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  1. Looking on their release youtube video, release date was announced upon rotating so I presume we will see ready/cleared for take off before release.
  2. It's hard to enjoy airliners with 50% inop buttons and/or systems not modelled.
  3. Download xbox insider hub and you should see join there.
  4. Congrats to them not saying "how great this update was" this time. Looking forward to beta testing next week. This is the way to go further - release public beta before each Sim Update.
  5. I’ve got that response from their support desk. problem is that what they exactly mean by “currently working on it”. i mean they work for dx12 for 1 year+… weather issue can be fixed by SU8 or 9.. and not hotfix by looks of it. there is a rumor however on official forum that hotfix is due until tuesday.
  6. Just got reply from them regarding all the issues we have with live weather… cloud base etc.. Apparently they are aware of these issues and are actively working on them now.
  7. You are in live multiplayer mode. All data is in sync there.
  8. Ok guys, solution is to go on your app settings i.e. apps and features > advanced options and click repair. Make sure you not press reset! This won't change anything regarding settings etc. I had same problem today. Tried to mess around with weather presets and lost live weather completely lol.
  9. Same here, did couple of flights in scandinavia/eastern europe. No haze either apart from low level clouds.. not really low level - they actually touched the ground.
  10. is crazy red-orange Mars lighting fixed during low visibility sunsets/sunrises?
  11. Yes you right. I was already playing with overlay to achieve more realistic look. Problem I came across is that it has to be dynamic. If we set correct colour on ground then when we reach cruise level it will look way too cold. I was trying to look for solutions to do this automatically but with no luck. Maybe reshade? Obviously people most affected by this are who live/fly in countries where overcast is 6 out of 7 days a week... like UK. Must be a reason why I haven't seen much discussions about this.
  12. @Kaiii3 Out of curiosity, as far as I know simobjects injected in sim can also be destroyed in msfs by simconnect. I was just thinking why we missing option to remove planes on go around phase? I was doing more tests and looks like every plane which going around are put on hold over airport. Only one exception I seen where it actually attempted second landing but for unknown reason was going around also on second try and was put in loop... If we can't determine when plane is actually on go around phase then as far as I checked they all were at 3000ft and 250kt. So simple algo saying if plane is +-3000ft and 250kt and/or for specific time period - it gets removed.
  13. As far as I know it only works as a switch to enable or disable data connection to live traffic. Nothing to do with traffic itself. Of course I assume majority here is using AIG for offline traffic and not as model importer for asobo live traffic.
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