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  1. Hey Jim, Looks like there may be an issue with the layering. Check your scenery library order. Along with this, maybe check exclusions?
  2. I merged the downloaded thumbnails into the preexisting thumbnail folder for ADE. I.E. add the downloaded ones into the same directory as the originals. They're all the same format afterall.
  3. Red triangle where? Could you provide a screenshot of what you're talking about perhaps? It sounds like there is an issue of locating and reading the respective packages. It sounds like a simple remap/reinstallation may be in order. Just my two cents.
  4. Gary, MAIW is a great resource for some of the ideas you have. Within their site is a global library which may be optimal for what you're looking for; https://militaryaiworks.com/download-hangar/file-library/download/6-official-maiw-scenery-libraries/786-maiw-global-scenery-library-objects-fsx
  5. JT, Pertaining to the green arrow being short, in ADE it is going to be small as shown. This is normal. Regarding the inquiry of runway course, you are building your airport it appears, thus I would make the runway course 320, or tap on the local mag dec for realism if you want. You will need, or rather compile, the airport into you first first off. You can do this before your sim is open and your sim will update automatically with the new changes (assuming you have already added it to your library). You can sometimes edit and then save it when your sim is open (overwriting the file may be difficult but it sometimes work) and then reload scenery library to see the updates.
  6. Increase the distance rendering in your settings. It should be in your video settings. If not, try looking into your CFG.
  7. Hello All, I'm having some issues with being able to see some library objects within my sim. The area where I am focusing on right now is within "Package Boeing KC-46A Pegasus & co-located MPAI KC-135R Stratotanker for FSX/P3D (JYAI)". The attached scenery files once worked fine in my sim, however, upon doing some bulk updates to scenery in my P3D config, the library objects now fail to appear. I'm not sure what is causing the issue as I have tried to disable other sceneries to help to no prevail. I'm currently running P3Dv4.4... Once again it worked before and I have taken it upon myself to completely reinstall MAIW along with the respective package. I'm thinking there could be an exclusion issue? Not entirely sure. I use ORBX but even when I have this disabled the AFCAD from the KC46 package appears but nothing else. Reiterating that this package once worked before, in conjunction with the included exclusion file, I'm not sure why it is not working now. I have tried numerous times to refresh my scenery .dat filelist but nothing is working.
  8. Happy to see another user of 1.4B! I have been having some difficulty getting mine to work recently - Can you send me a copy of your settings? I have the sids/stars all downloaded etc. Thank you in advance. I suppose you could paste it in here but a pm would suffice too
  9. Hey Chapstick, In hopes to diagnose my issues with the program, I spent a decent amount of time reading the manual. Your "AILANDINGBRAKINGSCALAR" should be set to around 7 for optimal realism for braking on landing. Additionally, "AITAKEOFFTHRUSTDERATESCALAR" should be the same value, 7, for realism. With that being said, I don't think "targettime" is quite needed as it just adds more for CPU to do. This should help!
  10. Hello all, The first issue I would like to address is the amount of holding being created. It seems that there may be in error in the spacing between aircraft at times? Not entirely sure. Reference " Holds ". I do have a pretty massive amount of aircraft in my sim, so issuance of holds and updating them could be a problem, however it looks like they keep being put into them. Secondly, reference " Holds 2" . In this image we can see an aircraft inbound to LAX going into a hold for no apparent reason. With this being said, my separation factor is 2 nm. Holds - Link to image https://photos.app.goo.gl/ze8thLB2CXVTptHRA Holds 2 - Link to image https://photos.app.goo.gl/zG61LH4387TfGFt96
  11. Hello all, I'm using AIcontroller 1.4B amd have been trying for ages to get it to work correctly with my sim (P3dv4.5) I use a heavy amount of AI so I've gotten a nice amount of experience trying to optimize the program to manage over 800+ aircraft at times... (Cull feature works great) Link to screenshot The issue I'm having at the moment is with aircraft at cruise, i.e. in the "Jet Route" flight status. In this phase, the aircraft are under the control of AIController, as they should be. However, their "Cmd Spd", speed assigned by the program, ranges from -23 to 26. This is not an additional, reduce speed by xx, or increase by xx, but rather is telling the aircraft to fly this. Basically, when I fly transcon using this program, ai aircraft flying across the country get recognized by AiController and then virtually pause, as their speeds drop to single digits. Without the program running, the AI aircraft fly at their normal cruise speeds. Thank you to whomever can be of assistance, SrA Colin J. O'Sullivan 125th FW, Jacksonville IAP
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