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Moving FS2004 to a Windows 8 computer - some hints

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Am I missing something here? If you go to the bother and expense of buying a fast new computer, why not install FSX instead of FS9, as I assume the new computer will run it. Or is there a problem with FSX and Windows 8?


It's likely he prefers FS9. Considering current investment in his FS9 it makes sense to keep it unless you have the $$ to build up FSX.



Jaseman. Lovin it up here........

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Right you are. Without getting into a debate on the merits of each program, why would I start over with the cost of add-ons? Granted, the FS9 add-ons are forever limited by obsolescense, but there will always be the difference in performance on a given system. Here's an example; my brother recently built a state of the art graphics system to run photo imaging software. I gave him my FSX to try out. He was unable to get anywhere near the performance he would expect from it, even though he had just invested approximately $2500 in the very best hardware available. My computer was $800 and runs FS9 at 60 fps.

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Well just my opinion, but there is no comparison between the two. I think FSX runs much better and smoother and the scenery is better. I bought a new computer three years ago with the following specs as suggested by a relative who is a senior engineer at HP. This was a standard build up on the HP website and was not that expensive. And I want to tell you FSX screams on it with the scenery sliders all the way to the right. It never crashes or stutters or freezes and I now have tons of add-ons. I think a couple of must haves are Windows 7/64b and an Nvidia graphics card. You will notice that my card is not that fast and is now three years old but I consistently get 50 to 75 fps in unlimited mode. The worst case is on the ground at KSEA where it gets about 25 to 30. I am sure you can buy the same thing today for about $1,000.00 US. Here are the specs.

Purchased Feb. 2010

HP model HPE-180t

Processor – Intel Core i7 CPU Quad core -950 @ 3.07 GHz

Number of processing cores - 4

Installed memory – 9.0 GB RAM DDR3-1066MHZ SDRAM (5 DIMMs)

Operating System – Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Graphics –1.8 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260

One TB hard drive RAID0 (two 500 GB SATA HDDs for performance

Premium Wireless-N LAN card

Integrated 7.1 channel sound card with front audioport

Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system

HP wireless keyboard and mouse

Lightscribe 16X Max DVD+/-R/RW Super Multidrive

Get as many USB connectors as you can. Mine has four on the back and four on the front.

Anyhow, that is just my opinion, but I respect you for yours.

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Well, my storywith windows 8 is not 100% great at this moment.


Since i will move from Spain to Brazil en 2 months, i had to sell my pc, and bought this laptop, and it´s awesome for all the things, the best thing is the screen, 1080p in a 17.3" laptop is freaking amazing.


But, all can´t be perfect..


Installed first, of course, FS9, since i was sure that FSX will not be smooth at all, and i will not get the level of detail i got on my desktop PC.


First of all, my wife have an samsung laptop, very basic, and i3 with an amd 5450 512mb and w7, the laptop is 2 years old. Installed FS9 there lat year only for test it, and FS9 was working really really well, my benchmark is always FSDT KJFK, lined up on 31L and looking to the terminals, the FPS was 21 i think with all the WOAI packages, so is really impressive.


FS9 in this laptop is great, all installed great, all runs great..... until i do ALT+TAB, or touch something on the menus, or change resolutions, etc, 90% of the times, the graphics will be black when i try to get to the flight, only the sound will work.

The gauges on the default 777-300 also will not load.


So, installed FSX, its horrible, well, not horrible, but fly in FSX in those conditions, i prefer not fly FSX.


I don´t know, but i´m almost sure that W8 is the cause of those problems, i dont know what to do, since i don´t know when i will get an decent desktop again, and i don´ want quit flight simming.


I´m completly dissapointed, since iracing, rfactor, etc.. all works just fine, but having those titles working but no FS9.... there is no point.


:( 20130209_124936_zps64254faa.jpg

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