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  1. I get the same preformance as in the NGX 25-30fps in CPH Denmark,but this bird is more smooth a dream to fly. i7 6850k 16 gb ram gtx 980ti
  2. 4,0 or 4,5 or 5,0 ghz in fsx do not matter. fsx is 10 years old and not build to our days, modern pc,s
  3. clean install of win 10 here, have no problems at all. with fsx-se
  4. how is my traffic 6 in fps compared to UT2 ?
  5. i bought it after install i reboot my pc, and well i had to install win 10 again, pc crash couldent get into win again, i tried everything nothing worked, so have to start all over again. really great.
  6. later this year there will be a 1080TI i keep my 980Ti im very happy in fsx steam with that.
  7. i just asked the same on another forum, nope they say so wait
  8. i have no tweaks in fsx steam and it runs great. i have a i7 6850k and a gtx 980 TI
  9. Hi. i have been using UT2 for a long time, and been happy/not happy sometimes its stop working som i can not get in the menu, and i tired of it. Also the facts that it has not been updatet since 2013.The fps is not good with UT2 even that i have a highend pc, i am thinking about getting my traffic 6 have anyone here that and what do you think about it, and how is fps compared to UT2.Thanks for any help.
  10. on my pc the pmdg 777 runs better than the ngx i have a i7 6850k and a gtx 980TI yes buy it it is worth the money.
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