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trying to capture the atmosphere of new zealand at dawn

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To try and spark some interest, I'm adding another set... did a short trip from PAKT to Stewart (CZST) and boy it was a treat:



Finally, there it is!





- back on the ground :) -


- parked :) -


- Looks like I need to tweak res a bit.. some cloud textures appear a bit odd... might need to change injection to be more frequent lol -

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I was trying dx10 today (again) and tried the various dx10 fixes and tweaks that goes with it... well it works nicely, however there're still annoying issues like strange shimmering objects (not talking about the runways, and it can be scenery specific so YMMV) and you can't see the tooltips which are a must sometimes.


Anyway, I created a new cfg files for both dx9 & dx10. I made changes so that fsx works as intended with REX giving a great visuals vs performance ratio (as long as your spec is somewhat like mine). I will be packing it soon together with all the fixes I used and whoever wants them, will be able to download it from my sig (current files in the sig were deleted today).


Among the fixes, I applied the vital rain fix which I'm not sure whether is a dx10 specific or not, however, after getting fed up with the remaining dx10 issues, I went back to good old dx9 and the rain still looks great! So whether you're on dx9 or 10, you MUST apply this fix:



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