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Problem with A2As Input Configurator

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Hello dear P3D Fellows,


call me now a new member to your society :)



Everything is well, but I have problems with the A2A Input Configurator (IC)


If I assign an axis with the IC, I see full range in the IC's axis preview (from 0 to 100%), but in the VC itself I just get exactly 50% to 100% of the assigned lever movement.



The windows device window shows me also a normal behave, also the FSUIPC range of the lever is working as it should. Also disabling FSUIPC makes no difference (note that I have assigned all axis through FSUIPC)

I have also assigned axis via the P3D menue, also working well.


I have read now about similar problems to edit the standard.xml to "0" instead of "1" (I think it was the range - don't know it exactly now), but that makes no difference...




Does anybody have an idea where I loose my 50% axis range?

Is there anybody out with an A2A Addon and could try that for me, please?

(It happens with the P51, the P40 and the B17 - I have not tried others currently)



many thanks!

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Cant really help but I recall reading something along these lines somewhere in my travels. I'm gonna guess over @ a2a's site. Still havent made up my mind on buying the accusim P-51. I fly the DCS Mustang but will probably get the A2A sooner or l8r. Do a search over at the A2A site I'm almost certain thats where I read something about its not working correctly in P3D.

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try sensitivity at 127 and null 1 in prepar3d setup control


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thanks for the answers,


@ctec: haven't found anything there ... will do a search again. If you remeber the post, please link it here. thanks!




try sensitivity at 127 and null 1 in prepar3d setup control


no, that doesn't work.

I think that's it was was mentioned to edit the standard.xml: to set deadzones to zero.


I have it also tried in the P3D menu, but does not work ...

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Hi Guenter


In FSX, I don't use the IC to set up axis ( actually didnt think it might be better than the CH control manager, i've to try) but do use it for the P40 three position flaps and gear, hydraulic pump and stuff like oxygen mask, ventilation. Do they work in P3D ?

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I have assigned my "normal" axis of course through FSUIPC.


But for cowl flaps, carb heat, flaps etc you have to use the A2A IC.

And it is not working here - that's my problem!

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I have the same problem Guenter. I've assigned the slider on the top of the Saitek X52 throttle to the B-17s Manifold Pressure regulator, but only get half the movement. I've now decided to bypass the A2A joystick configurator altogether, and see if there is some way of using FSUIPC to assign two Saitek buttons or keyboard keys, to raise and lower the MP regulator settings. I've asked at the A2A B-17 support forum to see if anyone else has come up with a solution.

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Günter, didn't I pass you the Lua scripts that I use to get the axis for the P-51(s), the P-40 and the Spitfires to work in P3D?


These are the P-51D scripts:


-- These are Prepar3D specific functions to overcome the
-- problem with the axis assignment and range of movement issues.

function Cabin_Vent(control, Vent_in)
Vent_Out = (Vent_in + 16383)/327.67
ipc.writeLvar("L:CabinVent", Vent_Out)

function Carb_Air(control, Air_in)
Air_Out = (Air_in + 16383)/327.67
ipc.writeLvar("L:Eng1_CarbAirSwitch", Air_Out)
ipc.display("Air = "..Air_Out, 1)

function Carb_Heat(control, Heat_in)
Heat_Out = 100- ((Heat_in + 16383)/327.67)
ipc.writeLvar("L:Eng1_CarbHeatSwitch", Heat_Out)

-- These are the Prepa3D specific event triggers.
-- The axis are assigned to 'send to an offset'
-- in the FSCIPC4 Controls menu.



You can probably use similar routines for any of the other axis that aren't working as they did in FSX.

It is just a matter of finding the correct scale factors for the various axis inputs vs the control output

to P3D.


And PaulK, I know you saw my reply in the A2A forum. :)



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yes, I have recieved your files.

What do not understand is, that you use them for buttons, not for axis?



Beside this I have made my own set of scripts (was not a big thing).

I have ceased P3d and refunded it as it has clearly some advanteges over FSX, but also some points, which have made me a bit crazy :P


The scripts are also useful for me for FSX as I have now abandoned the A2A Input configurator completely.

Advantage is, that I do not have to make the settings again at the next reinstall.




I have now a set of scripts A2A_Turbo, A2A_flaps, A2A_cowl etc and each is valid for all A2A addons.

So, you can assign A2A_Turbo to the B377 and the B17

(however, the phrase "turbo" would not be technically precise in every case)



Here is the script for the B17 / B377


-- Assignments valid for all A2A Addons

-- rounds the integer
function round(num)
num = tonumber(num)
if num == nil then return 0 end
   if num >= 0 then return math.floor(num+.5)
   else return math.ceil(num-.5) end
function round2 (num, idp)
 num = tonumber(num)
 if num == nil then return 0 end
 local mult = 10^(idp or 0)
 return math.floor(num * mult + 0.5) / mult
acftname = ipc.readSTR("3D00", 35)
------------------------------------------------------------- B377
-- Turbo lever
if string.find(acftname,"Stratocruiser",0,true)
var = round((ipcPARAM+16384)/32768*100)
ipc.writeLvar("L:LeverTurbocharger", var)
-------------------------------------------------------------  B17
elseif string.find(acftname,"B-17G",0,true)
var = round((ipcPARAM+16384)/32768*100)

if ipc.readLvar("FullDial") == 0 then
 if var >= 80 then var = 80
ipc.writeLvar("L:DialTurbocharger", var)




How to:


- Open Editor (not word, etc!)

- Copy and paste this into it

- save it into your modules folder with filesname LUA (e.g. A2A_Turbo.LUA)

- start FSX/P3D and get into FSUIPC menu (registered version of course)

- choose the axis you want assign and select FSX axis (or however it is named there)

- now choose in the drop down menu the lua script under "lua A2A_Turbo"

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Guenter, your A2A_Turbo.LUA works perfectly. I was initially going to use buttons or keys to increase or decrease the Manifold Pressure dial, but I think I will stick with this for now, if only because it means I can stop fiddling around with settings and maybe actually do some flying.


Paul, I'm going to hang on to what you said over at the A2A forum because I might still experiment with using keys instead of the slider. One thing I would like to do is use the slider for view zooming, which I know how to effect from Pete Dowson's support forum, in which case your button solution will be needed.


Gentlemen, thanks enormously for your help.

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Günter,I have a limited number of axis and by using the FSUIPC4 conditional

programming I have an UNLIMITED number of buttons :)


I have 8 'modes' I think, for the B-17. That is, each button/switch has 8 possible assignments

depending upon the value in 0x66C0.


You can't do that with axis as there is no way to put an axis back to the state

it was in when you assigned it a new function and moved it. With buttons, you

are just changing L:Vars and they 'stay where you put them' until decide

to change them :)


BTW, PaukK, Günter's B-17 Turbo script is pretty much the same as mine :)

Read the axis, scale it to 0 to 100 and limit it to 80 if the l9imit switch is

in place.


Hopefully, with our discussions here, we have enlightened some others that may

have been having problems. One sure thing comes out of all this.... a registered

version of FSUIPC4 pays for itself in no time by relieving the stress of trying to

get things to work across the FSX/P3D boundary and just within FSX as well!



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