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  1. Umberto has explained on the P3Dv5 topic on their forums that P3Dv5 uses the DirectX12 engine unlike P3Dv4's DirectX11 engine. They both have small quirks and differences, but the main issue is that R2D (Render2Texture) was made using DirectX11's framework and thus, will not work with DirectX12 games. P3Dv5 is a DX12 game, so things like jetway signs, ground vehicle liveries, and presumably jetway lights/effects will not work with P3Dv5 as those features are not properly made to work with DirectX12 yet. All you can do is wait for FSDT to update GSX's R2D feature to work with DirectX12, and then hopefully those issues will be fixed. They are working on other projects, mainly porting GSX and KORD to FS2020, so give them some time. Umberto has 39000 posts/replies on the FSDT forum, so at least he is making an effort to reply to most people's problems/questions.
  2. While the Ortho scenery might be as good, the 3D Buildings is something to consider. At least in the United States region, MSFS does have custom buildings not autogen ones. I saw my own house! But unfortunately when I crossed into Canada the buildings were not as high of detail and just looked like autogen. I think the US was the only region that got this kind of treatment, even though I'm pretty sure most of the EU and some parts of Asia could've also gotten this sort of treatment as well.
  3. I think it was there but it's no longer on their website. I was going to tell Shomron about it and link it, but it wasn't there so I didn't bother mentioning it.
  4. Yes. It requires an exclude file. However, it's pretty easy to DIY with ADE.
  5. On the controller's screen they won't see any of the AI traffic. They will only see real people online.
  6. VATSIM is with real people. The people won't communicate with the AI traffic, but instead, communicate with other real people flying.
  7. It says its been fixed in HF1 so it might be working now.
  8. It does have ATC by default however theres a bug in P3D v5 where P3D gives a DXGI error when opening the ATC window. There are only 2 other ATC related add-ons i could think of, and that is VoxATC and Pro ATC-X. Both of them haven't been officially updated to v5 but both of them can be made to work in v5 without much effort.
  9. For me KMBS was fine except for the default buildings bleeding through which can be easily fixed with ADE. I haven't tested KIDA, but as far as elevation goes the elevation is fine. However I will say one thing. The surrounding area of the airport is different than in P3D v4. Some of the patches of fields around the airport are not in the same position as in P3D v4.
  10. I think ASP4 has been updated to work with v4.5 HF3 as well. It's probably better to use ASP4 as it's more stable than ASP3D atm.
  11. The WX Advantage radar is not yet updated to v5 and would CTD in an unsupported sim. Milviz is making the WX radar functional for P3D v5, and to me it sounds like Milviz is no longer partnering with REX. The P3D v5 version of the WX radar on the milviz website no longer mentions REX at all. https://milviz.com/flight/products/WXRadarV5/index.php I can't even get rainy weather in v5 without it KERNELBASE crashing. Even without using ASP3D and using the "Major Thunderstorm" weather preset it still crashed P3D.
  12. Double right-click on them and they will turn all the way right. Double left-click on them then they will turn all the way to the left. I believe this also works on the NGXu and 777.
  13. So I wanted to exclude some buildings in P3D v5. I flew to FlyTampa VHHX and i saw a combination of default buildings and FlyTampa custom ones. The question is, how do I exclude these default buildings? I know how to exclude default airport objects but not sure about buidlings. Any help would be appreciated.
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