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RealLandIsrael XP10

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So,as you can see we are under a new name to this BIG project.

The name changed because we are no longer using OSM as our main source,except for networks and fields.

It's a new project,with the same target: modeling the part of israel in the best way we can.


First of all the area that is covered:





Yellow area- An area that's almost ready

Red area- An area that will be included 

Black area- CVFR routes in the area

Green area- Will be included in later releases

Circles points- LandMarks that we modeled but din't place yet

Blure airplane- LandMarks that are placed in thier postition

"Clouds"- Planned LandMarks


So what are we going to include:


1) Local LandClass of most of the networks and rivers


2) All the little airstrips and airfields in the area


3) Hand placed objects in every village/city/fileds :


3A. Fields will get some green houses for ex.

3B. Cities will get hand placed blocks and houses

3C. Villages will get some private houses.


4) Unique features of every city/village/field,for example :

Tel Aviv is knows in the many huge trees that it have between that buildings,and that's a very improtant part of the look of tel aviv.


5) Full industrial areas,some will be modeled and some will be shaped as .FAC.


6) 100+ LandMarks,the list is growing every day smile.png

A BIG THAN YOU to and fsx users that created some of the LandMarks that we converted- Tomer Haim,Israeli scenery project team,and Bar Rodoy


7) ZL17 Photoreal


8) Custon building textures as an israeli style and as the area style particulary,and of course night textures.


9) CVFR Routes 


*Not decided yet* 10) Mesh fixes for the area,we are having some problems here that we hope to solve.



We ave no exact plane,and his an on going project,in every release this project will grow more and more,BUT soon we will release V0.8.


So after this explenation,some pictures:

Note that I have comressed textues optins checked in XP10 settings,I have a GTX 460 1GB so I really want to save VRAM biggrin.png

In a modern hardaware the texutres will be sharper as you can UnCheck this setting.


Tel Aviv night shot:





Or yehuda on very shot final RW 12:






Shoham on final RW30:





And 2 more of Tel Aviv:










So there is soooo much to expect here :D

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The photoreal inside the blue area wil be ZL18,while other parts of Israel will be ZL15.

This is better than default textures for Israel,and will give a better view in the horizon.

The photoreal package is 4GB when Zipped,when it's a RAR File it will be much less.


Bat Yam with ZL18:



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Wow! This looks incredible! I love the way the autogen is so dense ;)

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It's time for another little preview :)

Some night work,Land Marks night textures and X3 more street lights which provides more spectacular lights:





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Some more night lightining work.

I found a new txt file the enhances the overall lightning in XP10,I'll recomend to use it with our scenery.

Also,all the landmarks that we modeled/converted for now got night textures,and the blocks in addition,got night textures so you can see that there are many buildings down there:





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Purchased SKY MAXX PRO for a future use,IXEG 733 when comes,is next!

Well,after this project I'm going to buy a HIGH-END PC,been saving mony for a while wink.png


And that's how it looks in Tel aviv's beach infront of the hotels:






For the next couple of weeks we are going to a work on many new LandMarks (there are 25+- more,just in Tel Aviv biggrin.png ) 

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Yet not new pictures,but some important things that changed the I need to explain.

First of all we collected some BETA testers that'll get the project soon to test it.

The first release will be BETA 0.7,not the classic meaning of "BETA",it'll not include bugs or whatever,it's just our first area that we will release,Tel Aviv & LLBG's area.


We changed ALL the photoreal,we used G2XPL to generate a photoreal from google servers,however,google orthophotos for israel are made from parts,which means that there are many color abrupt changes,and that does not look good.

Now we are using other source that has a "clear" imagery for Israel,but it's semi automated,it includes many "Print screen" that well be cuted and optimaized via Photoshop to fet excatly the XP10's terrain,I created and Action for that (so it'll edit al the photos by it self),and I just need to place it with Overlay Editor,just like a puzzle :)


Moreover,we added many bulidng variations,more apartments towers shapes,more Blocks ("H" shape,"T" shape),and many more Landmarks,and all to make the area as real as we can.


A note about performance-

In a standart hardaware (GTX660 2GB) and not High End one,we get 24FPS in average in a high render settings (HDR 4XSSAA with ALL of the autogen),if we match it to XP10's default Israel,we have  hunderds time more autogen,and the the average is 4-5FPS less.

The ideal target in our opinion and according to LR is 25-30,so we are actually there,but we are also looking forward to 10.30 that supposed to give XP10 a great performance boost so that the average will be 30+ 

So don't worry about that,we are doing great!


Soon some new pictures :)

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It's time for some new pic's biggrin.png


It's highly recomended to view the screenshots in a FULLresolution,link is posted above of every screenshot


* Still many Land Marks are missing


Yad Elyahu area,where the maccabi's basketball arena is located  (anyone who is following the Euroleague must know what I'n talking about biggrin.png ),but the arena isn't modeled yet,However you can see it in the photoreal

We have a new "H" shape block,and there will be a new apartments tower to add more variations and eye candy.







The marine area:







We also did many changes in the night lightning; We added some windows lights to the blocks and every Land Mark got his own night textures.

I.E. YOO towers (at the bottom of the pictures,the yellow/white rings) VS Azrieli Complex ( the 3 in with the many windows lightnings in the middle of the picture)






A picture that shows Tel Aviv's skyline at night,with the hotels infront,and the towers behind:



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I've been in Israel on my honey moon (almost got divorced when I insisted to visit Petra via Aqaba on local bus) so I really think I'll pay a virtual visit again  with this detailed scenery. Last is spectacular.

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Thanks for kind words guys!

Tel Aviv is done! still many LandMarks are missing of course but I'm talking about populating Tel Aviv.


Meanwhile I'm working on ZL19 HD Photoreal for LLBG Area,every airport area will get this detail,closer you get to an airport (does not matter which) the detail will be much more impressive:






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Night work is and performance optimizations are done!



*Full quality*:






Now you can easily recognize the streets between the buildings.

Performance is improved in 100%-150% (depends is the situation), my rendering settings are set to MAX except HDR AA that is set to 2XSSAA+FXAA and shadows (none at all), BTW I'm using an old GTX 460 1GB,so the performance is great.

Let's that the standart to today is about GTX660 2GB minimum,this card can easily manage 30-35 FPS :)

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Yes we do,but yet we have some work to do,however its close to its first release.


No fsx version for a couple of reasons:

1) we cant convert the project to fsx,so it'll require as start every thing from 0.

2) fsx is 32bit and it will not handle this amount of buildings and detail (32bit x plane crashes BTW)

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Blocks are not rendered randomaly-> Much more textures variation-> much more eye candy.

I also edited some data refs art controls , the scattering effect is amazing,I'll share the values in a txt file with the download.

We are working now to model more land marks.


Don't bother the lack of photoreal for now.


FULL quality:







PS. performance are excellant,I'm using MAX settings in XP (including Max shadows) in exception of the AA that's set to 2XSSAA.

As I posted before my GPU is a poor one (GTX 460 1GB),so the performance per settings is just excellant!

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