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Performance over London in FSX

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As we all know, London is a performance intensive location in FSX, even with a high-end system.


I'm wondering if anyone with a high-end system has managed to run it smoothly and stable at max settings with addons and AI.


I'm running a i7-4770K @ 4.5GHz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 780 

FSX is in DX10 preview mode with Steve's DX10 fix,

Max display settings @ 1920x1200, (except: water settings set to Low 2.x, Ground Scenery shadows off),

HIGHMEMFIX=1 tweak applied


ORBX FTX England

UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme set to High detail

VFR London Scenery (No photoscenery, just buildings) <this doesn't eat up that many frames, my system handles it well

Ultimate Traffic 2 set to 70%

I mostly fly the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended A320


I get 20-50 frames without running UT2 AI traffic and it goes down to 8-25 frames with AI traffic in the region.

Without getting too obsessed with the frame counter, FSX runs smoothly (15-30 frames) whilst descending into London, passing over the suburbs and into the city, but on final approach, it would drop to 8-15 frames.


Whilst I'm okay with landing at 10 frames in this FSX setup, I was wondering if I could get more out of my system. Okay, I can reduce the level of AI which would certainly improve performance, but I'm not that keen on making Heathrow look empty.

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Nope. Until we get a 9GHz cpu, have to cut back on bells and whistles for frame rate.

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I personally find the AI (well, VATSIM traffic) to be the biggest culprit when arriving at Heathrow. With vPilot I can reduce the range of aircraft that are displayed, and this improves the performance a bit. I think if you are using an AI package you can try reducing the amount of AI, but not to the extent that LHR looks like a ghost airport :lol:

Wybe Witteveen

VATSIM S3 Controller | Dutch VACC

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