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I saw this posted on another forum (for combat flight sims). It's written for combat flight sim fans but I think it is equally applicable to us here:




"Hey, remember the golden 90s, when they released a ton of fantastic combat flightsims? I tell you, the whole genre is dead now. Sad, isn't it?"

"Didn't you hear? SuperSim is developing a new flightsim, scheduled for next summer."

"SuperSim? I'll never buy anything from them again since the Mustang desaster."

"The Mustang desaster?"

"Don't you remember? In their 2003 release of 'Aces over Texas' the top speed of the P-51 was at least 5 mph too low at 25.000ft. Ruined the whole sim for me."

"Well, it wasn't SuperSim who developed that one but MegaFlight."

"Oh. Well...but to be honest I'm not too thrilled about a new WW2 sim anyway. Why is nobody making a good jet sim? I'd pay good money for that one."

"Actually it is a jet sim. Set in a late 80s 'cold war gone hot' scenario."

"Late 80s? Bummer. I'm more of a mid-70s fan."

"But what about the sequel to 'Wings over the Pacific'? Should be ready by next year, too."

"Wings? You gotta be kidding. They lost all credibility as a serious developer when they didn't include the Australian Auxiliary Women's Observation Balloon regiments."

"Well, they already did get a lot of stuff right and they're just a small team and..."

"Oh come on! How difficult could it be to just add the relevant stuff? Now I'm no software engineer but you know what I mean!"

"Uhm...yeah. And Fighter Pilot? The latest screenshots on their website looked awesome?"

"Fighter pilot? Come on... that thing has been in development for ages. Listen to my words, they will never release this. How should this work anyway? They have no publisher, no money..."

"Didn't you hear about their Kickstarter? They got a 100,000$ in less than two weeks."

"They did? Probably a scam."

"A scam? They just released an alpha version for their supporters."

"I see. Using customers to work as testers. What happened to the good old time when sim developers just released finished and awesome games?"

"You realize that the complexity and scope of modern games can hardly be compared to 20 year old games?"

"Well, according to the specs listed on their website I can't run that thing on my PC anyway. Pretty shame they can't optimize their engine."

"Your PC? You're not talking about that 8-year old laptop, aren't you?"

"What's wrong with it? I can still play 'Old Great Sim' just fine on it."


"Anyway, as I said, pretty sad that the whole genre is dead."

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Very funny!  Also, an uncommonly friendly exchange between two simmers who can't agree that the sun rises in the east :lol:

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See, the sun hardly ever rises in the east... only twice in a year, actually.  :lol:

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