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  1. killthespam

    My new yoke

    Wow, you spent some time there building that panel and yoke. Very nice setup.
  2. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Yes Michael, I did post this issue twice on their LM support forum and of course, on one inquiry, after 5 days later there is no answer from them. I suspect you did get the same answer as I got from their support team or like this one: "Thanks again for your patience and we'll keep you posted with our progress." Unfortunately, we are waiting for an answer and a fix since P3D V4.1. It's gotta be very sad and embarrassing situation when people not working for LM support forum try to help the other customers with problems, but them. I do not have enough words to thank the people that try to help us with this issue while I'm totally shocked about LM behavior regarding this issue. Right now I joined another topic of this nature in their forum hoping that they will break the silence and get professional on this issue.
  3. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Hi Bob, Thank you for taking the time to help. Yes I did, the problem is that the textures are not loading evenly as you can see. Regarding the distance, I was able to get it somewhere to where I want it without any penalty on performance, regardless of SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE adjustment or not, I can see the same issue of big empty squares that later they fill in with the proper autogen.
  4. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Hi, This is a video capturing the issue, please note on the left side of the window how ground initially has empty blocks (squares) of autogen textures missing and after a while they fill in. Martin® Prepar3D® v4 12_6_2018 2_18_58 PM_Trim.mp4?dl=0 Any thoughts on this?
  5. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Jay, That's fine thank you!
  6. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Jay, If you don't mind, maybe I'm getting this wrong but we are not talking about 3rd party add-ons or some odd hardware. I'm just looking at vanilla installation within LM minimum system requirements before adding anything else. Again I'm sorry if I misunderstood your post.
  7. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    BluSky31 and AnkH, thank you so much for the good intentions. Unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem. We just try to hide the issues with different tweaks and try to believe that is ok when actually it's a big problem for many of us starting over a year ago with V 4.1. This is something very visible and unpleasant, besides this now we have an additional issue with the engine sound. I would think that after over a year where many of us tried so many tweaks to no end and no success we would not ask too much from LM to fix it! Unfortunately people got used with this "tweaking" from FSX and find this normal. LM has a very good potential of doing good things and we should ask from them first to fix what is broken and then to add the other goodies. We should remember that this is not a FREE software (we paid individually for each version V1, V2, V3 and V4) and the small updates (fixes) for each version are part of the normal process. What I found unacceptable is that LM blocked a series of posts with valid problems regarding the software instead to commit to a fix, that's the biggest problem IMHO. Let's be real here, when you buy a product for some people will work perfect and for other not, that's why we take that product back to be fixed or else.
  8. killthespam

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Unfortunately, too many people ignore this issue and don't complain enough. This issue became visible since version 4.1 came out, I personally complained (and have a post here and on their web recently) about it. Apparently, LM don't care about it and to my recollection, they said over a year ago that they will look into a solution. Unfortunately, 3 or 4 versions later still the same issue for a large number of people. Just a few examples to load.PNG?dl=0 I asked different people and everyone came with a different suggestion, unfortunately, LM is to fix it. I agree with you that 4.3 is better from this point of view...………………….. Check this one, it was too much of inconvenience. I really don't understand why would they block it instead of committing of fixing the issue or just admit it that they unable or unwilling. I would not have a problem with the last part, but locking the post for a valid and known a problem I have an issue with it.
  9. killthespam

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Ray, I will suggest this, I had an issue with my USB 3.0 a while ago and it did see it even all the other tests did not point to that direction. I know it's a long shot and you have nothing to lose or change any settings during this test.
  10. killthespam

    P3DV4.4 slow loading textures

    That boundary you mentioning it's another issue, I don't understand why they didn't make it blend as not to be noticed versus such an abrupt visual and we have to cover with a smog (reduced visibility). Do you know by any chance how can these ground tiles (squares, as you can see from the pictures) that have slow to load times might be optimized to load quicker the autogen (Trees and buildings)? Thank you.
  11. killthespam

    P3DV4.4 slow loading textures

    Benjamin, it might be both? All I can see is this distinctive line where big squares (tiles) don't have buildings, trees and it's blurry. Do you have any suggestions?
  12. killthespam

    P3DV4.4 slow loading textures

    Hi Bert, Clean install. Actually, I went crazy and reinstall windows + a complete P3DV4.4 and no add-ons except PMDG. The problem I'm describing was present even before PMDG. This is with your recommended settings, a little bit better but still, you can see the clear line of separation in the distance. Any other thoughts? Thank you!
  13. killthespam

    P3DV4.4 slow loading textures

    Any help is greatly appreciated regarding slow loading textures. At the same time, some parts they show correct while at the same distance squares of textures are not loaded. My specs are in my signature while my config file is original, no modifications at all. to load.PNG?dl=0
  14. Do you mind taking some pictures and explain what you think it might be wrong please. As to landing overweight, it is no problem doing so in interest of safety (but rwy lengths should be taken in account, you need to stop on that concrete, FAA or ICAO requirements don't apply if is an emergency or for safety req. One engine out is should not be a concern unless is a fire, severe damage etc....) At the end it will require an overweight landing inspection performed by the MX.
  15. Arron, I'm sure that the fix will be addressed but when I don't know. We're a few real world 744 and 748 pilots part of the tech team helped by beta people, our findings get sorted out by PMDG developers and programmers on a list. From there, priorities and decisions are in their hands.