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  1. Returning addons one by one to the community folder might prove unbearable tedium for many. Perhaps try successive halving of the wonky addon on block in the folder while temporarily isolating the non-wonky addon blocks.
  2. Thankyou Jon. An an engaging sample of what MSFS has to offer and that little plane provides a great viewing platform doesn't it. I'm tempted.
  3. Yes, the Percival Gull certainly was a British design and build.
  4. Agree BillyBob, I think the flight model is likely responsible for the exaggerated response to off midline wind vectors during takeoff and landing. As previously suggested by many on this forum it seems to be a result of inaccurate inertia representation. I'm not sufficiently informed to comment on the nature of the gusts/turbulence as presented in MSFS, ie whether they are a reasonably true reflection of wind conditions at any given airfield in real time. However I must say that despite these problems I continue to find MSFS a great improvement on previous flight simulator iterations.
  5. Yes CaptBillyBob, my perception of MSFS flight dynamics pretty much match yours. My time RL flying much more distant than yours, but my recall of those times is that RL flying was much easier than MSFS flying: Far less attention to elevator trimming seemed required in the air and ground behaviour seemed much more straight forward. Had the general ground handling and weathervaning matched that in MSFS I would have been frightened off RL flying after my first lesson.
  6. No, I'm afraid I never found a solution to replay aircraft suddenly disappearing when viewed from a fixed camera within the airfield. I've reverted to the default MSFS recorder/replay function lately and recorded aircraft continue to vanish and reappear within a radius of perhaps 3 or so km of the fixed camera position on replay. That is with the exception of Robert Richardson's very good freeware Gloster Meteor which, as I've previously mentioned, gradually diminishes from sight in a reasonably realistic fashion. I am wondering if Richardson's aircraft model is less demanding of my graphics card which is a GEFORCE RTX 3050 8GB. Although my CPU seems underutilised my graphics card is usually toiling in the range 60 to 100%. I have 16GB of RAM. Good luck. I am hoping that Microsoft/Asobo will solve the problem further down the track and wonder if the problem might be part of the reason for the otherwise unfathomable delay in introducing a user friendly and effective replay function.
  7. Thanks again Peloto. I am starting to wonder if it might be a problem peculiar to my PC set up although it runs MSFS pretty much stutter free with most settings ultra or high. I do get a moderate degree of pop up over photogrammetry dense cities eg London however. Smooth , crisp and trouble free elsewhere. My setup: 12th gen intel i5-12600KF 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM, GEFORCE RTX 3050 8GB Graphics card, windows 11 Home. My CPU seems to be cruising at all times, my graphics card varies between around 60% and 100% utilisation.
  8. Many thanks for the prompt reply Peloto. I'm not sure that flight control replay will enable the camera views I'm after and will hold off purchase for now. I am interested to know if any one has had the same problems I am experiencing with vanishing aircraft in replays using the MSFS inbuilt dev mode replay, SkyDolly and one other freeware replay app that I tried, the name of which escapes me. Also interested in any views as to the cause of this phenomenon.
  9. I have used both the SkyDolly app and the default dev mode MSFS replay function and persistently experience vanishing aircraft in both cases. I can set up a fixed viewing spot within the airfield readily enough using the MSFS camera>showcase>drone and as reported by others am unable to get the camera to automatically follow the flight. I have to manually track the replay aircraft. But I haven't seen reported the second problem I have. Replay aircraft suddenly vanish a km or so outside the airfield perimeter. The one exception seems to be Robert Richardson's very good freeware Mk8 Gloster Meteor which, unlike the rest of my MSFS aircraft is I understand an FSX port over and in replay fades into the distance in a realistic manner. Does anyone else have this problem and might it relate to inherent differences between FSX and MSFS aircraft builds?
  10. Hi, I'm 78 and have been simming intermittently since around sim 2002.
  11. Sam experience for me Ryan. Downloaded the Aermacchi MB-339 update from Orbx , which is where I bought the original. My content manager confirms the update is installed. But both elevator and rudder remain twitchy on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro twist stick. Experimenting again with sensitivity settings.
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