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  1. I've noticed it happening right before ATC transmissions, early on in the flight.
  2. That actually had me laughing out loud! "Elephant Invasion" and in London Heathrow, no less...
  3. I removed all mods and still have the issue with the flight not loading. The progress bar gets all the way to the right but the flight won't load. I've left it running for over an hour and no cigar.
  4. I thought of another one, which is probably the most worthless item for a flight sim but for me, it was how I naturally ended almost all flights. Once the airplane was shut down, I opened the cockpit door(s) and baggage door, as if I was actually exiting the plane. Corny, I know.
  5. Thank you for all of the hard work involved in providing the community with a priceless gift (for free!).
  6. World of AI is a biggie for me. Airports filled with realistic airliners and flights. I think that's the #1 thing for me. I also miss EditVoicePack, BayTower RV7, GSX, Real Air Lancair...
  7. I just found this thread and want to thank all of you doing the detective work. That HUGE sign was driving me nuts every time I flew in and out of Nassau. I figured it was possibly due to the nice scenery sets from "Goldenred49" that I had installed.
  8. I was an early adopter of the FSDT Key West scenery. I believe the initial thread announcing the scenery was posted here at AVSIM. I made a little post saying that it would have been nice if they had included the Fort Jefferson / Dry Tortugas National Park, found further west of Key West. Within a couple of weeks, if not less, FSDT offered a free update to their Key West scenery that now included it. They won me over as a fan and customer, right there. I've got several hundred dollars invested in Orbx products for FSX and MSFS and love how they improved FSX over the years. I just saw the video comparing the two but I don't think that differences in FPS were mentioned. That may be something to consider, as well. You honestly can't go wrong with either company's product but already having the FSDT version with the added Ft. Jefferson scenery, would be my recommendation.
  9. Excellent plane. I hope to see the realair lancair legacy or a comparable version, in MSFS, some day.
  10. Clouds and water at the highest settings possible. Those two are must-haves for me.
  11. Thank you all for recommending the "MSFS Addons Linker". I didn't know about this great utility until this thread.
  12. I'll wait for the official MSFS release of this fantastic mod. Love it in FSX and looking forward to the MSFS version.
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