MD11 Load Manager" not working. It tells me that the application has failed to start because its "Side by side" configuration is incorrect.Please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe for more detail. Now, do I use this exe in the run down in my start menu?
  17. I have tried both of these options and neither one of them helped out.
  18. How come I cannot post a picture of what my MD11 looks like here? The photo for my profile is how my MD11 aircraft are showing up in FSX.
  19. I am running Windows 10. It seems to affect every livery I use with my MD11 Robert Armstrong
  20. I have it. Is this something I need? Or should I remove it. OK. Is it HIGHMENFIX=1? Or HIGHMEMFIX=1 (This is what I have).
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