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  1. killthespam

    PTA, Shaders, Tomatoes and Whatnot

    This guy got some neat stuff.
  2. Kind of a similar problem I encountered, maybe you wanna check your CPU speed in Task Manager and see if you have this issue?
  3. I finally found the problem related to what I was complaining "Windows AVX was causing measurable FPS drops when it kicked in". Actually there is recent windows update that is creating CPU SPEED fluctuations based on AVX coding inside windows overriding MotherBoard settings. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find which update is, I used recovery option on Settings and it did not say which update was rolled back to. Now the CPU Speed is steady as a rock, no fluctuations at all in any conditions. Now I turned off windows update, who knows what kind of other problems will trigger this. Maybe somebody knows which recent windows update has incorporated "Windows AVX" coding and how to block that update?
  4. I think that this topic here covers what is going on
  5. Interesting question, just found this, I don't know if is true or not from plane org: The last time anyone from LR answered a question about AVX use (early last year), the answer was that they don't use AVX, but SSE2 instead because there was no advantage in using AVX in XP at that time. I don't see any evidence that's changed, and it certainly isn't where development efforts are right now, or where they've been since that time. I have not seen any evidence that AVX is used by XP alone. However, Windows itself uses it in the background, not a lot, but it's noticeable. If you have an AVX offset in your OC profile, monitor the CPU clocks real time and you will see it drop intermittently by the offset amount. I have also not seen any evidence that Windows AVX use is causing the feared 25 to 30% voltage or big temp spikes on my rig, so I created an OC profile for XP with zero AVX offset. For now at least, I don't run other apps on that rig, so I'm not too worried about spikes. However, if I decide to do some 4K video rendering on that PC for whatever reason, then I will make a profile with a -2 or -3 offset. It does make a difference. On my binned/delidded 8700K at 5.3, Windows AVX was causing measurable FPS drops when it kicked in and dropped the freq by the offset amount. Earlier this year, a number of people who bought binned chips guaranteed at a given clock speed were complaining that they were seeing random drops in clocks well below the advertised speed, even though they had set everything to run flat out 100% of the time. Turns out, they (including me) were all following the binners' advice about the -2 or -3 offset, and that is the exact amount the clocks were dropping. The drops were caused by the offset by Windows. That's straight from the horse's mouth (two of the best known binners). Nevertheless, it's still something to keep an eye on for sure.
  6. Yes I understand what you say, thank you. Interesting, in XP11 I don't see this issue, all the cores are almost even and no spikes at all. Again, many thanks.
  7. Ok, I'll try avx at 3. Do you think that value will stop the cpu speed to fluctuate?
  8. Certainly, I noticed this issue about 6 days ago while watching the Task Manager. I had no updates, no changes whatsoever. I was trying to figure out why I have stutters on P3dV4.2, initially I checked under windows-display settings to see if my monitor is still at 30 HZ (a few times it did change to a different number) and that was not the case. So I opened the Task Manager and noticed that issue with HT ON. I don't know why I just changed HT from on to off and no stutters at all. I cannot find any explanation to this, I tried what Greg, DaveCT2003 and DylanC mentioned and unfortunately no success. On my MB I have: CPU ratio mode is FIXED MODE CPU ratio offset when running AVX = 0 Digi power - CPU loadline calibration control - MODE4 Intel C State = Disabled CPU cores un-parked
  9. Thank you folks! What I don't understand is that I didn't have this issue before with HT on and now suddenly it looks like a problem. Very strange. Greg, thanks, I did disable Core Parking as you mentioned in registry, also used Lasso. Unfortunately I have the same results. DaveCT2003 and DylanC, also thank you, it looks like there are two categories of people using HT differently with significant results. Again, your help and guidance is greatly appreciated.
  10. Just noticed on task manger WIN10 64 Z370 GaminPlus MB with I8700K OC @ 4.9 while HT on, CPU speed is bouncing up and down between 4.88 and 4.60. Same settings but HT off (no other change) speed is constant at 4.88 and P3Dv4.2 is smooth. I don't understand what is creating this issue having in view that the only change is HT from ON to OFF. This CPU variation on speed is creating stutters in P3Dv4.2. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. killthespam

    Must-haves / essentials for P3Dv4?

    Gerard, Thank you so much for pointing out about bojote, I still remember his tremendous help and useful guidance either person to person or as you mentioned via online service, it was FREE and managed to help so many people to enjoy this hobby. Bojote we all thank you for your dedication and help!
  12. killthespam

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    Yep, on 748 is standard and when outside of top x bottom of airspeed range will change from PATH to SPD. Probably the same on 737 x 777.
  13. killthespam

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    Just open 2 tickets, otherwise nobody will know and would not get fixed.
  14. killthespam

    Speed target range in VNAV descent

    Unfortunately the acceptable airspeed range for VNAV PATH with flaps up it's not modeled on NGX, I don't have T7. Maybe on the next version?