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  1. The demo version is available for KSFO, LIMC and EDDM airports. It has no time limit and all functions work, just take off and land at these airports. It's in the GSX manual.
  2. Comparison of the new PMDG LNAV with the Fenix at Area 51 ILS DME Arc.
  3. Pro-Sim also has a 737 Max, it would be a good move if she released a Max before PMDG.
  4. There's a trick to instantly align the IRS, maybe it's a bug: Set all three irs to nav. Wait a few seconds. Then switch each to off and back to nav. Aligned.
  5. Anyone using the Xbox Controller is it working fine now?
  6. I asked on their discord several times if rudder was working with xbox controller in beta builds but I was ignored. The rudder on the xbox controller has problems on every release...
  7. Chewy showed the task manager with some Fenix programs running in the background, like FenixDisplay and FenixSystem. Interesting.
  8. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13057200/filing-history Here's the source.
  9. I wouldn't say this theory is totally wrong, in the documents it clearly says that ProSim has an equity stake, but Aamir said they don't have control. Anyone who can go there and read will understand better, maybe I misinterpreted something.
  10. Does anyone here know how to interpret legal texts? I've never seen anyone comment is that FenixSim Limited is a company based in England and their corporate data is publicly available on the government company research website. It is publicly available the entire partnership with ProSim (which has a significant control over Fenix), 59000 GBP investment statement, other Aamir companies and other things. edit: Aamir said that ProSim has no control over Fenix
  11. The operating manuals of GOL Linhas Aéreas say that in an RNP AR APCH in Santos Dumont it is mandatory to be stabilized with flap 40 and Vref set before the FAF. Also in all AR approaches in Santos Dumont there is a restriction of 140KT before the RF leg on the charts.
  12. Fabio tried an RNP 0.1 approach in Rio de Janeiro. He didn't put the 0.1 performance constraint on the FMC, he started the RF leg with flap 5 and 170kt, totally out of the correct approach procedure, but amazingly the autopilot kept the RNP performance at 0.05 until he turned it off.
  13. I'm saying that only those who bought a product from ifly can access their forum. I don't have the aircraft and would like to see their forum to follow the development and see more images but I can't. I don't know why they don't want to show their forum to everyone.
  14. Unfortunately the iFly forum is only available to those who have purchased it.
  15. Could someone provide a video flying the iFly 737 with this new Service Pack? I can't find videos with iFly anywhere.
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