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  1. On Flysimware's website for the LearJet 35, they have the Bendix Weather radar, but, I have the MILVIZ radar in the VC. I would like to use the Bendix even if it's inoperable because I prefer the overall design of the Bendix over the MILVIZ. I use P3D v4 if you are wondering. I looked through some older 32bit versions and i found the texture file for the Bendix. But, I looked through the 64 bit version and found this... I also noticed the 32 bit file was saved as .dds but the 64 bit was saved as .bmp
  2. arwasairl

    FSDreamTeam KDFW orange stands??

    I went on FSDT's website, I checked out KDFW, and I found out the orange thingys are in their screenshots too. But, I saw some videos of people with working SafeDock, but also so many videos with the orange things... Actually, now, i inspected more of my FSDT KDFW, and there is many stands with SafeDock, but some with the orange thingys. Im guessing this is normal.
  3. Well, I just saw this, and it has orange sticks??? I'm guessing it was a SafeDock that's missing something, but not too sure. SafeDock in KLAX works fine, so I doubt it's an issue with all FSDT airports
  4. arwasairl

    GSX inop in KSDF and KCLT

    As of slewing, I was on the runway, and just warped to a spot using GSX, and still no dice. I used the Feelthere Embraer 170 and the PMDG 737, so I don't think wingspan is a problem. When it comes to ADE, not too sure if there was any issues. Updating SODE (or downgrading) to 1.6.3 has fixed it
  5. arwasairl

    GSX inop in KSDF and KCLT

    GSX doesn't work in KCLT and KSDF. I've tried a reinstall, but it didn't fix the issue. When I press any option in GSX for either of these airports, let's say, "Request Boarding", no option pops up for an airline, and doesn't give me an option to operate the jetways. Here's what it looks like: You can see, all GSX options are gone, and no vehicles appear. All other FSDT airports work fine, (KLAS, KJFK, KMEM, etc)
  6. arwasairl

    Milviz F-4E S/J crashing

    @kdfw__ Thanks I bought the ADV pack and it's working now
  7. arwasairl

    Milviz F-4E S/J crashing

    When I load up the MV F-4 (any variant) the game loads, then tries to load the gauges, then crashes. I look at event viewer, and it's a KERNELBASE.dll, looked at the CTD guide, and it's a system file error. But, before i tried to install the F-4 J/S the F-4E worked fine, and I deleted the MV_WX.dll, because with that gauge installed, it crashes as soon as I press "ok", but when I delete it, it only crashes about 3 seconds of loading the F-4.
  8. This is just a poll I wanted to make, because I'm considering getting a new CPU. (i7 9th gen?, i9?)
  9. "Extended Reflection Rendering"을 제외한 옵션을 선택하지 마십시오. 내 경우에는, 나는 envshade가 없습니다.
  10. arwasairl

    Prepar3D v4 UI change?

    I was wondering if you can change the UI (the user interface) of P3D v4 like FSX. I know you can change the splash screen, but that's all I know you can edit. Like the "Uires" folder in FSX, you were able to replace those with custom UI "skins", but I'm not too sure if this is possible in P3D.
  11. arwasairl

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    If you don't agree, how can you be neutral?
  12. arwasairl

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    If you are wondering about the CS 757, it's not bad, but, not too sure if it's worth it. The CS 757 has bad VNAV, and I go about 295 knots when I'm descending. Also, control inputs can still be inputed even with autopilot. As of systems, it's not bad. However, there isn't a lot of customization like PMDG, besides having winglets or not. Also, in my opinion the 757's cockpit isn't that great. The overall shape of it doesn't really feel like a 757. If you want a 757, get X-Plane and the FlightFactor 757. I can say, it's cockpit shape is much better, and the systems is much better than CS's 757. Of course, you can live without it, or have an installation of P3D v3 and get the Level-D.
  13. arwasairl

    PMDG Operation Centre

    Did you run the OC as admin? I had a problem with the 777x with updates (because mine was outdated), and when you update, command prompt opens and gives you almost like a log. I went and recorded the CMD (because the command prompt opened then quickly closed so I couldn't read it), I opened up a video editing software, slowed it down, and it said that the version was too old to update and I need to obtain a new installer in order for it to update properly. However, this shouldn't happen with version 9008. I updated from 9008 to 9019 easily. Run the OC as administrator, if it doesn't work, get a new installer as I believe the installer has the latest version I'm not too sure.
  14. arwasairl

    FS Global Next Gen Ultimate issues

    Disabled ORBX, no dips and mountains now surrounding KSJC
  15. arwasairl

    FS Global Next Gen Ultimate issues

    Maybe an AFCAD scanner?