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Clutch Cargo

Came to the Darkside....

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Well, curiosity got the best of me. So last night I bought P3d (ooooh, that's a nice little download). Not gonna go cold turkey and just delete FSX but will slowly play with it over the next few weeks (or even months) to see what it holds in store.


It's funny, I am excited and dreading this this at the same time. Excited to see what little improvements have taken place but also dreading as I might really like it thus causing the "MIGRATION" headache. Maybe that is only a perceived issue. Maybe it is really easy to move forward to P3D. If that is the case that should be the message to get out to other "holdouts". There should/could be a sub-forum on migrating from FSX-to-P3D: The ups, the downs, what to expect, not to expect, what transitions, what has issues. Put simmers at ease. Maybe this is all premature. Maybe it should be when v2.0 comes. I dunno, I haven't even started it for the first time, ha!


Speaking of forums, why is this called the 'Unofficial Prepar3d' form. Why not just the 'The Prepar3d Forum'? You don't call it the Unofficial FSX forum or the Unofficial Flight Form. Why should P3D be any different? So, I guess I have another forum I need to start checking...




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Speaking of forums, why is this called the 'Unofficial Prepar3d' form


Because there is an Official one at the P3D site :-) and there was never one for FSX...

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Clutch, welcome to the dark side! B)

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Ok, so my thorough transformation process is proceeding. Today, I've installed REXe, some scnery addons and of course migrated my FTX stuff to P3D, installed FSUIPC, MyTraffic3D and then some. No aircraft installed yet so I've been using the included P-38 for testing, which is somewhat demanding plane. All I can say that wow! Performance and smoothness is incredibly good compared to FSX. For example in NY area with the addons I have now, I was really struggling to keep my frames near 20 in FSX and suffering from stuttering. With P3D I can keep everything right and use higher LOD and it just keeps shelling to the 30 FPS limit. Just wonderful...Multicore support is really light years ahead compared to FSX, as AI traffic is far from being such a FPS killer and scenery loading works better. It seems impossible to get P3D to blur somewhere. And no spikes or graphic glitches anywhere to be seen even with heavy REXe clouds and 8s+2SGSS AA. Of course this is not completely conclusive yet as I have addons to install, but everything points out that P3D is far superior platform. Only annoyance I have so far seen is ATC window causing screen to go black, but that is something I can definitely live with.


Gentlemen, I think we are in a point where P3D becomes the torchbearer and old boy FSX goes to retirement. Yes, to me P3D seems just that good and 50 bucks plus some 15 to migrator tool is really worth it. I didn't play much with 1.3 when I bought it, but everything pretty much changes now with 1.4.


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