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Nvidia Graphics Card performance

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I have an Nvidia GTX780 3GB graphics card fitted. I am running Prepar3Dv3 and I have seen plenty of comments stating that the graphics card usuage should reach 90% or more. Montoring my installation my card doesn't seem to go above about 35%, this is when running PMDG 777 at UK2000 Heathrow extreme with ASN, FS Captain, ProAtcX, Aivlasoft EFB and FS2Crew. This should be about as demanding a scenario as possible to load up the grahics card. I have monitored it using NV Inspector and GPU-Z. I am getting OK performance but was wondering if there is something that is holding the graphics card back?

System Specs: Prepar3Dv3 Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Nvidia EVGA GTX780 3gb

Intel I7 4770K overclocked to 4.2ghz

16Gb Fast ram (can't remember the exact details)

ORBX Global + many region packs.

Lots of add on airports.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I have also posted this in the hardware forum.

Many thanks


John Fairman

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Have you had performance issues with P3D or a cause to monitor your gpu usage?  I'd say if everything is running normal on your system, then I would worry about it.



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Hi Jim,


No, i think the performace is OK with my setup (now that P3Dv3 has sorted the VAS issue).

It just seemed odd that the card was not being utilised more by the system.


As you say, probably best not to meddle and just fly.

Best Regards


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You also had not mentioned how you have P3D set up.  If you are running P3D with conservative settings internally, then perhaps you have lightened the load.  You mentioned quite a few add-ons that yes, would be taxing to the system and if you really wanted to stress your system, set your graphics settings higher and see what happens.  The beauty of the sim's nature is the ability to save multiple configs so you can in essence, save the config you have now and then make a new one to test and if it causes issues, you can go back to the original.



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Yes my 980ti is the same. Try increasing your frame rate to unlimited to see if it alters.

On gpu _ z it gives an indication as to what is restricting the card. Hold the mouse over the PerfCap box



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the old saying - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - comes to mind here.  :smile: but I understand your curiosity.


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