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  1. Noone told you to dump P3D. Comparing specific scenarios or the cockpit lighting or specific cloud textures or whatever is just the same old meaningless "my sim is better than yours". This topic was about that P3D is barely maintained anymore. And I think few people can deny that there is barely any community or 3rd party developers left. If you don't see the problem with this, well good for you. Most of us do, however.
  2. I think you read my comment a bit to literally. The point was that some people want to live in the past and others are willing to move on and try new things.
  3. Stealth? The topic is litterally "It's been half a year since 5.3 came out". All the other major sims are developed and improved at an impressive speed and their communities and 3rd party developers are more active than ever. But this sim is not. This is not an opinion, it's just the way it is. Once in a while there is some minor new version that mostly reintroduces old bugs and you're back to trying to get rid of stuttering and CTDs There's a lot of hope and dreams about the mythic major 6.0 version that will revolutionize the flight sim world. You're free to have those dreams but I think you may get pretty disappointed. If you're happy what you have, that's fine. Comparing the current state of one sim against the other is however totally meaningless to me. An active developer and a positive, active community with a living 3rd party developer eco system is what I'm looking for, because I want my sim to improve. If you're happy with some ATC software written in visual basic in the 90's and the fact that most bugs will not ever get fixed in the core sim and almost no new addons on the market ever again, that's fine. Most people are not like that though and there is no need to get so emotional and hostile about it.
  4. Funny, because it appears that LM do the same. It did not end well. It's exactly this kind of ignorance that led the entire P3D community down the drain. If you had listened and stepped up your game and put some pressure on LM to listen to the community and fix things, there might have been a future for P3D. To improve and move forward, listening to other people's comments is vital even if you don't like what you hear.
  5. This thread is completely off-topic. It's called "it's been half a year since 5.3 came out", not "let's list the pros and cons of p3d and a totally different sim that this topic was not even about". I'd rather use a mediocre sim that is under active development with an active community, than a good sim that is as close to dead it can possibly get with a community that does nothing but bash other sims. Not that I find MSFS mediocre or P3D good, but you get the point.
  6. It would be more constructive if you told us which parts you think he got it wrong. Since the things he said has already become reality I think the odds are a bit better than a lottery.
  7. You should never ever ever run a game or its addons with administrator privileges. I'm amazed that people still give this terrible advice after all these years. You have no idea what you're doing so stop it right now. If the issue is because of a filesystem permission error, fix the broken file ACL. If the game or addon requires administrator privileges by design, stop using it right now and ask the lazy and terrible developer for a refund until its fixed. Please don't reply with the usual myths that administrator privileges gives better performance or any other common flightsim misconception.
  8. So what's the definition of "complete rebuild"? You think that LM first buys a 20 year old codebase, spend several years and a lot of money trying to improve it, and then say "screw it, let's start from scratch". That would mean that the first beta would see the light of day in about 5 years or so. No. That's not going to happen. Please stop spreading BS like this. Some people are really desperate and will believe anything about P3D as long as it's something they want to hear. It's not nice to them to give them false hope.
  9. Sir, can you tell me a bit more specifically what I wrote that was nonsense and that can't be backed up with facts?
  10. Did you read the first page of this very forum lately? We see topics about OOMs, CTDs, bad FPS, gpu driver issues, stucked loading, various bugs. Everything I said. In fact, that's pretty much the only topics we see here these days. All of them including the mandatory MSFS bashing of course.
