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    Intel Core i9-9900K @5.0 GHz, Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3200 64GB,WIN10 PRO 64

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  • About Me
    Intel Core i9-9900K @5.0 GHz, Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, Samsung 850 Evo 500GB, G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3200 64GB,WIN10 PRO 64

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  1. This is good reading about modifying the registry. I think that the new windows update will change something to the nature of video memory. There is a funny side effect of using video cards / GPUs for computing on Windows. For moderately demanding things it works fine, but if you execute code that fully utilizes the video card it can make the graphical user interface unresponsive, or at least very slow to respond. This can happen in Linux as well, in fact, but Windows has a feature called Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) built into the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) that watches out for that sort of situation and resets the graphics driver if it happens. This is designed to keep the system from hanging if it hits a glitch in a program that leads to excessive graphics card usage - and normally it's a good thing, as it can help prevent Windows from freezing up. However, when you intentionally want to use the video card for demanding work that lasts more than a second or two this feature can be a big problem. A quick example of this, and the one I used to observe TDR in action, is to run nbody. It is a small GPU-accelerated CUDA program that has a benchmark mode which runs for only a brief moment. It is short enough that it doesn’t trip TDR, and the alternate mode with a visual display of the simulation doesn’t push the GPU hard enough to trip TDR either. If you use the benchmark mode with additional parameters that lengthen the test - specifically increasing the number of bodies in the benchmark simulation - then it will trigger TDR and cause both an error in the CUDA code and a message on the Windows desktop stating that the driver has reset. This benchmark is really not a terribly important bit of software, but there are applications where this type of code could be important - and moreover, there are many other GPU programs that could be written to harness the full capabilities of a NVIDIA graphics card… so does that make Windows a platform that is unacceptable for such work? At first it would seem so, but it turns out that you can alter TDR’s behavior to work around this problem! There are two primary options in this regard: 1) Adjusting the length of time before TDR kicks in and kills the driver. The default length is 2 seconds, but if you know that you need more time that can be increased. 2) Turn off TDR entirely. Both of these are accessible via registry entries, which Microsoft conveniently covers here. This is summary of the important parts, as they pertain to this discussion: TdrLevel - Specifies the initial level of recovery. The default is to recover on timeout, which is represented by value 3. KeyPath : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers KeyValue : TdrLevel ValueType : REG_DWORD ValueData : 0 - Detection disabled OR 3 - Recover on timeout TdrDelay - Specifies the number of seconds that the GPU can delay the preempt request from the GPU scheduler. This is effectively the timeout threshold. The default value is 2 seconds. KeyPath : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers KeyValue : TdrDelay ValueType : REG_DWORD ValueData : Number of seconds to delay; 2 seconds is the default and actually 10 seconds will work ok most of the time. Neither of these keys exists normally in the registry, so they have to be added manually. I found that changing either of these worked for allowing a longer benchmark run of nbody. If you know that the code you want to run shouldn’t take longer than a certain amount of time, the second option seems like it would be preferable - but if you don’t know how long it could take, and don’t want your code interrupted, simply turning TDR off is certainly viable. Just remember that these won’t only affect the CUDA code you run: they would also allow a legitimate graphics software glitch to potentially cause the system to hang. In addition to the registry keys above, I tried a few other things that are worth noting:
  2. Bryan, I agree with you 100%, thou if you look closer to their forum you will find lots of complains about the nose-wheel and animation, plus other.
  3. Unfortunately they work very hard on self destruction. Especially when antagonize the customer and refuse to admit of having programing issues.
  4. I would like to disagree on certain items, the same 1000 or more users with multiple different hardware configurations on the 737 and 747 did not have these issues before, now the same people have all these issues as to this magnitude taxing the airplane. Yes, they "used to" listen to the customers before, but not today. Today they are not so good about releasing updates when they brake so many items. When this issue surfaced with the 737 many people voiced their request not to touch the steering system on the 747, guess what happened? Both airplanes have this issue now, more probably to come.
