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Steve's dx10 fixer grays out the water shader. Why?

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Had you installed Steve's free DX10 patch 3.2.2? I guess the DX10 Fixer notice that the water shader is not the standard anymore so it's greyed out. Did you remove the 3.2.2 patch before installing DX10 Fixer?


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Good morning flyforever,


First question. Before you installed Steve's fixer did you make a copy of your stock shader's? If you did, you can copy them back into FSX and bring back your original shader's, and then re install Steve's fixer and first print out the manual and follow it. I am hope this might help? The shaders are found in your FSX root directory under "Textures".  


Les H  :hi:

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Since I don't have the original shader, is there a way to identify it?


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OK:Good Morning, Tony. Your shaders are not found under "Textures" (Sorry, Les!)


1). Here is a fresh, Stock ShadersHLSL folder, complete, so download it and place it in the root of FSX (where fsx.exe lives). 

2). Delete your existing ShadersHLSL folder, completely.

3). Unzip the new It will automatically place the new ShadersHLSL folder in the correct place in the FSX filesystem.

4). Go to your " C:\Users\{ your username here }\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\ " folder, and delete the "Shaders10" folder. This is the DX10 shaders cache folder, and must be deleted any time there's a change in the main ShadersHLSL folder.


Once this is done you will have no more greyed-out boxes, and you can now run the Fixer, resetting whatever you need to. 


OK!   :smile: 


All the best,



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Thank you my old friend, I knew you could help Tony out.  :im Not Worthy:


lh  :yahoo:   :hi:

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Hi flyforever and All,


Did reinstalling the stock shaders work for you?


I hope this is the right place for this question... Or should I start a new topic?


I'm a DX10 convert and will probably never switch back - I understand that everything is a compromise, and I don't think I'm too picky about details, but...


While I have Steve's wonderful free 3.2.2, and will be purchasing his DX10 fixer, I too have a water (color) problem.


When I fly dawn or day, the water color and effects are absolutely stunning (Steve's 3.2.2, REX E OD's "use this!" water texture), but when I fly dusk or night, the color of the water looks gray. The color of the water doesn't change even when the sky gets darker and darker. I stll have the wave animations and whitecaps, but no reflections except the setting sun's rays (running water on 2x med). I've tried changing the water color texture in REX - plankton, brighness, contrast - and I do see the changes when dawn and day, just not dusk and night.

I downloaded and replaced the stock shaders (THANK YOU for your generosity PAUL J!), deleted and had FSX replace those other shader files in appdata/local (cannot remember the exact names as I'm not on my FSX comp).

I installed SweetFX last night to see if there would be any change (the water color problem was in place before the installation of SweetFX). Everything looked much more vibrant and alive - the terrain and sky look like a whole new sim to me!

Except...for...the...water. Still a boring gray.

I hope this is a simple problem to fix, like an easily replaced file. I would really like to avoid a reinstall if possible. Or, I might just avoid flying at dusk and night over water. But where's the fun in that? I love trying to land on a moving carrier at night!

I will post a pic tomorrow if that helps.

Thank you everyone in advance for your comments and help!

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Hi Paul,


I came here from another forum.


I can see it´s been a while, but I recently bought the Fixer 2.0 and I have this problem. Unfortunately your Link doesn´t work anymore.


Could you please update it? That would be very great.


Thank you from ETSI



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Hmmm... I seem to be having the same problem, and the Dropbox link 404's on me. Is there anybody who still has the original shaders?

Thanks guys!!

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Thanks a lot Pete! Now, let's have a look what DX10 is all about!

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Is there anybody who still has the original shaders?


Hi Guys, Paul J has this little web site that's a must bookmark for DX10 fixer users, it has amongst all the files the stock shaders.




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