FSRealtime and P3D v3/v4

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Hi folks,

I am thinking of buying FSRealtime because I'm getting a tad cheesed off with the way time is treated in the sim; I'm not quite sure what is actually happening, but from other posts I've read it seems to be considered more a feature than a bug. All I know is that when I load up the sim anywhere outside of the UK time zone (so GMT+0) I never get UTC and there is a disparity between UTC and local time, which FSRealtime in demo mode seems to fix.

There have been posts about this before but I just wanted views experiences, mainly because I know how sensitive the sim is and the introduction of one single tool can naff the whole thing up. A chap I've talked about this with by PM said it doesn't result in increased vas usage to load up the sim then use FSRealtime to load the correct time, so I'm happy with that (for v3 really - still using it as the FSLABS A320 hasn't been put into v4 yet), but is it ok to use this utility and, also, should I install the world time zone scenery that the installer prompts you for on initial install? Is this necessary/worthwhile in p3d v3/v4 and, if so, is it stable and not going to cause me any problems?
Cheers folks

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Hi John,

It's a bit of a plug, but you could also have a look at my (free) SimLauncherX application that can, besides loads of other features, keep a constant offset between current real world UTC time and the simulator UTC time.


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 There is also a freeware version of a time sync program called FS Time Sync.  I don't have a link handy but Google should pull up a download link strait away.



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Hmm, Is there any explanation why a huge firm like Micosoft and later on LM cannot fix this issue ?

I am getting a lots of reload traffic with FSRealtime but it do the job but i cant live with the constant reload of traffic.

Michael Moe (P3Dv4 as for now)


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On ‎7‎/‎28‎/‎2017 at 11:38 AM, pracines said:

This  does a fine job with correcting the time zones which are way off in fsx-p3dv4. The old time zone scenery in FS Real Time is quite old.

Thank you Paul for the link.

I live in Indiana and we didn't start observing DST until 2006 and so every sim since then has never had the time right. Sunrise and sunsets were always an hour early. Time Zone Fixer has indeed fixed it.:smile: And it works with FSRealTime.

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