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  1. Actually, we need more info to assess what it triggered that condition. MS2020 engines as the aircraft flight charactersitics are poorley desighned and quite very unrealistic that could lead to unpredictable results. If you pull to the stops the prop rpm it will feather the engines but it will not shut down the engines. There is no such thing as "leaning" the engines in the King Air which have 3 positions, Cut-off, Low-Idle, and High-Idle. By moving the condition levers to Low-Idle, you set the engine to idle at a specific speed, moving them to High-Idle allows the engine to idle at a higher speed by introducing a greater constant fuel flow. So, without any additional information if by mistake you pulled the condition levers to "cut-off" position that will kill the fuel supply to the engines, they will "quit".
  2. If I may, I would like to disagree with only one setting in NCP under resolution. If you change from "use default color settings" to "use NVIDIA color settings" the "output dynamic range" from limited to "full" you will see more detail in dark and white. Just I want to clarify that if your monitor is properly color calibrated (most don't bother to check this) it will make a clear difference. You don't need to buy any calibration software, it can be achieved under win10 https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/calibrate-monitor-windows-10 or you can use free monitor color chats.
  3. Based on previous encounters with @Rob_Ainscough he was very helpful and used to share his knowledge. Maybe he is way too busy?
  4. Can you explain why, please. What would be the difference at 60 versus at 120 or 140? I was looking for LG C9 OLED 48" and they are at 120 or higher. What are the implications? I'm using for 747 and some jet fighter. Thank you!
  5. As much as software piracy is a big deal and we hate it, that's a lame excuse to limit someone's access (in this case a few liveries or free updates) to a product already paid for, especially when the company has all your details. Total nonsense, when we purchased the software and they took the money right away, it was ok, now suddenly when the customer comes back and logs back in to get a free livery suddenly becomes a suspect. With respect to FSLABS and PMDG, they have a token that automatically transmits your information back to them to verify the authenticity. When you re-install the software also is going back to the developer to check the purchase. That's not enough? Gush, I buy any windows version and when I install it on a computer is not asking for my "real name". Also being "nicer or more professional" has nothing to do with your real name, it's called education. Revealing our identity (real mane) is our choice our right to privacy.
  6. While I agree with the notion that they can make their own rules within their forums, as a customer when I get "suffocated" by too many rules and exposing my private information my choice is very clear. I don't buy anything from them anymore. On top of that, please don't forget that when the product was purchased as a legit customer, I gave already lots of private information and they should be granted automatic access to download deliveries without any inconvenience. Take as an example from PMDG where with the purchased software you can update and you can download liveries without any other nonsense. Going to the forum and engaging in discussions or publishing it is another story.
  7. Even with the update I had to install manual all the files. It is something that windows doesn't like in setup. I had them above ORBX. I didn't see any difference on my PC either way.
  8. Mike, I had the same issue and in my case was related to Windows security, so I turned off "virus and threat protection off" momentarily. That way when I selected "World>Scenery Library>Add Area" it didn't crash. Unfortunately I had to add manually each region for the software to work. I see that they have a new version but this issue is still not addressed regarding Windows permissions. See if it makes any difference.
  9. I don't see why? The only guideline that I can see in Avsim TOS is for "commercial users and advertising" nothing is preventing us, the customer of a product (as I can see) form sharing experiences or information about a developer or a product as positive or harsh it might be within civilized statements.
  10. This is original P3D https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3ylznd1nq91b6s/B.jpeg?dl=0 This is with the software https://www.dropbox.com/s/ieotl3dw1xceb8i/A.jpeg?dl=0
  11. Yes is added via add-on.xml. There are only 2 textures .dds files and many .BGL files for each region which they get activated when the software is installed. It is very easy to add or remove the software without any problems or modifications. I'm very happy with the software.
  12. To follow up on my post, the issue was related to WIN10 permissions and for that reason, it did not load into the scenery library and I had to load manually each scenery area. After that, you can notice lights and roads extended to a nice LOD without any FPS loss, just about 8 to 16 seconds longer on loading terrain data (on my PC). IMHO it is a very nice addon for P3D and I'm quite happy with this software. What I would like to see is when you do any changes to any settings to have an option of acknowledgment of those changes. P3D without Living Airports software: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fwmf9q8u65qbdys/without.jpg?dl=0 P3D with Living Airports software: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1y8iznmkcupoit/with.jpg?dl=0 To be noted, I'm not affiliated with Living Airports software.
  13. On my end following the install instructions, I don't see any changes on P3D v5.1. Also when I try to select the configurator menu and change anything there is no save option. Under options changing textures to any setting will not ask to save or anything else to verify the change. Any help is appreciated. This is night original https://www.dropbox.com/s/e505e8h68d3lxnx/DUSK ORIG.jpg?dl=0 This is with the change https://www.dropbox.com/s/zexqw3jm9ly5l01/DUSK with lights.jpg?dl=0 This is dusk original https://www.dropbox.com/s/e505e8h68d3lxnx/DUSK ORIG.jpg?dl=0 This is with the change https://www.dropbox.com/s/zexqw3jm9ly5l01/DUSK with lights.jpg?dl=0
  14. "Yea but who cares what it looks like from the outside, it's what it looks and "feels" like from the inside that should matter more" Unfortunately such a wrong statement, all that outside aircraft movement should be translated inside the cockpit and it will be seen as changes in attitude, pitch roll, yaw, airspeed, vertical speed etc. "but at least there's movement now" Yes, there is way too much unrealistic constant movement right now. "Let them relax for awhile on the scenery stuff since it already looks much better than anything we've ever had before it." Let's not deviate from the subject please, we are not talking about scenery. .."now let them work on the infrastructure and basics of flight modeling for a couple years" Flight modeling was expected to be better than FSX or FS9 after so many years, not worse, and absolutely no need to wait for a couple of years to get it right. This is as they call it "flight simulator" not "scenery simulator". Regarding the YouTube video, it is very difficult to make any determination when we actually don't know the real wx conditions. As a guideline and how we report turbulence in real life, we have guidelines recognized by FAA ICAO or other authorities as follows. The velocity and direction of the wind change/shift determines the degree of turbulence. Light Turbulence that momentarily causes slight erratic changes in altitude and/or attitude (pitch, roll, or yaw). Report as “light turbulence.” or Turbulence that causes slight rapid and somewhat rhythmic bumpiness without appreciable changes in altitude or attitude. Report as “light chop.” Moderate Turbulence that is similar to light turbulence, but of greater intensity. Changes in altitude and/or attitude occur, but the aircraft remains in positive control at all times. It usually causes variations in indicated airspeed. Report as “Moderate turbulence.” or Turbulence that is similar to light chop, but of great intensity. It causes rapid bumps or jolts without appreciable change in altitude or attitude. Report as “moderate chop.” Severe Turbulence that causes large abrupt changes in altitude and/or attitude. It usually causes large variations in indicated airspeed. Aircraft may be momentarily out of control. Report as “severe turbulence.” Extreme Turbulence in which the aircraft is violently tossed about and is practically impossible to control. It may cause structural damage. Report as “extreme turbulence.” REPORTING TERM DEFINITION Occasional • Less than 1/3 of the time. Intermittent: • 1/3 to 2/3 of the time. Continuous: • More than 2/3 of the time. The bottom line here is that they are far off the reality and their models need to be adjusted and a better selection regarding the beta team and their credentials.
  15. That's a very good question. All the airplanes suffer from that issue, very unrealistic. I wonder what is the purpose of having "beta testers".
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