  5. I wonder what else PMDG is gonna "do" this time. Lately, with any update they manage to brake so many multiple systems. It got to the point that many so customers are frustrated. What is their answer? Ban anybody whos pointing problems with their software and dares to say how disappointed they are about their product. They used to be No1, now not that they are not anymore, instead to fix what the customers complain about they chose to fight. I guess fighting and banning customers is much easier than programming. I'm looking at LM P3D people, even they got so many complaints they did not disrespect and fight with the customer to such a degree, even sometimes the customer was wrong.
  6. Help needed please. I'm still waiting on approval for their forum and wondering if anybody knows on win 10 64 P3D V4.5 I can't start the load manager and getting: maddog_lm.exe Application error with (0xc0150002). Thank you!
  7. Outstanding products but the Vector is very demanding on resources and is was difficult for me to find the sweet spot. The other-ones are excellent, IMHO a must. What kind of PC specs do you have?
  8. Stan, Did you try in [GRAPHICS] ADAPTATION_RATE_SCALAR= from 0.050000 to set at 0.0 I had the same issue and is OK now.
  9. You will be close to 6. But that's not the problem, you will notice big fluctuations in FPS between 18 to 30 with stutters.
  10. Of course, they did it but is not so bad as the NGXU. It still needs to be refined.
  11. I'm surprised to see @Rob_Ainscough (which by the way you have my respect for helping so much the community) and @c912039 getting upset at statements to the nature of "better programmer" when results are as they are. What shocks me the most is that on their forum we see problems related to bad programming, problems carried on from one version to the other culminating with this V5. But yet you gents are upset about the truth. You gents don't care about the customer (by the way it's not "free" software) that with every release lots of things are wrong and they have to come with a "FIX". You gents don't seem to care that with almost every release most of us end up re-installing the software hoping for a bug-free situation and spend hours over hours or even days to get going again. You gents don't seem to care that with almost every release most of the add-ons don't work and the customer has to wait for updates and sometimes you have to pay for that. You gents don't seem to care that with almost every release most of the other developers have to re-program their software because these updates are not backward compatible (I'm talking about after the 64 bit). @c912039 did you ever wonder how "insulting" it is for the customer who's paying for a product to find out that the " the professional staff involved" is not concerned about the quality of the product and execution? To be honest, like the other developers in the sim community the jump from 32 to 64 bit was an achievement, undisputed. This is going on for over 10 years by now, it's time for a positive change. Please, let's be honest and not try to kill the truth when the writing is all over the place
  12. Maybe X-plane and AeroflyFS do a better job on quality control when they release a software or better programmers?
  13. Maybe they have real quality control and programers?
  14. The big problem with reporting to LM forum or elsewhere actually is that we are not civilized enough to take criticism or accept that actually something is wrong, buggy. Despite the fact that some people have software issues, always there are some "experts" between us to jump in or dismiss a complaint valid or not. Instead of working to a resolution, it ends up in a big disagreement or fight. I was exposed to a beta position for many years, in the end, I just couldn't take it and end up in a big disagreement with the developer. Even we became friends during that time our views were so different and it ended up in a big disappointment, too many early releases, actually Beta candidates. The reason, as we can see here with LM (P3D especially V5) they kept on pushing an unfinished and buggy product when they were so close to having it acceptable. Unfortunately, it is not upon to Rob or any other beta tester, when the developer goes in panic or is not accepting the problems we see exactly the unfortunate results. Let's be honest here, how many more times they expect from the customer to go for a full installation with some of us with many add-ons, how many more times they expect from the customer to wait again for other developers to update their products, how many more times they expect from the other developers to keep on adjusting and readjusting to this bad programming. This is not a pleasant hobby anymore, this is a developer with below standards programmers that is putting up a buggy software one version after the other. I hope for their own good to get their act together and provide the customer with a stable platform, it's over 7 years or so since I keep on purchasing their software, I refuse to sponsor people like them.
  15. Hi, Is anybody experiencing this issue? When is raining apparently it is raining also in the cockpit. Vanilla installation with the "new V5 fix". Thank you. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1do2xk6k2xKpGghihpaj2gKig-3zqngjW/view?usp=sharing
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