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P3DV2.2 Better results with Control Panel or Inspector?

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After about a month back on P3D v2.2 I am not certain that I have the "perfect" settings needed to make me %100 happy.....Here are my hardware & addons


i7 3930k OC@ 4.3


16GB 1600MHz RAM




Few things I would like to discuss....

  1. I really can't confirm if I am better off doing unlimited  FPS or 30 with 1/2 refresh rate
  2. Inspector or Control Panel setup
  3. Affinity Mask settings manual, or prepared.cfg tweak

Here is a still of my NI....would anybody do anything else to make a better performance? Of course turning down sliders would do this but I believe I am missing a tweak or settings that would make my P3D v2.2 a lot better. Or maybe forget NI and use the Control Panel of Nvidea (which I am seeing a lot more of online...)


Here are some stills. I have also a Fibre Frame Time tweak of 0.15 applied (this helped quite a bit and got rid of some blurry issues)





I would love for people to share their settings that worked out best for them. Keep in mind I am not really willing to compromise my graphics to get a better performance, of course I am aware that doing that would give me better frames. My hardware SHOULD give me good if not unreal performance since this is a new sim that came with many promises.


At this point however, Id say it looks the same as FSX with just as good frames (if not worst at times).....I wouldn't give up my FSX just yet if this is all P3D v2.2 can give me...Am I doing something wrong?

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Well i am in the same boat,


I know you are a DX10 user so maybe setting AA to Bioshockmode ?


I have not tried NI at all in P3D so cant really help there. will try FFTF. 


What is prepared.cfg ?



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Hello old friend! 


I've tried Bioshockmode as well....I get AA issues...worst then DX10 and FSX lol....


and prepared.cfg is me referring to FSX.cfg.....the p3dv2.2 config file

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The Fiber tweak was introduced to help with the smoothness, which it does do, but it's side effect depending on your system and the FFF setting, will/may introduce the blurries, not remove them.



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