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  1. is the citation x compatible with fsx steam? are carenado's offerings any good?
  2. ... what about the WILCO FALCON 7X?
  3. good news is that QW 787 is progress well but regarding this plane how does it perform with the isg panels? any major limitations?
  4. when will sloped runways come?
  5. So finally is this plane now usable? what are the outstanding bugs apart from framerates. Did they fix: 1. ILS /LOC issues? 2. Missing nav data?
  6. Does any of the following either with the navigraph extension pack or gtn 750 accept nat track procedures ? S550 850 CJ2 Thanks
  7. ? But there's no such thing as having the autopilot control the CRS/HDG but at the same time you manually control the plane vertically, unless you mean an LOC APPR?
  8. How buggy is this plane now? Can it fly sid/stars / ils without issues? Are the framereates worst than PMDG/Aerosoft's releases?
  9. Bump: Can either the navigraph extension or GTN 750 enter nat tracks?
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