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  1. Hi Steve, I had the same issue as ualani and build 1.12.2 cleared it up for me. Thanks!
  2. FlyAndFight

    Tremendous new work at MAIW

    Thanks for the heads-up, kiwiflyer45!
  3. Please disregard. You had already sent them to me! Thanks!
  4. FlyAndFight

    locating the aiming point during landing

    Hi eelb, Aside from the HDMI cable and the comparable video card, that's it.
  5. FlyAndFight

    FSX on 4k TV

    Using a 4K TV and its made a HUGE difference in my simming experience.
  6. FlyAndFight

    locating the aiming point during landing

    Excellent post, Chock.
  7. FlyAndFight

    locating the aiming point during landing

    I believe the unfortunate limitations found in current computer simulations of flight are the factor that we are dealing with. Higher resolutions will probably help in locating that point where detail remains stationary enough to help with assisting with the glide path. I'm currently utilizing a 50" 4K television as my monitor and it definitely has helped, overall.
  8. Sorry for the delay, but Steve was absolutely correct. After installing Mike Swannicks' "Halo.bmp", all was good again. Thanks, Steve.
  9. FlyAndFight

    Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a Cessna

    I actually saw this video on YouTube just a few days ago.
  10. Thank you, Steve. Will try it out and get back to you here.
  11. Hi Steve, This may already have been discussed previously but I couldn't find a thread on it. I've noticed that the landing lights on my AI aircraft are not aligned correctly with the aircraft. I'm using WOAI mostly but have also noticed it with ORBX AI aircraft as well. They appear above the aircraft. This is not a new, as I've had this issue for some time. I just figured that possibly there is a correction or setting fix out there and I've just not picked up on it yet. Thanks again for this amazing tool, Steve. I wouldn't fly FSX without it. Alex
  12. I picked up LOWI, KSAN and Landclass for EU. LOWI and KSAN are beautiful and FPS was great on my system. KSAN in particular was impressive FPS-wise, as I also have Orbx Southern California loaded, which can be rough on FPS in certain areas, particularly LA. But KSAN ran smoothly, even with so much autogen in the scenery. Highly recommended. I'll have to take a quick flight to see if it has people flow and will report back. Edit: I did a quick helo flight over the airport and not a soul was spotted (people flow). I may have missed it, though, but didn't spot any.
  13. FlyAndFight

    Orbx 48% off most items

    Flew Innsbruck last night and found the detailing amazing and frame-rate unaffected. Highly recommended.
  14. FlyAndFight

    Orbx 48% off most items

    I've got two DVD packages that I'll need added to my FTX Central account. I was able to manually update one of them (Northern Rockies) but Anacortes is still showing as "update available" but obviously won't let me update. I did take advantage of the sale and picked up Innsbruck, San Diego and Europe LC. Have only had a chance to check out San Diego and it is very nicely detailed and good on frame rates.