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  1. killthespam

    PTA vs Tomato Shade

    very nice indeed, thank you.
  2. killthespam

    PTA vs Tomato Shade

    Good day, Can anybody elaborate on differences between the two (except one is free and the other one require to be purchased). I'm a PTA (purchased) user, mainly I'm interested which one is less demanding on resources, I hear that PTA will kill some FPS. Also it appears to me that Tomato S has a few more options. I would appreciate any comparison between the two, thanks.
  3. killthespam

    747-400 Over banking

    Gents, I would take a different approach on this as to ask the question "explain what is extreme banking, how many degrees?" versus speculations, we don't have any concrete data and try to troubleshoot. Can we have some pictures of ND, PFD and MCP when that occurs, that will make it somehow easier for starters. Also "I have reduced the angle to minimum and even set it to auto but to no avail" there are specific modes where it will work or not. As to like LNAV engaged or HDG select. You know, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. killthespam

    PMDG 747-8

    Apparently testing is going on also for FSX, Chris and Kyle knows better.
  5. killthespam

    World/cockpit scale in P3D v4.3

    Unfortunately Boeing 747-100-200-300-400 and -8 have cramped and noisy cockpits, despite the size of the airplane. It's not PMDG's fault.
  6. Hi, Is anybody flying this 727 in P3Dv4.3? How is it? Thanks.
  7. killthespam

    Brightness of Sim ?

    I would try: Nvidia Control Panel Display Change resolution and look for item3 Use Nvidia Color Settings Output Dynamic Range and change it to FULL. Having this change will give you full dynamic range and nice colors (hopefully) if is not something else.
  8. killthespam

    A few shots of -8

    A few more 4 today to enjoy the beauty AFTER PB.JPG?dl=0 AFTER PB2.JPG?dl=0 4 TO.JPG?dl=0 TO2.JPG?dl=0 TO2.JPG?dl=0
  9. killthespam


    Just a few shots out of EWR
  10. killthespam

    A few shots of -8

    Just a few shots out of EWR
  11. killthespam

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    Dan, actually this happens from time to time and we turn off FDs and APs and back on to clear whatever went wrong. I agree it's not a common situation but it might happen from time to time.
  12. killthespam

    Recycling the Flight Directors

    "When you recycle the flight directors, you reset the autopilot", sorry that is not correct. Please read this regarding 747: Flight Director (F/D) Switches The left F/D switch activates F/D steering indications on the left primary flight display (PFD). The right F/D switch activates F/D steering indications on the right PFD. ON - on the ground with no autopilot (A/P) engaged and both F/D switches OFF, the first F/D switch positioned ON arms the F/D in the takeoff go-around (TO/GA) roll and pitch modes. Positioning the second F/D switch ON displays the flight direction steering indications on the second PFD in flight, with the A/P disengaged and both F/D switches OFF, the first F/D switch positioned to ON activates the F/D in: vertical speed (V/S) as the pitch mode, and heading hold (HDG HOLD) as the roll mode, or if bank angle greater than five degrees, attitude hold (ATT) in flight, with the A/P engaged and both F/D switches OFF, the first F/D switch positioned to ON activates the F/D in the selected A/P mode(s) OFF - F/D steering indications do not display, unless a TO/GA switch is pushed when airspeed is greater than 80 knots and flaps out of up
  13. killthespam

    VNAV computing during vectoring LNAV

    You see, unfortunately you mixing thrust settings, climb rates, altitude restrictions on MCP versus legs page restrictions. We where not talking about any restrictions on MCP in our case. That's another scenario. It's not full thrust setting until you get to the next restriction, it's actually what you select. And yes, VNAV is changing climb rate based on changing the distance between wpts or getting a direct , OAT, wt, wind and also is a cruise climb or cruise descend rate, not to be confused with max rate x max angle speeds that also will change your rate of climb. VNAV in ground-schools is a hot topic and it takes time to be understood, later, after flying the line things will get clear. I will stop right here, I don't want to get involved into unproductive discussions and misunderstandings.