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I am seeing some conflicting information on SLI and P3d V4. Some say it works, others have commented that having two cards doesn't make any difference. I am not talking about VRAM usage, could care less about that honestly, but I do care about FPS increase or stability. 

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I am all in the SLI boat here in P3Dv4. (382.33 - great driver)

It has a huge performance gain with GPU related stuff like AA, Shadows ,resolution.

I am running 2 x GTX970´s SLI at about 3840x2160@25HZ VSYNC ON. Unlimited FPS on a i7-4770K@4,66 with 16GB DDR32400MHZ.

As long as the FPS does not drop below 25 its absolute stutter free and smooth.

This is not the case in singlemode . I can have 22-25 fps with better result (read stutter)

But it gives extended life to the system , and most sliders to the right (75-100%) without dynamics options ticked.

PMDG747-400 in FB KSFO with FTX NCA ,AS2016,ASCA is the test scenario for the above.



If you are planning on undocking panels this is still a no go in SLI


Michael Moe 


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So we are certain that SLI is in fact working? I have two GTX1080's pushing an Acer X34 and I am considering getting a Z35 because the res is too high. This is on a 5820k with 32gigs of ram. I just wanted to validate that SLI is working as expected in V4. I am not seeing much of a difference between two cards and one card at the moment in V4, might have a config issue that i need to work through...

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According to multiple sources, there's a minimal (if any) performance gain. 

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I'd highly recommend for everyone to test their systems and performance with monitoring software like CPUIDHWMONITOR

You will be able to determine where your bottlenecks are, how much ram/vram is being used etc.etc. and adjust things where required be they GPU or CPU. 

It takes much of the guess work out of it. Sometimes when you think its your GPU restricting performance you'll be surprised to see that it's your CPU.

I have a GTX1080ti, 7700k@4.95ghz with 64gigs of Gskill 3466 ddr4

On my system its the CPU that restricts my FPS, SLI would give me zero benefit. The monitoring software shows me this.

I'm very pleased with my performance and with very high settings. My GPU is averaging 66% with the odd jump to 100% every so often, where my CPU is running a very constant 95%-100%

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in my case it seems to be both :)

My 5820K @4.5 Ghz is nearly all the time between 90-99 % and the GPU (GTX 1080 @2,1 Ghz) between 90-99 % when i crank up SSAA to 4x at 4K

I also thougt about purchasing a second 1080 and maybee buy a used 6950X or if the price is ok a new i9 7 series 8 Core when they are out.  Some benchmark test showed that oc guys reached 5,7 Ghz on a new 7th gen 6 core CPU. 

Maybee for home use you can reach 5 - 5,2 Ghz with H20 cooling that would be great.

but we will see

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