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  1. I've had the same experience, but if I remember a couple of (months? weeks?) ago they either increased or planned to increase the LOD slider, not sure which one it was. They did lower the quality of what the sliders represent in SU5, but I think they bumped it back up in a hotfix, so you might want to check what setting it is on your system.
  2. The scenery is around 10 years old, so it's no surprise it doesn't have dynamic lighting. A lot of Orbx's AU scenery is from 2009 ~ 2010 back when they used to be "OrbX", with the exception of a few.
  3. You shouldn't need to, as the setup compiler is supposed to rename them correctly. It isn't until you rename them that the setup's binary check fails because of a different file name from what it's expecting.
  4. It depends on how the installer was scripted, but assuming it was using the normal methods documented by JR, then the .exe file name does matter. When setting up DiskSpanning in InnoSetup, it's just a toggle of Yes or No, and when compiling the setup it will automatically split the files into slices of binary files, which are automatically named by the setup compiler. The error message is a bit misleading as it's asking for TAXI2GATE_KIND-V1_P3DV4V5_2-1-1.bin but the end numbers only represent which disk and which order the binary file should be used in. Assuming that the compiler is only supposed to append a dash and a number after the setup's filename, try removing the "_2" from the end of the .exe's file name.
  5. The disk error is I think a byproduct of InnoSetup's (an installer creation tool) DiskSpanning / splicing feature. I remembered this error happening to me with a lot of other products that used InnoSetup like FSLab's Concorde, and one time FSDT's GSX. I fixed it one time by running the installer in Windows XP compatibility mode, and for FSDT GSX, I just deleted the binary file it downloaded and redownloaded the installer. If that doesn't work, then copy the binary files to the folder that was set by the "setup needs the next disk" dialogue. I.e. run the installer and wait for that message to pop-up. Then, create the same directory to what the installer is looking for (in your case, Desktop\Taxi2Gate KIND\) then copy the binaries to that folder and then browse to the same folder. It should (hopefully) match the AFileName constant it's looking for in the function.
  6. From my experience, the prerequisite scenery isn't actually needed, Froogle made a video on this a while ago, but Orbx says that the regions are recommended for the scenery, but not necessarily required for it to work. The specific regions do help with improving the scenery quality, but it's up to you if decide to purchase them or not.
  7. Fixed it. I had to use an alternative cloud model.
  8. I use FSX boxed and I'm having an issue I used to also have with P3D, but I just fixed it by clearing my shader cache. In this case, my FSX shaders have not been modified (i checked the modify date, all of them are which from 2006 ~2007) and I've tried clearing my shader cache to no effect. Rex Sky Force 3D + 3d cloud models, Default Thunderstorm weather preset I use ENVTEX sky textures as well as REX Sky Force 3D (32 bit version) for the cloud textures. I noticed even with ENVTEX textures, the clouds still have different colors. ENVTEX Clouds Default cloud models, Default Thunderstorm preset Is there any way to fix this?
  9. I don't think major developers will do that, at least in FSX, FSLabs, PMDG, Majestic, etc never discounted their FSX products despite FSX essentially being "abandoned". It will probably be the same for P3D. They do discount it for seasonal or promotion reasons, but i don't think they will discount it because P3D is being "abandoned".
  10. I think you meant to post this on the X-Plane forums, as X-ATC is not a Prepar3D addon.
  11. If it really doesn't want to cooperate (sometimes installer checks for registries, and relevant .exes within that folder) you can use a program like UniExtract to extract the contents of the installer. As long as the installer isn't encrypting it's packages (usually installers from payware products do, like InstallShield) it should be able to extract the contents. The freeware installers are probably using InnoSetup, but i think places like Rikoooo uses their own installers, and so UniExtract may not be able to detect a pattern.
  12. I think someone asked this before, but it was for a different scenario. In case you're wondering, using TrueSKY will not allow you to change major attributes of the shader, as the files themselves are compiled. If you're using the regular lighting, I think there is a way, but it requires significant changes to the HLSL code. P3D uses IBL lighting unlike v4, and now calculates lighting based on the image (in this case I think its the moon / sky texture). Unfortunately it's not like a multiplier anymore like P3Dv4, instead the lighting code is a bit more complicated and might need some changes in either one or multiple files.
  13. It's more that V5 changes the rendering tech completely. The lighting system is no longer calculated by just a few numbers, they do quite a bit of reflection and ambient calculations depending on the sun/moon position and other factors like the dynamic lights. The rendering engine is also completely different from DX11, and the interoperability is notoriously bad for DX12, so most things have to be rewritten unlike previous iterations of DX. The colorspace had changed since V4 and things like Direct2D have also changed quite a bit. Essentially, if the gauge was made with 16 bit colors, then it will probably work without issues. But if the gauge was programmed for a previous version of Direct2D, then the gauge rendering probably needs a rewrite. Physical gauges unlike displays usually don't need to rely on a rendering engine, it could use XML or just attach the texture to the model and animate the gauge needle manually. The gauge itself is attached to the model and is animated through the gauge, so touching any DirectX code isn't necessary for physical gauges. It's probably why the steam gauges work.
  14. Do you have a screenshot? The initial post wasn't really clear about the issue.
  15. SSAA, and 16x Anisotropic filtering should do the trick. Though if it only happens at some airports, chances are that the material itself might be at fault.
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