  11. Had you read my comment properly, you would have seen that my comment was a generic response and not something about FS labs specifically. It was a reponse to the terrible argument that just because a big developer releases something new for P3D today it must mean that P3D is a blooming market. This is simply not true. They release because the decision was made years ago and noone can afford to ditch a product that has been in development for years. I assure you that no big developer will ever again invest thousands of hours starting from scratch to create a big P3D addon that has a release date years from now. It's not a my sim is better than your sim flamewar, it's pure business and clear thinking. We know this because most of the developers already told us. And we know this because LM couldn't care less about us as the community. If that's still not obvious for everyone I really can't help you. Oh, and If you don't think there has been a huge problem with developers releasing unfinished but expensive products, or not releasing promised products at all, well congratulations that it didn't affect you. I'm not saying you can't enjoy what you have but if you try to convince me or yourself that FS9 or FSX or P3D is a blooming market, someone has to speak up. We saw the exact same arguments from people investing all that was left of their money on FSX addons. Because FSX was not dead, they said. It did not end well. There you go again. I've written nothing but constructive arguments but got nothing but threats and name calling back. Not a single constructive argument. If you other guys wonder why there are only a few P3D hardcore fans left here and almost nobody with a deviating opinion, it's because the rest had "consequences", e.g. got banned or having their comments moderated (which in practice means you can't say anything even close to being negative about P3D, no matter how true it is).
  12. So which one was not true? You mean that we keep seeing amazing new releases from LM, all the legacy code is gone, all known bugs gets fixed within a reasonable timespan, nothing remains unfixed, and so on? You know what the real insult is? I've spent a couple of decades buying various releases of FS*/P3D and hundreds of addons/sceneries/tools. For almost two decades I've been developing addons, tools and hardware drivers for it. The real insult is that LM still haven't fixed most of the know bugs that were reported and well known even in the FSX days. In fact they haven't even responded to must bug reports. The difference from FSX is marginal if you compare the achievements from their competitors during the same timespan (although most P3D users never look outside of their P3D bubble, so they actually think LM is doing a good job.). The insult for us as a community should be that the issues talked about here today are almost an identical copy of the issues talked about 10 or 15 years ago. Stuttering, OOM:s, bad FPS, CPU core0 abuse, an update that fixes the previous version's stuttering bug but introduces two new, GPU driver issues, stucked loading, elevation issues, bad looking clouds, the 100th report of the same old known bugs, lack of updates, lack of communication, terrible ATC, flickering, bouncing a/c on the ground, floating buildings... Just take the frontpage of the P3D forum and replace "P3D" with "FSX" or "FS9" and you couldn't tell the difference from 10 years ago. All this while the rest of the world has moved on in an amazing pace. That's the insult.
  13. First of all, many if not most P3D addons that go into beta never see the light of day. Or the developer release the beta marketed as a final product and charge you for it and then run away. But of course a few developers will keep releasing addons. We still see addons for FS9. This does not prove that FS9 is the sim of the future. Some of the addons from the bigger developers being in beta today were likely initiated in the pre MSFS/Xplane12 era. Of course they're gonna try to make some money of it instead of just ditching it, but it doesn't mean they're willing to start yet another project and invest thousands of hours for a product targeted against a market that is almost gone. If you still think that MSFS equals scenery, I think it's time to move on. Those rants may have worked during the preview era but now it's just silly. You could at least make some rants about historical weather like the rest.
  14. So let me check, you're using a topic called "It's been half a year since 5.3 came out" to convince us that this platform is alive and kicking? Sure, a few 3rd party devs are still here since there is a temporary opportunity to make business now that 95% of the devs have left. This is not an indication that the future is bright though. If one software is maintained and the other is not, at one point the first software is going to "move ahead" of the other. This one will attract the community and the 3rd party developers. The good one will get better and the bad one will get worse. Until something even better shows up and the tables are turned. That's just the way it is. Nobody is telling you you can't enjoy P3D or any other sim. But if you stay with an abandoned software, be prepared to be on your own and see other people enjoy the enhancements and developments in techonolgy while you're stuck using old stuff with bugs that aren't fiixed.
  15. People who up until recently used an abandoned software created in 2003 and who "actively hate" a company that sells a software created by small totally different company, are usually not the kind of people you can have a grown up, constructive discussion about pros and cons of different simulators with. I'm not so sure that all this hatred is helping the P3D community or the software developers either.
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