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  1. Check out FreeMeshX it's a high quality freeware mesh replacement for FSX/P3D similar to ALPilotX HDMesh for X-Plane. I've been getting my own DEM files and compiling my own mesh for the areas I'm flying in. A lot of work but I enjoy the results. If you don't have the time or inclination then get FreeMeshX instead =) I fly in XP and P3D and am slowly learning the differences with the scenery files and how to best make my own photo scenery. FSEarthTiles is working well so far but as you say we're really missing the autogen and water masks that Ortho4XP does so well. If you're flying in the US I've found a great little product for adding autogen for the state: nuvecta Landscapes. Around about US$6 per state and it looks good so far. Only for the US at the moment though. Trying to find a good way to get the water vector data from OSM and convert that to masks for my photoscenery.
  2. Welcome to the world of X-Plane =) like any flightsim it has its own ways of doing things. If a plane shows if with a grey silhouette and question mark that means X-Plane couldnt find the icon for the plane (and selected livery). XP11 has a different icon for its lanes than xp10 so if you install any planes not made specifically for XP11 then you will come across this issue. As mentioned above, to solve this issue you can load the plane into a scenario then using the Developer > Regenerate Icons menu. This will load each livery for the current aircraft and XP will create an icon for it in its current state. So if the lights are on before choosing this option, the lights will be on in the icons created. If you switch to an outside view (shift-8) you can see XP load the different liveries.
  3. I don't recall X-Plane asking for a user name and password for registration. It only asks for your licence key IIRC. It might help if you post a screenshot so we can see exactly what you mean. You mentioned that you were trying username and password for X-Aviation who is a vendor for 3rd party add-ons. Hence my suggestion to remove that add-on first, try a default plane and see if you experience the same issue. If not you have your answer. I understand you're frustrated so I recommend going for a walk or something before coming back to tackle this again (works for me, or I go play with my dog) and post a screenshot of the issue so we can be 100% certain of exactly what you're having an issue with.
  4. I think the problem here is NOT X-Plane but the add-on you purchased from X-Aviation as they have quite tight controls which is unfortunate. I suggest removing whatever it was you bought from X-Aviation from your X-Plane install and then try a flight with a default plane. If you have no further issue you know it is the X-Aviation add-on and can log an issue with that publisher or just decide not to use anything from them. I have read several similar posts about having to reauthorise purchases and the frustration caused so have not bought anything from them. I pretty much stick to using just from the Org store. What was the add-on you bought from them? If it was the DC-3 there is an EXCELLENT alternative from VSkyLabs
  5. Testing for resetting scenario issue Scenario Plane: Alabeo Extra 300s Halcones (default aircraft) Airport: NZNP - Active Runway Weather: Fair Time and Season: 30/09/2015 - 0800 Menu set to show at startup Load P3D Create Scenario Crash Plane Result: F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19 Fiar 30/09/2015 @ 0800 Exit to desktop Load P3D Create Scenario Save Scenario Crash Plane Result: F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19 Fiar 30/09/2015 @ 0800 Exit to desktop Load P3D Load Scenario Crash Plane Result: SUCCESS reloads scenario Exit to Desktop Load P3D Create Scenario Save Scenario Mark Scenario as Fav Crash Plane Result: F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19 Fiar 30/09/2015 @ 0800 Exit to Desktop Load P3D Create Scenario Save Scenario Mark as Default Crash Plane Result: F22 @ KVPS Rwy 19 Fiar 30/09/2015 @ 0800 Exit to Desktop
  6. Guessing you're using Ortho4XP? Using any custom DEM meshes?
  7. Hey guys and gals, I'm fairly new to the scene but have been flying all year so far in X-Plane 11. I also picked up P3D v3 when I got X-Plane and haven't spent a lot of time with it but recently got a few birds I want to fly since they're not available in XP. So I've given P3D a few goes but what has driven me NUTS is that instead of restarting the current scenario, P3D in its infinite wisdom reloads the default scenario. Every. Damn. Time. So much so that I've rage quite each time lol! I could turn off the crashes and such but I want to fly as "real" as possible and I could save the current scenario and set it as default, but do I really have to do that every time I just want to noodle around and try new things? I've googled and search these forums and haven't found anything so is this just one of "those" things I have to get used to with P3D? I'm a frequent posted over on Mutely's Hanger and I asked the folks there and there doesn't seem to be any "fix" for this issue.
  8. Required reading for any n00bs like myself!
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