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  1. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Michael, That's a beautiful picture, undisputable. The issue I can see with P3D is that a lower altitudes (I guess you are close to 1,000 ft or so) everything is clear, as soon as you go to a higher altitude, like the pictures at top of the page (somewhere close to 6,000 or 8,000 ft) it gets blurry. As you mentioned, different tweeks on different PCs behave differently. Obviously there is a problem with P3D as it was with FSX and people are not happy, that's the reason why many of us are complaining and keep on tweaking trying to find a solution.
  2. Prepar3d V4 Blurry Textures

    Hi, I'm afraid that your video card memory might be the problem. Please try this, when flying and notice your problem, put the sim in PAUSE and watch outside how the terrain and autogen is loading. If when paused you notice that scenery loading and getting a bit better, that's an indication of video card being overloaded by high scenery setting. You can also watch on task manager the CPU and GPU loading situation and act accordingly. Unfortunately, even with a strong CPU and GPU you will notice problems with P3D V... regarding scenery and lighting, forget about ORBX (that's another issue). Most of these beautiful scenery pictures you see are "doctored", when you ask the majority of these people to share their settings they will go silent, or their settings are so high that the sim is a slide show, lots of stutters totally unflyable. P3D still have a long way to get it right, if you can compromise on certain items you can get it somehow acceptable and hope that one day they will be able to fix it. I know that is not what you wanna hear but that's the unfortunate situation. Sorry
  3. Every flight is a delight...

    This is so realistic, too bad that we don't have PMDG aircraft for this platform.
  4. LFRN landing.

    That's amazing! I wished p3d looks like that.
  5. PFC Yoke sluggish

    I had the same issue with my PFC products, this is what I did on my PC and now is working without any issues. Go in OPTIONS>CONTROLS>OTHER>INPUT METHOD change from Raw Input to DirectInput and select OK. You will have to do again the calibration. Go back and re-due OPTIONS>CONTROLS>OTHER>INPUT METHOD change from DirectInput to Raw Input and again recalibrate. This is how I fixed the issue on my PC. I don't know why but it worked, I have no explanation why.
  6. Prepar3d v4.2 and PMDG

    Robert, Everything is fine with PMDG (737 and 747, I don't have 777), I have no issues at all. With dynamic lighting I don't really see much gain. This version on my PC it feels more fluid.
  7. Amir, I tried any x-wind possible up to 40 KTS L/R, 15 KTS tail and cannot duplicate your problem. I don't have Chaseplane or EZDOCK. Could it be related to WX settings? If you would, try disabling Chaseplane or EZDOCK and WX program and just enter manual a x-wind situation and see what is happening there please.
  8. Dear Ollie, At my company (flying 747s) we have two Captains colour blinded with Class ONE Medical, my suggestion would be if by any chance you would go on a vacation in US have an appointment with a private FAA Doctor and take the exam (will not cost you more than $ 100), at least you will know exactly what is all about. I'm holding Class one medical as well under the FAA rules but when I had ICAO (UK) medical ( the eye exam) was the same without any fuss. As David Porrett was advising, I strongly suggest have an appointment with a airline professional medical examiner in your country for a preliminary medical evaluation. Good luck and hope to hear good news. Best regards, Alex
  9. Hi, I found this info to be helpful for some people having issues with the latest patch on windows 10 at
  10. PTA VC Lighting

    Wow! This is so close to reality, would you be so kind and share your settings of just PTA VC Lighting please.
  11. Any updates on Level-D's 757?

    Jim, Not to get into a heated argument here. I'm a real airline pilot and I flew this airplane many years ago. For you is understandable "I have no problems with the FMC", for me that guy who flew and operated the airplane I can assure you that there are issues with the FMC. Just a few to point out, on PERF INIT page at L4 (RESERVES) you should be able to put 0 or 0.0 as a value. On FIX page R6 (PRED ETA_ALT) while on the ground or climbing if you put an altitude that is above your actual you should see it on magenta line, this FMC is only calculating PRED ALT only for descend. Another issue is after you created a wpt and is saved on legs page you should be able to create another wpt.......etc. I understand that they had real pilots on testing, most likely they missed it (it happens) but for sure $75,00 is .........................
  12. Any updates on Level-D's 757?

    Drumcode Please save your $75,00 re CS757. There are so many (FMC) bugs that I could not belive plus that the cockpit needs lots of improvement in almost any aspect of it. I would not pay more than $50,00 at this stage.
  13. REX Sky Force 3D

    David I noticed the same issue on P3Dv4.1 as well.
  14. Rex Sky Force 3D Weather

    David I noticed the same issue on P3Dv4.1 as well.