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  1. Just a hunch. I can't see why it can't be achieved on dx11 already. Xenviro on xplane opengl does that perfectly... nice dark grey overcast and vivid sunset above clouds.
  2. Really looking forward to this update - new weather + dx12. There is a strong chance the clouds will finally block out the sun and we will get realistic overcast rather than orange/red Mars lighting.
  3. After sim update 5 ai traffic went downhill hence aerosoft cancelled. Both online and offline versions are broken. online - still missing a lot of traffic from flightaware not to mention lack of planes at gates. You still need to use mdlx models and paints to match. Which still causes ctds despite AIG temp file remover running background. offline- things are even more worse. Traffic stops departing after 10-15 min since sim launch. Brand new bug at su5. Arriving planes if going around will never come back for second landing but instead circle around airport. Loaded 100 planes at eham. After 30 min looked complete madness. Apart from that a lot of taxiways are broken at default airports and traffic will stop there for good time untill removed by sim. However workararound is to use 3rd party airports. i believe aig uses simconnect for ai traffic and not bgls
  4. When you pan around in cockpit they have introduced white dot showing up where your mouse pointer is. Quite arcadish. Sometimes after releasing button mouse defaults to upper left corner (like 0,0 coordinates). Tho I can live with that having 15fps more.
  5. fsx p3d ea enabled and msfs each have different lighting models. Older sims uses to have simple bitmaps, so you could paint whatever color gradient you want as well as sky and fog colors. p3d true sky uses shaders same as msfs. DirectX 12 should help to block light going through clouds when sun low and overcast. That should make correct colours of grey/blue during those rainy overcast mornings/evenings
  6. Hi guys. As Asobo finally have fixed mdl ctd bug in msfs, I have converted over 100 airlines from AIG traffic. (personal use, however I can give step by step how to do it) Problem is that they keep landing banked. Values are random starting from slight bank of 2 degrees up to 30... I have searched all over the place for solution but no luck. Anyone can give any clues where/which file is responsible for that? When they go around they still turning, but not from straight level but relative from banked angle which leads me to think that when they spawn, they spawn in an angle and that turns to be relative 0 point. But then again pitch seems alright. Another one is that go around planes keep circling airport flying very low, I assume this could be either asobo bug (planes not being removed after x go arounds) or related to above?! Cheers
  7. just crosscheck with lightningmaps or similar. I just did flight over black sea (current thunderstorms all over place) was pretty accurate. Lightning seems to be completely "detached" from cloud model. Well.. in theory they should and majority of time will match together. Only thing I'm surprised they did fade in/fade out instead of lets say having 50ms flash like twice in a second. Would look more realistic.
  8. 1. Yes data is being pulled off flightaware. Which I believe is mostly oriented to USA. I'm just wondering why they didn't sign contract with flightradar24 which covers entire world mostly. Funny enough I believed they would synchronize live traffic with AI, I mean once they turn transponder off they turn themselves off in flight sim too.. hence disappearing off runway quite often (with some exceptions where pilots don't bother to turn transponder off during turnaround) a) Not yet, but there are teams out there working on it. b) It's possible to do, if I remember correctly you need to give icao code in config file. Lets say icao="ryr" would pick up that particular livery if "ryr" is the code from flightaware. However I have seen comments out there saying that sim still picks up liveries randomly. I wouldn't bother knowing how much live traffic you see in airports (close up) c) Bugs bugs bugs. Make sure you put ground traffic down to 0%. What ground traffic does is only put static planes around airport which never move. It's completely separate from live traffic or offline traffic. 2. Yes file system is the same, funny enough majority of file structure is still the same from fsx. Which still makes me to think that "truly new engine" is false statement from asobo. As well as tons of other lies they said pre-release - "you will see every single aircraft in a sky" - yeah right. a) yes they still the same and default ones can be de-compiled. b) AIG (best one for p3d currently) is working on it. It is possible to have AI traffic in msfs right now, only problem is we have to use fsx flight models which currently causing CTD if more than one aircraft or livery is present. We need to either 1) wait for asobo to fix MDL compatibility issue (which been acknowledge) to import all fsx models in msfs (they look a lot better in msfs than in previous sims) 2) wait for native AI traffic models to use 3) wait for MCX to update their converter to convert fsx models to native msfs. TBH I see offline traffic as main thing in future in this sim unless asobo pull a stunt and somehow fixes live traffic.
  9. you can test various lighting intensities and other stuff in real time. Enable developers mode, then in upper menu select user lights, enable which one you want and adjust numbers how you like. You cant save them, need to modify the files but at least you have idea what it will look like
  10. go in fs effects folder find relevant light fx file and increase intensity. For A320 landing lights it's largelanding light file. Increase intensity at least to 500 (default 100). For strobes use doublestrobe file, to turn them volumetric find volumetric=0 change to 1 and increase intensity to at least 7 (default 1)
  11. Aerosoft Airbuses work well if TrueGlass folder is removed. If ND log error shows when you load the plane just go to programdata > lm > copy whole prepar3d v5 folder over to prepar3d v4. If any of displays are bigger than supposed to be then usual virtual cockpit fix will resize them (double the pixel size @ panel.cfg)
  12. everything up from ground is managed by truesky. When you reload the scene what it does is reposition clouds and thats it. Obviously because of technology used every scene will be slightly different and chance to see two identical cloud shapes is pretty slim.
  13. I use the one for runway lights: RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=0.30 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.20 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=0.10 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=0.30 and other one to resize textures as I'm running on 3gb card at 1080p and that thing saves me 200-300mb VRAM on ngxu and large airports: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048
  14. You sure 2d sprites are used in noise rendered cloud drawing? I was removing stars other day and realised that my usual stars.dat file no longer works, I had to remove couple of lines in one of the trueskys shaders.
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