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New York City X V2 Scenery by Drzewiecki Design FSX and P3D

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I purchased V2 and the NYC Airports scenery during this current sale. I spent some time last evening flying the area, in FSX, in the MilViz Baron B55 equipped with one Flight 1 GTN750, and flying in daylight in default fair weather. My system specs are in my signature below.  I understand that this topic is in the P3D Forum, but the topic title relates to both FSX and P3D.  


I experienced good to very good frame rates at all times, never falling below 20 fps, and most often between 25 fps and 30 fps. I have my fps locked at 30. Amazingly, my fps did not seem to be dependent on what sceneries I had loaded. I have previously used other developers' (Aerosoft, FSDT, Megascenery) hi-res NYC scenery and other hi-res KLGA and KJFK airports and my frame rates would fall below 20 and sometimes below 10 fps.  I experimented with loading/unloading the Drzewiecki NYC area airports, one at a time. Then tried different combinations of two of them loaded. Then tried loading all of them at once. I just could not identify any significant difference in fps.  




I did experience for most of the evening the dreaded bongs of impending OOM.  I timed the interval  between bongs at most often approx 10 seconds. I could reduce or eliminate the bongs if I unloaded all but one airport unless I flew directly over Manhattan. I experimented with the lower res textures and with varying the distance load of airport detail. Made a difference, but did not seem to make a big difference. I kept AI aircraft at all times, but did turn off the gate animations. I did not experience an OOM crash, just the bongs sounding out that one was near.


I also changed seasons by changing the date of the year in FSX and saw little difference as well. I feel I must mention that the winter textures in Drzewiecki NYC v2 were too white and bright for me. 

Frank Patton
MSI Z490 WiFi MOB;  i7 10700k Comet Lake 3.8 Ghz CPU; Ripjaws 32 gb DDR4 3600; ASUS GTX 1070 TI Turbo 8GB; MasterCase H500M; Corsair H100i Pro cooler; Corsair RMX850X PSU; ASUS VG289 4K 27"; Honeycomb Alpha Yoke A+.  Former USAF meteorologist & ground weather school instructor; AOPA Member #07379126 
                        There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit! - Benjamin Jowett


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I took the plunge and bought New York X and KLGA on the last day of the sale. After installing them I must say I'm really impressed! The performance is stellar in P3Dv3. With New York X and KLGA activated, I get >20 fps on the runway facing Manhattan in the PMDG NGX on my triple monitor setup (5910x1080; 4770K@4.6 + GTX780). VAS at around 3.3 Gb. This is with reasonable settings and 10% AI limited to 70 planes with Air Traffic Manager. As soon as I take off fps increase to >30 fps. Right over Manhattan I still have >30 fps. Actually on my system the performance with New York X is better than with the default New York. And above all, the scenery looks fantastic. For me, this was a great buy! I was very skeptical after buying KJFK in last year's sale (because of the performance), but these two addons are really great!

i7-10700K@5.0GHz ∣ Asus ROG Strix Gaming Z490-E Gaming ∣ 32Gb@3600MHz ∣ AMD Radeon 6900 XT

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