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A lot of new stuff in Outerra since my last album, new engine features (basic clouds, lights support) and a lot of new community content. I will try to add links to every mod visible in these screenshots.

(To see my previous albums: Talkeetna scene, Random shots, and Around the world.)



1 - A rather interesting cloud formation. Cloud support is really basic at the moment, limited close detail, 100km max draw distance and a single layer. Despite this alpha state, it's looking rather nice, no impact on perfs and since these clouds are full 3D volumes, they react nicely with the light.



2 - Talkeetna, as seen from the cockpit of a CJ-1



3 - Ilyushin Il-14, near Denali park, Alaska. Part of my Talkeetna scenery. The river is a quick hack using a water mesh and an empty road vector, to fill a bit the space 'til we get a real in-engine rivers support :)



4 - Talkeetna. Vast majority of the buildings are community ports. Mt McKinley visible far away.



5 - Ilyushin Il-14. I love this picture.



6 - Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, white livery, latest (and awesome) port by Levi. Location is... secret, can't talk about this one yet :)



7 - Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk cockpit, at dawn. A cool view of the cockpit lights. Gauges and right/left MFD are working. Levi did a great job on this plane.



8 - Airbus A380 above the clouds, at dawn.



9 - Outerra default Cessna C-172, above Tallard (France), part of my WIP LFMX-LFNA scenery



10 - Outerra Mig 29, new livery and lights by Uriah. Somewhere in the Italian Alps



11 - ASK 13, near Tallard (France), part of my WIP LFMX-LFNA scenery. Morning, some fog.



8 - Airbus A380 at dawn. Default bloom is a bit too heavy, but it sometimes makes good pictures.


Full album here.

Hiflyer and I are starting to feel a bit lonely in the Avsim Outerra subforum, don't hesitate to join us :)

Hope you enjoyed these screenshots!

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Smashing shots!

Smashing sceneries!

Really impressive and fantastic!

Top class all the way!!!!!

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