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  1. Since FSDT already have upgraded the sounds of the ground crew, the sounds of the trucks, the visuals of the trucks, has QuickEdit pushback and can tell you what direction you're going, I also don't see much of a point to UGCX. The only thing i would see useful is maybe some things that GSX doesn't have like a lavatory truck to empty out the aircraft's lavatory tanks, although i would think that would be more appropriate for GSX. Really GSX has almost everything with the ground crew experience with the exception of a few missing features (towing, lav truck, GPU connection to jetways, etc.) UGCX only fills in one or two of those missing features, and to me it's not worth $44. It's more expensive than GSX base! Although UGCX also does have support for other languages. (and i also find it very funny that in UGCX's announcement video they supported "Asian" language and it was a person speaking in a very heavy English accent 😂)
  2. Yes it's P3D, the textures are from REX (sky textures, cloud textures, etc), and I'm using ORBX for the lighting. I've also noticed my Tomatoshade preset is the culprit of making the lights so dense. I've tried using a different preset, but then all the lights went away and just kinda looked a little sad. It's still ORBX lighting, but It's not as impressive as the ones i usually use.
  3. I believe GSX was designed for larger aircrafts, not really for GA. GA aircraft works very differently from an airliner, and GSX was designed with using an airliner in mind. Such as catering, GA aircraft doesn't really have any kind of catering, and same for the fuel truck. Lot's of small airports have pumps and you just pump in fuel unlike airliners where they need a fuel truck to roll up to the ramp. The only thing GSX does perfectly with GA aircraft is using the marshal for parking, and the pushback. Everything else is a little finicky with GA aircrafts. For business aircrafts, its's a little different but it depends on the aircraft type.
  4. Here's a side-by-side comparison of a Delta texture for the DC-9 and using an AI upscaler to upscale it. Sure, the new one is not perfect, but it makes the edges less blurry. I'm not trying to blow up a texture, rather using AI to try to approximate definitions, making the texture resolution appear larger.
  5. That will result in a blurry picture without upscaling. The whole point of upscaling is to improve the quality.
  6. So i was trying to upgrade the standard definition textures of the Coolsky DC-9 to 4k using an AI upscaler. And it works fine, the textures themselves look beautiful. However, the textures refuse to appear in P3D. The native resolution of the textures is 1024 x 1024 and i upscaled it to 4096 x 4096. I exported it as a .jpg from the original texture using Photoshop, upscale the textures, (because the program i use cannot upscale .DDS files) then put it into photoshop and then export it back as a .DDS. And it works fine, but it will appear black in P3D. I have a 1080p monitor, but I'm improving the texture resolution, so I won't necessarily need a 4K monitor (at least i don't think). The only way to fix this is to change the resolution BACK to 1024 x 1024 then it will appear. I don't need to "downscale" the textures, i just have to change the texture size. I upscaled the normal maps and bump maps as well, but it still shows as black in P3D. **EDIT** Sorry, it has been fixed. It was at the wrong resolution, so i put it back to 4096 x 4096 and it works !
  7. I really like the old look of the Antanovs as many of the planes have blue/green panel colors, and to me that looks better for an old airliner. But, I can't fly the Antanovs because the panels and switch labels are in Russian, and I'd have to watch a tutorial and memorize where are the switches are, since i can't use the panel labels as reference. (because they're in Russian).
  8. The sky theme is from REX Sky Force 3D (as well as the cloud textures). Although I don't remember what themes i used. For the lighting, I used reshade and tomatoshade (the reshade preset was made by Lucas Cavatoni and the tomatoshade preset was made by me). The tomatoshade preset also improves the way the night lights look (i just use ORBX night lights, nothing else). The preset edits the light rays and increases the bloom effect to make it appear bigger/brighter.
  9. This is quite a collage, but still beautiful in my opinion! 😉
  10. Nice John! I also live in the Bay Area although i live in the San Jose area and the closest airport to me is KSJC. Never been to Napa, closest city to Napa I've been to was Fairfield.
  11. Thanks Rob. I live in the KSJC area so it shouldn't be too hard getting pictures of the parking lot and such... It's just the part of the terminal facing away from the parking lot I'm worried about. Such as texturing jetways, GSE vehicles, ramp lights, etc. as KSJC is not a large airport, but also not a very small one either. So obtaining pictures for those objects and using them as reference might be a challenge. Also I'm wondering, do you "draw" your textures or do you use like, let's say, use a concrete wall texture template and add some extra detail? My father is a ramp agent for KSJC (his station is based in Terminal B) So obtaining terminal B pictures aren't hard, as I could ask my father to take some pictures. For terminal A, it's a different story. I have a cassette tape (from one of those Canon cassette tape video camcorders) and about 10 ~ 15 years ago my dad brought it to work and decided to do some filming. At the time, he was stationed in terminal A. However he was filming the break room and the T-Point (the luggage loading area). So I'm not sure.
  12. Hey all, so I'm currently developing Mineta San Jose international airport (KSJC) for Prepar3D v4 and I do have some sort of proficiency with 3D modelling. However, texturing is something I'm worried about. It's not really how to make UVs or how to make them show in-sim (as I know the basics and essentials on how to do that) i want to know your methods of obtaining / making these textures, (whether form Google Maps, using Photoshop, substance painter, etc...) I would also like to know what's your method of actually placing the textures on your scenery. Do you make a UV in 3DSMax and import it to Photoshop? Do you make the model and import it to Sketchup then place the textures? Another thing i want to know is how would you go about texturing the ground, as I also don't really know how to do that. (texturing runways, taxiways, ramp, etc...)
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