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Will my PC Cope with FSX

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Firstly I am taking the plunge to finally move over to FSX.


I note that discussions about hardware etc are not permitted on his forum, not sure if my question will fall into that catogery, so this post may be deleted, if so, then its my own fault, but if not I will fire the question anyway.


I have a desktop PC with the following:


HP Pavilon Pentium R CPU 3.2 GHZ (2 CPU)

2.40 Ghz, 2.00GB RAM

Windows XP Media

Service Pack 3


Memory= 2046 RAM with Direct X 9.0

Nvidia Ge Force 7600GS

Total Memory= 512MB


I am able to run the following add ons currently installed without any problems in FS9 and run them quite smoothly aswell


1) UK2000 Heathrow and Manchester

2) Imaginesim Singapore

3) Fsdreamteam New York JFK and Los Angeles both installed

4) Latin VFR Miami

5) Max Kraus Mauritius

6) Flytampa Dubai

7) PMDG B744

8) AES

9) Ultimate Terrain Europe

10) REX FS9

11) Feelthere MAP.


My questions is when I move to FSX will my system cope with the following addons:


1) PMDG 737 NGX

2) Uk2000 LHR

3) WSSS Imaginesim

4) Fsdreamteam LAX and JFK

5) AES and Ultimate Terrain Europe

6) Level D 767


8) Feelthere MAP


If permitted any recommendation appreciated.


Thank you for your time and help in advance

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It depends a lot on what you want to do. I think my system is a little better than yours and I'm running GEX, UTX, Weather Engine, WOAI. I fly mainly GA currently as complex virtual cockpits are hard on fps, airport traffic adding to it.


But with small aircraft I get 24 fps and mostly all settings on max (autogen, detail texture, etc.). I have disabled the moving cars and ships which looks nice but is killing frames.


My machine:

Intel Core 2

2.13GHz oc => 2.66GHz


GTS 250 512MB

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I found the most important thing to stay away from on a weaker system is heavy autogen. My old Core 2 system was over clocked to 4.2GHz. With that overclock, I found stutters to be pretty severe when using anything more than a simple GA aircraft and heavy autogen, as stated above. FSX was only a "small GA sim" for me. After my upgrade to an i7 960 system, I had finally reached a point where airline add-ons were an option. Only until this latest system (in my profile thanks to the new forum rule), built a year ago, have I gone 100% to FSX for everything.


Keep in mind that anything below 20FPS is unacceptable to me. YMMV


Zachary Waddell -- Caravan Driver --

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Thanks Guys so much


I don't like also hovering on border line with regards to performance, so I will go to my local shop and see how much damage in £££'s they will do to me ^_^


I would also like tp prep my machine for the PMDG 777.


Have a good weekend folks where ever you are.

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I recently upgraded as well and I obtained some very good advice from the hardware sub-forum here at Avsim. I highly recommend that you spend some time there and review the many threads on upgrades. You'll be able to make a more informed decision as to what are the best options available for you. (hardware & price/value wise).


My specs are to the left. I recently upgraded the MB, CPU, RAM, cooling and operating system. Kept my old Nvidia 460 for the time being but that will be my eventual "next upgrade" to come.


Have a great weekend as well!

Alexander Alonso

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Welcome to the hardware forum Skybus2000. You'll get many different opinions here =)


I very much doubt you'll be able to enjoy FSX with those add-ons on your current computer. Sure enough, you can get it up and running but you would have to keep the sliders very far down to get any decent FPS. The weakest part on your current setup is the gfx card followed by your 2GB RAM. But your CPU is not very good either so you are better off building a new rig.


FSX likes:

4GB RAM on a 64bit OS

Quad core at high clockspeed and good architechture.

A fast nvidia gfx card.


If you are on a tight budget upgrade to an i5 2500K or i5 3570K on a z77 motherboard.

8GB 1600MHz RAM

Windows 7 64bit


A decent after market cooler+a computer case that will allow you to overclock your CPU.


Building a new rig with any components slower than this is a waste of money according to myself.

If you have more money to spend I'd first off all use it on a faster GPU especially if you want to use high levels of AntiAliasing. After that I'll pay a bit more for faster RAM and an i7 3770K.

Happy building=)

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SAAB 340


Many thanks for the info above, I will take your advice and go to my local shop and see what they can do with my machine, it may be old but it would be a shame to not make use of it, hence to upgrade instead of purchasing a new PC.,



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