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Probably a stupid question, but... (hardware upgrade)

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So I'm running P3D 2.5 on my current rig....


Intel i5 quad core 3.30 ghz oc'd to 4.4 ghz

8 gb RAM

Win 7 64 bit


But my video card is an old Radeon 6900 series.


I'm thinking about upgrading to a GTX970; would it make a big difference you think?  I used to be on top of hardware, but it's hard to keep up these days...




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The 970 is a modern card and I really like it.

But bear in mind SLI is coming-so maybe wait and watch the forums before jumping in


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Just how much difference do you think SLI will make?





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Don't wait, jump on and get the 970! It is a great card and can even run 4k.

If sli turns out to be a winner get another 970 but even if it doesn't you will have the best bang for buck card on the market.

I have 2 970s and sli so far isn't that great in p3d but who knows what will happen in the next week or two.

Even with one though it runs great so I don't see what you have to lose by getting one now.



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i upgraded from 680 to 780ti and it made a world of difference !!!!!

im guesing 680 could run circles around this radeon as it is more comparable to 580 or something like that.


so 680 to 780ti = amazing costed me $800 but i didnt regret it

yours radeon6900(gtx580) to  gtx 970 = amazing x 2 IMO !!!!


my cpu was at the time 2700k


yes certainly get a 970, i got 2 in my new computer in sli now and i love them for GTA 5, oh how i wish p3d would look like GTA 5 and perform like it.. maybe one day...


once p3d sli support is good i might install p3d on new puter see how it goes


the effects are just awsome in GTA 5 PC, water like watching a movie Im in love with the graphics... ok sorry i shut up lol its not gta 5 forum ;p




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I guess it depends on how much your CPU is holding things up and how often. I have a 3770K running at 3.5 with a GTX680(2Gb) in P3Dv2 with the NGX and for average conditions the GPU is running at between 50-80% capacity, whereas the CPU cores are always very busy. The only thing which seems to max my GPU out is heavy cloud cover. I manage a comfortable FPS range of between 20-40 with most details turned up full. The slowdowns occur during cloudy approaches to detailed airports but still remain smooth down to 20 FPS, so I'm reasonably content.


Having said all of that, I'm on the verge of replacing my GTX680 with a GTX970 to get a smoother ride around the clouds as well as a bit of system future proofing!


I think the reality is that P3D and FSX are never going to perform as well as a platform built from the ground up nowadays (such as DCS2) because despite all of the tweeks and updates offered by P3D, it's fundamentally an old platform using look-up tables for physics etc.





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I thought that nVidia card numbering went <generation><performance level>

So moving from a GTX680 to a GTX970 would be going up several generations but down a performance level?

Just curious...I'm considering getting a second/hand 670 to SLI with my current one...



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